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  1. I like Haley. She is my current favorite for first female President. Long time till she runs though. I suspect she might be back for the first half of Trump's next term as SOS if he wins.
  2. The Paulette Jordan saga continues. How can she top her previous antics? How but some straight up cult type ****? Even the followers formerly know as Mormons thought this was creepy, and they will believe almost anything. Too much peyote. Been there.
  3. You are the crazy person here. I have no double standard on this issue. Have you heard me call for Keith Ellison's life to be ruined? Where is the ***** Hat Posse that needs no evidence?
  4. Speculation about Haley resignation this morning was pretty funny. Heard one person say that it was because Trump was withdrawing from the UN.
  5. We had an interesting opposition candidate for Governor here in Idaho for a while. One that could have started some interesting conversations. Then she went off the rails on the liberal train reck. http://www.kboi.com/2018/09/21/gubernatorial-candidate-paulette-jordan-sits-down-with-nate-shelman/ "As the only real Idahoan, the only real American running for this position, as a governor in of a state in our country, were setting all kinds of examples, in ways to show that, as an indigenous voices, you know, we are wholly connected to this land, were connected to our people." She is runn
  6. I don't know if I can convey the feeling that I sense rising out here in the hinterlands. It is a primal rage in a lot of ways. The local radio station I am always yacking about (because it has proven an accurate gauge of where rural America is really at) played Twisted Sister for all the bumpers on Friday. Every caller was furious with the freak show our political system and main stream media have become. It takes quite a bit to get Orrin Hatch to say "I'll talk to you when you grow up". A polite person to his core. The less polite are on the verge of rash action. I hope we can focus the en
  7. I don't think the momentum will fade. I was expecting a big shift in the next few weeks before this happened, that's what I meant by an unforced error. The Republicans haven't even played their Trump cards yet.
  8. This whole episode has been a seriously stupid unforced error by people who believed their own propaganda more than the intended consumer did. Y'all done fucked up and there will be a price.
  9. Democrats are acting badly so we should step back and give them what they want... fuck all of that. Just keep it to the ballot box.
  10. Weird how Feinstein wanted the FBI investigation sealed. Hard to make nebulous claims about "troubling revelations I am not at liberty to discuss" if it's public.
  11. The ride is always smooth when you are in park.
  12. Our teachers union has endorsed the Republican candidate for Governor. The Blue Turd is strong in Idaho.
  13. https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/obama-trump-booming-economy/ Obama actually does deserve a little credit. Just by leaving office he gave consumer confidence a huge boost.
  14. They should be looking at anyone who did maintenance work at the school over the summer. A traveling temp from out of town is the most likely suspect. Anybody who works construction knows to lock up everything and keep a close watch for the week before the travelers leave town. They tend to supplement their income by cutting thousands of dollars worth of equipment and material into hundreds of dollars worth of scrap.
  15. Remember that Friends episode when Phoebe is mad at Chandler for something he did in a dream that she thought happened IRL? Would explain all the artifacts in Ford's story.
  16. Conspiracy theory? Having been falsely accused of assaulting a woman in my life, I fully understand an angry response. It is practically impossible to defend yourself without looking like you are attacking the "victim". I was automatically guilty to people that didn't know us. Luckily the lady that accused me (because I called her out on faking an illness to get oxy) had a pattern of lying and making false accusations. Her credibility to those who knew her was very limited.
  17. Not buying it. She had to either trust someone while in her most vulnerable state, or walk for hours. Inconceivable that she doesn't remember.
  18. She's more believable than I expected. If she could explain how she got home I might buy it. 20 minute drive, before cell phones. She left the house alone and scared. Sounds like a memorable walk.
  19. Cruz not visiting with constituents that haven't been cleared by security makes perfect sense. Crazy liberals are gunning people down, or ambushing them with camera toting, obscenity shouting, zombie mobs from/for the outrage factory.
  20. Trump is the bait. He doesn't realize his role of course, but if he shuts his mouth as you wish he hides the worm. It's painful to watch, but it serves it's purpose. Look at the swamp revealing itself on a daily basis because of his clowning. He has done more to expose corruption and hypocrisy than anyone, by accident. The Democrat members of the Judiciary Committee look like ****ing retards over this deal to anyone with any intelligence. They have done away with the presumption of innocence, a staple of justice for almost 4,000 years. They've made a mockery of the entire process by inventin
  21. As I understand it, she doesn't remember what year the alleged incident took place, nor the location. There is no corroborating witness. There is nothing for the FBI to investigate. That request for an investigation before she testifies makes her motive clear, delay as long as possible the confirmation in hopes of stealing the seat. The only evidence is her testimony, we don't need the FBI to collect it.
  22. Well, there's the declassification order. Should drop right on time. Gonna be mighty embarrassing. When the Stalinist purges come they'll probably act surprised.
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