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    In fairness, Yoda and Obi-Wan did make the attempt. Yoda failed and, presumably, decided that Palpatine was too powerful to take on by them. So they played the waiting game.

    I get what you're saying but imagine how much good Yoda and OB1 could have done as major rebel leaders. Even if just in a command role. How many lives they could have saved. It's always bothered me.


    I always thought it was so there would be someone left to train the Skywalker twins when they got older. Why else go into hiding and watch over one of them?

  2. Sooo I thought it was...okay? I think I liked it a little less than TFA, I would put it in somewhere in the PT ratings. Luke and Chewie were the highlights of the movie for me.




    Luke! I liked his cranky old Jedi and he was a total badass in his face off with Kylo. I loved how in awe everyone was as he walked by.

    Chewie and the Porgs.

    The hyperspace suicide jump. Although Hera already did a similar stunt in Rebels without dying. :p

    Yoda showing up to dole out some more sage advice for Luke.

    Kylo pulling a fast one on Snoke.

    The Hardware Wars joke they snuck in there. At least, I'm pretty sure it was, anyway.

    Luke passing. I just know he'll be a Force ghost next movie!

    Leia and Chewie finally get a hug!




    Luke pulling his saber on young Ben. Is this the same guy that was pulling for Vader to be redeemed when literally everyone else thought that was impossible? Ugh.

    The casino scene was completely pointless.

    On that same note, Finn and Rose going on pretty much a holiday getaway while the fleet is being sloooooowly pursued. You can't tell me they couldn't have launched a bunch of Tie Fighters to cut them off. "Let's wait until they run out of gas, ho ho!" Worst chase scene ever. :|

    R2 gets one scene. What the heck.

    Snoke getting punked before we find out anything at all about him. Unless they plan on going into it next movie, which I doubt. He must have been around during the OT since he seems fairly old. Was he a Sith in hiding? Did he decide to take over what was left of the Empire when Palpatine and Vader were killed? Am I expected to read some future random novel/comic to find these answers? Eh.

    Rey/Kylo team up. She goes from hating his guts to I think he can be redeemed pretty fast. Little interesting considering she barely knows him and what she does know about (killed Han, working with FO) isn't what I would call potential BFF material.

    So that one fleet is the entire FO? Are they really supposed to be a galactic threat?

    Leia's spacewalk. I just...ehhh. It didn't work for me. I thought they had decided to kill her off early in the movie due to Carrie's real life passing and was surprised she survived.

    A lot of the jokes were just not that funny. It was like someone's dad wrote them.

    "There must be another way out, Skywalker got in here somehow!" About that...Well, when in doubt, follow the Lothcats or whatever.

    Still no Lando!

    It kind of felt like I was watching ESB except in reverse.

  3. I'm all for apartment living! It's just me so I don't care. I guess I'm lucky in that my neighbors are all pretty quiet and the rent isn't bad. I don't know if I would want to own a house unless I had a family and I'm not planning on that anytime soon. It makes moving easy, too, which I've been thinking of doing. Getting tired of the desert!

  4. Romeo and Juliet is a bad example as it was a different time and they were both young and stupid. ;D

    Sorry, but I would never back down on this point of view. No one's life should be so tied to another's that you simply cannot go on without them. You can, you're just choosing to take the easy way out.

  5. I guess WW must have operated under the radar for the last 100 years since yeah, it seemed like Superman was the first time someone like him had come along. Maybe she was Paris's best kept secret! She had to have been seeing as how she was jumping into action right away at the end of the movie.

  6. IIIIIIII....think that's a little different. I mean, a teenager shutting down because her boyfriend of a few months or so leaves her vs two elderly people who were married for 70 years? :p

    That, and I don't think anyone should be so dependent on someone that you cannot live without them, no matter your age.

  7. I ask because those movies portray a very weak female. Bella was basically nothing without her boyfriend. She went into a deep depression when he broke up with her, started committing acts of near suicide and didn't start coming out of it until another guy showed romantic interest in her. It's everything wrong with how women should be portrayed, particularly when the target audience is impressionable young girls. Yet this franchise made gobs of money and it was mostly a female audience driving that.

    Ugghh, I hate that character so much! That scene in the second one where she completely shuts down for months because her vampire boyfriend leaves her was awful. What kind of message is that supposed to send to girls? You should never be so emotionally dependent on someone that you can't function without them.

  8. I googled when the end credits started to see if there was anything to wait for.

    LOL, I did, too. No sense waiting around for nothing! I guess most of the people at my showing didn't as barely anyone else got up to leave during the credits.

  9. I have to say this movie was easily a top 3 in superhero movies. Period. It was fantastic. As lame as this may sound, it was fate that it took this long for Wonder Woman to come to the big screen. Gal Gadot was the perfect fit for the role and Patty Jenkins...well, if she could direct the rest of the DC movies that would be great.


    If someone could explain one thing for me though...



    Since I don't read comics, is it ever explained why Diana aged on the island but once she left the island she no longer ages? That was the one plot hole for me.


    Because Speed Force! :D


    But really, I guess for the same reason why immortal characters like Thor and Hercules don't age beyond a certain point. They just reach that magic age!


    Oh, and this movie was great! I agree about the No Man's Land scene, that was so good all the way through! My only complaint is the over use of slo-mo scenes during the action. It was starting to get annoying for me when they would keep doing it.

  10. I've never liked Kathy Griffin, but I was still aghast when I heard about what she did. I am glad she is facing some consequences for this. However, just like I am totally against painting wide swaths of Republican voters (or really any group) with single strokes, trying to claim that Griffin is representative of the left is absurd. I haven't seen support for what she did from any of my even far more liberal friends or in the comments on the left-leaning news articles that they have posted online. The statistician in me hates utilizing anecdotal evidence and I would not do so to try to make a claim that this is what all liberals are like, but I have no problem using it as a counter example against claims that this type of behavior is cherished by the left.

    I feel the same way, I hate when people generalize one side because of what someone did that's stupid or crazy. You have those types on both sides! I mean, what about the "patriot" who murdered two guys defending those girls in Oregon? I think it's safe to say he isn't a liberal! Left, right, it doesn't matter, they both got 'em!

    That said, this was a really dumb thing to do. A severed head, really? How is this supposed to be funny at all?

  11. I think I have ADD when it comes to playing games! I can't stay with one for long. I was playing this a lot but decided to jump back into Skyrim since I never finished the main story, never mind the DLCs. And oh, Fallout 4 was on sale for $20, so I went and got that. So far only a couple hours in but I'm liking it so far. Ugh! I don't know how people manage to get through some of these games so fast, it takes me forever to play through one.

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