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  1. There are more Muslim polygamists in the US now than Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (50,000-100,000 Muslims practicing polygamy, FLDS has less than 10,000 members). The mainstream Mormons gave that up a long time ago. The Muslim ones get winked at. Not helping your point. That isn't one of the "hypothetical" scenarios you are so ****ing scared of. How do you feel about that?
  2. She reminds me of a less intelligent, less experienced, and less attractive version of Paulette Jordan, Idaho's Democrat candidate for Governor with 0% of winning. But hey, NY be dumb and stuff. We should trade, Paulette should be in a race she has a chance to win.
  3. https://www.kpvi.com/news/local_news/man-arrested-on-multiple-charges-after-suspected-burglary/article_5b9d2952-975a-11e8-a937-0b73af36e8dd.html Dude robs a house to steal a banana. That's all he took. Then he tries to use the fact he had been high for days (and had lots of drugs at home) as an excuse. That's cocaine for ya.
  4. Why do you have to be that guy? Why can't you post your random shitty shit on the random shit thread instead of ****ing with his?
  5. I don't really care where they bury it so long as it stays contained. If a national park had the ideal geological conditions to serve as a repository I see no problem. If the only argument in favor is "we got this land here" then I would be opposed. Yes, air pollution is a far greater ecological risk IMO. Airline pilots are exposed to more ionizing radiation than nuclear plant operators. Most of the fear of radioactive material stems from a lack of understanding.
  6. Nuclear waste has never once impacted my outdoor activities, can't say the same for fossil fuel waste. The total of my lifetime radiation exposure probably increases my chances of cancer by less than .01%. How do think that compares with the crap we all breath all day? California being on fire, continuously, is the biggest problem right now for outdoor activities though. They should get their shit together or move down wind.
  7. Too bad Lincoln doesn't have his top hat at Mount Rushmore, you could fit lots of waste in that.
  8. On the orbital solar arrays, I just think the technology has a lot farther to go to be viable. You would have a massive sail in orbit around the Earth, spinning on it's axis to stay pointed at the Sun. Then it is continuously aiming a great big laser at Earth while it is moving. You probably want the array in geostationary orbit above a receiver station, which means it is about 35,000 km away. With our current laser technology we would end up with a beam over 10 kilometers wide, and that doesn't even count what the atmosphere does. You want to trust a computer's aim from that far away with a b
  9. Always liked Bill Gates. Of all the famous people I ever got in arms reach of, he was the only one I wanted to go all fan boy over and ask for an autograph. I'm supposed to hate him because he knows what something is worth more than his competition does? I like the killer instinct.
  10. Don't worry about derailing this thread, I seem to derail plenty on my own, and besides, you still want to talk to me. That's more than I can really ask for around here these days. Yes, a solar panel in space would generate a lot more energy per square foot than one on the surface, and if you could get that energy to the surface economically it could be a solution. In the long term. The problems involved are much more complicated than getting nuclear energy to be cheap enough to be a logical alternative to fossil fuels. I guess what I am trying to say is; That solution can't solve the proble
  11. I have been on the **** Apple train since before that goofball ****ed that apple pie in that movie. But I am am a hardware kind of guy. I like upgrading by myself and fiddling when the urge strikes. Software people seem to like Apple. Microsoft gets a bad wrap security wise, which it should based on statistics, but the PC is a lot more flexible than a Mac, and there are compromises. I really hate how hard apple has the hardware side locked down. The standardization of bus interfaces and allowing different manufacturers to make components that a consumer could purchase and plug into their com
  12. That ain't how it works. Don't get all perpetual motion machine on me. It isn't about how hot the average temperature of the planet is when you are trying to make energy, it's about temperature differential. And windmill farms are great, but they can't replace fossil fuels, neither can solar, they can only supplement. Until we have a reliable and cost effective battery, capable of storing at least a few weeks worth of our demand, renewables can't support our needs. And if we tried to support our energy needs with just renewables, we would use up half our country to do it. Every square mile
  13. All three of those disasters were caused by a loss of coolant flow in light water reactors. The coolant boiled away then the cores melted. Sodium has a boiling point of almost 900 degrees Celsius, and it can absorb so much heat before it gets there that the fuel never gets to a critical temperature. Fast reactors can also reduce the waste problem dramatically in multiple ways. Uranium in nature comes in two isotopes worth discussing, U-235, which makes up .72%, and U-238, which makes up over 99%. U-235 is the fissile material needed to run a reactor. We have to enrich the uranium, by removin
  14. I've been wondering, is this sarcasm? My detector is on the fritz.
  15. What I want is for America to quit whining about trade deficits and start innovating and building shit that other people have to have. I want us to invest in nuclear energy and make it so economical and safe that people will have to replace fossil fuel plants with nuclear ones just to stay competitive. I want us to pump massive resources into R&D, and the regulatory process, to reduce the time necessary to bring new designs to fruition without sacrificing safety. I want us to build more test reactors and open them up to all comers to run approved experiments.
  16. Thanks for straightening me out on that, I don't wan't to be the guy propagating fake news. It's 621 coal fired units, not plants. I realize the US isn't building coal plants now, but we aren't growing exponentially in demand quite like the people who are. Atmospheric pollution doesn't stay where it's made. What happens in China and India affects us all. New reactor designs would never need refueling and would require far less maintenance than current designs. Materials technology (paid for mostly by the Navy) has made it possible to build reactors which components, and fuel rods, can last
  17. As of last year, there were 621 coal fired plants under construction worldwide. The worldwide appetite for energy will only grow from here. It's time for the right kind of nuclear proliferation. I think some of the new technologies can go a long way towards lowering the cost, and minimizing waste. The liquid-sodium cooled fast reactors Gates is pushing would help us find a use for hundreds of thousands of tons of depleted uranium. They are also safer by far than a boiling water reactor. In the event of a coolant flow loss the reactor shuts itself down, because physics. No depending on people
  18. I recently watched the Nova documentary The Nuclear Option. Wondering what peoples take is now days around here. Are you for it, against it, or "not in my back yard" about it? I'm all for it, for quite a few reasons, most are covered in the documentary. Unlike most people who identify towards the conservative side of the spectrum, I believe in human caused global warming, and I hate pollution with a passion (the pollution part isn't aimed at conservatives, I don't mean to say they like pollution). In Idaho I can see for distances that would boggle many people's minds, when the **** from C
  19. There is a reason Idaho is the fastest growing state. Californians are getting scared. Who wants to raise a kid in LA? Refugees from California are almost as welcome as the ones from Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya/etc. Refugees from other states kill more of the ones from other countries than the other way around.
  20. One time I was walking through the employee housing building at Sun Valley in the middle of the day and heard people having some very loud sex in one of the rooms. I was struck by the sudden urge to stop and take my stinky sock off and put it on their door handle. The fact that I didn't still bothers me. I would like to be that guy.
  21. I just got a wild hair up my ass and decided to watch Star Trek in chronological order. I got almost a minute and a half in before an alien managed to squeeze himself through a 3 inch gap at the bottom of the door of a futuristic agricultural storage building of some sort. As if the farmer would allow a gap fit for mice to pass 30 wide as they dance a jig on two legs. I guess in the future the farmers don't care if the mice eat half their harvest and shit all over the rest, let alone what insects would do. Or maybe these uber liberal enlightened genius sci-fi writers killed all the "vermin" sp
  22. I tried to tell people that in the PRIMARY! That's when it mattered. That was good comedy though. If only comedians remembered what comedy was these days. Everybody thinks they're George ****in' Carlin. Like there could have been more than one. George Carlin without intelligence is just ass with lots of ass.
  23. It really does. I didn't feel the need to vent for a few hours after that. No, I cannot clarify. Your willful stupidity cannot be helped. That's pretty much your only move, pretend you don't understand.
  24. If you want to stop Trump, clean your own ****ing house. We know he's a piece of ****, but he stands on the opposite side of obviously corrupt, and even bigger pieces of ****, which get winked at on a daily basis. Hillary breaks multiple laws, but there was clearly no intent, because she's a good person, the destruction of evidence had nothing to do with concealing other crimes... Intent has nothing to do with the statute she should have been indicted under. It's like when you tell that cop that stopped you for going 20mph over the speed limit that you didn't see the sign because you weren't p
  25. We had a cat when I was younger that was very similar to your story, except for a kidnapping. My little sister (around 6 at the time) found the biggest and meanest stray female Manx I have ever seen. She fought that thing into submission, with blood dripping from her face and arms by the time she got it home, and somehow enticed it to stay in the neighborhood. That cat hated everyone and everything, my sister was always trying to lose an eyeball to it trying to give it a kiss or something. Eventually the cat got knocked up, by a Siamese. We had six kittens that looked totally Siamese except
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