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  1. Nothing about the new season? So far nothing that interesting has happened. Episode 3 has been the best one, with Crosshair and Cody. Hints that Crosshair may change sides eventually?

     And I spotted a reference in episode 5! The scene where Phee is about to pick up the stone, it pans back to Omega with her hands out like Satipo was in Raiders when Indy was about to grab the idol.

  2. On 1/21/2023 at 4:59 PM, Zathras said:

    t was really weird that you had a BOBF episode without Boba LOL!

    But that was the best one LOL. That series really went downhill fast and even Mando showing up wasn't enough to fend off the mediocrity. If you want a good laugh, watch the Pitch Meeting video on Youtube about it.

  3. Finally caught up! Loved the whole thing but I'd rather they had used orchestral music like the original movie. But I did like that Enter Sandman cover! Since it looks like it will be 3 seasons, there's still room to get Madmartigan in there.

     I was wondering that about Graydon, too. I think she took on Elora's appearance to trick him, so he just thinks it's her.

  4. On 1/2/2023 at 8:59 PM, Hobbes said:

    Did anyone see this.  Clerks is one of the movies that defined my teen years.  I loved Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and JaSBSB.  Clerks 2 was almost unwatchable. 

    I am really interested in watching this and am scared...should I?

    A lot of the humor is really dumb in this one but I did like the latter half of it, the ending especially. Don't click on my spoiler!

  5. Agreed, do a clean start! The problem with DC is they do a reboot but not quite everything. Like the original Crisis kept some stuff around, like the Legion who still remembered Superboy. Nu 52 still had all the GL Blackest Night stuff that had happened a few years before and somehow Batman had gone through three Robins in a 5 year period.

  6. I do believe he will go down in history as one of the worst, if not the worst. I have never understood what people see in him, I have relatives who still think he was one of the best we have had (and of course Obama was the worst somehow LOL). Somehow they still believe the stolen election thing even though no real evidence for it has ever been found and all the hearings are a witch hunt.

  7. On 12/20/2022 at 2:14 AM, Tank said:

    Thor’s weakness is that for all his bravado he can’t handle failure. This is why Marvel’s always better in my eyes. Marvel heroes have human weaknesses, DC years are allergic to space rocks and primary colors or whatever.

    And wood! LOL, that one has always been funny to me. Imagine a fight between the OG Green Lantern and Groot, there's one that will be over in a few seconds.


    I also think it's funny how the DC movies are getting to be like the comics with reboots whereas Marvel just keeps chugging along.

  8. 15 hours ago, The Choc said:

    That was the first episode. I only watched the first one and it was in that one.

    I really liked it though, alot of fun. 

    It was the first one! i watched them back to back and got it mixed up.

  9. Did you pick up on the Young Guns II reference in episode 2? The part where they race their horses off the cliff and then they ask the lead rider what he was saying to his horse was almost exactly like the one in YG 2. Not sure if that was meant as an easter egg or it was just ripped off LOL.


  10. I  never go on diets because I hate the idea of managing what I eat. But I also don't eat as much as I should, so I'm pretty thin, anyway. And couple that with my high activity level and I've even passed out a few times in my life because of not eating enough, that was fun. I just like to eat when I feel like it, which can sometimes be a while. There have been days I'll realize it's been 8 hours or so without eating anything as I just didn't think about it.

  11. I like it so far! It's young adult fantasy but so was the original. I called who Elora was right away, so that wasn't a surprise. So far, they have not said what happened to Madmartigan, only that he left years ago and never returned. As far as I know, Val Kilmer is not in this, so maybe they'll just leave it that way. Seems to be about 20 years or so after the movie as Elora looks to be about that age, maybe a bit younger.

  12. 4 minutes ago, Zathras said:

    I haven't read DC in ages, but I don't remember Eternium being a weakness when I was actively reading. Must be a more recent thing, or just made up for the movie.  

    As for Thor, wouldn't being unworthy be his weakness?

    I wikied Eternium, it's been around since 1998. I think that was around the time Black Adam started to become more than just a Captain Marvel villain, so they probably wanted a weakness so he wouldn't whoop Superman.

    I guess for Thor? But it's only happened a couple times and he is still strong and invulnerable without it. Can't fly, though!

  13. They even gave BA his own kryptonite, called Eternium! I thought was kind of lame but they always have to add a weakness for the really powerful characters. Except for Thor! But Thor's awesome.

  14. 15 hours ago, R.CAllen said:

    oh, yeah, the thing with


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    Superman is so dumb both within and without the movie. It’s kind of hilarious that The Rock is out there giving interview after interview about wanting to beat up Superman and how the balance of power in the DC Universe is about to change and how Superman is vulnerable to magic. It’d be like, I don’t know, if Ray Park back in ‘99 was telling Starlog Magazine he was going to absolutely demolish Luke Skywalker. You’re not his bad guy, dummy! That’s not who you fight!

    It's also weird since Billy Batson exists in this universe and is currently Shazam. They're arch enemies, have them face off instead. I'll spoiler this since it's for the after credits scene but

    why is the assumption that Black Adam or Shazam can hurt Superman because he's vulnerable to magic? Like, yeah he doesn't have any more defense to it than the average person but it's not like BA or Shazam's punches should hurt him more because their strength is magic based. Do they have magic fingers?


  15. They don't really address much that the world has real vampires, werewolves and a bunch of other mythical creatures just going on about their lives with normal people. Like, if a werewolf goes to a regular public school, is it generally known to everyone or do they hide it? Then again, in real life Wednesday wouldn't have just gotten relocated to another school after mutilating someone, so it's not meant to be realistic in any sense. :P

  16. Yeah, I can see that. That's part of what made the movies entertaining, seeing them mingle with the normal crowd. And LOL at that blood part, I had the same thought about the vampires. I guess this series was only focused on the neatnik type vamps who don't like to get their clothes bloody. Not sure why they had the whole supernatural school thing, really, the characters seemed normal otherwise except for the rare occasions they would show off an ability.

  17. I must have liked this as I watched it over 3 days! I usually don't binge series that quick unless I'm worried about spoilers like Stranger Things. This had a very Harry Potter vibe to it with the school for supernatural creatures and magic and I'm always down for that stuff. Jenna Ortega is great as the title character and it even has the previous Wednesday, Christina Ricci as one of the instructors.

  18. Anyone see it? It was...okay? It's nice to see a more morally grey type of "hero" who has no compunction to doing away with enemies and it was funny to see the Justice Society trying to keep up with him and keep him from killing the bad guys while also fighting him. Although they didn't seem to care about him killing the main bad guy at the end LOL. And a neat after credit scene, too!

  19. So is Luthan a Jedi? Not sure if that was a lightsaber one of Saw's men took off of him. I guess it could just be one he collected but why would he just carry it around? And damn, he made those Imperials look like idiots LOL. Han could learn a thing or two from him.

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