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  1. Trump doesn't surrender, even when he's wrong. At least he doesn't admit he surrendered. That counts. The liberal powers that be think Trump is so unpopular that they can go full crazy. They aren't going to waste the opportunity on Biden.
  2. The strategy - https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/fileid/1120/251&ved=2ahUKEwj2oJHB5aXhAhUIDq0KHTUzAjsQFjAAegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw3yIObAAgdHWGGV4yFOYGCA Boost the fringe candidates (Trump/Cruz) with positive coverage as serious candidates while undermining moderate candidates (Rubio/Kasich/Bush) who would be more favorable to a broad base of voters in a general election. The coverage: https://shorensteincenter.org/news-coverage-2016-presidential-primaries/ They put their fingers on the scales to give the Republican ca
  3. Sweeping generalization? Which one? That Democrats are Democrats? I made no generalization. Reading comprehension. It's a thing.
  4. I started a thread about how the media has entirely too much influence on the primary process and was able to saddle the Republicans with Trump, at the direction of and in collusion with the DNC and Clinton campaign. Your response, beating Republicans over the head with the anchor in question. You ARE the stereotype. A bit of a douche too.
  5. Facts? Facts were never important. They investigated something that wasn't a crime for 2 years and came up with a plethora of indictments unrelated to the investigation. When they investigated Hillary and her minions for things that were crimes they came up with none. Big surprise, they gave all the Democrats immunity agreements before they started. They're all good moral people (not like those racist Republicans), any crimes committed were certainly honest mistakes unworthy of prosecution.
  6. Do any of you Democrats not realize that Trump won the primary because that was the plan y'all come up with? That came out in the Podesta emails, right before they distracted you with that shiny "Russian collusion" thing.
  7. I am honestly disgusted with the primary process, the media's control over it, and how by the time I get a vote it has already been decided. I didn't get any ****ing choice at all in the GOP candidate. I didn't choose Trump. I'm disgusted with the process that got him choosen for me, and I'm irate with my fellow Americans letting them get away with it.
  8. You don't get anything about me. You accuse me of abandoning morals to support Trump? I'm one of the few people who have been criticising Trump for legitimate reasons instead of crying about Russia. You have made a caricature of me and you view every post I make through that prism.
  9. Now you get to see how the modern media apparatus can rig your primary and give you your own version of Trump. Granted, they aren't actually trying to hurt the Democrats like they were the Republicans, but with the combination of stupidity and influence they wield intentions hardly matter. After the clusterfisk of an election they muddled up in 2016, they managed to distract the entire moronic Social Knotwork with a ridiculous conspiracy theory about the POTUS being a Russian agent. Russia isn't the one to blame for that travesty. The only good thing is we don't have 3/4 parties to confuse
  10. Emergencies happen when people fail to prepare. We spend hundreds of billions in cost OVERRUNS for the F-35 project, but a few billion that might actually protect the taxpayers who make it possible costs too much.
  11. Everyone knows that Trump is amoral, nothing left to prove that way. Even if we could take the words of a liar (since he didn't bring any evidence) seriously. The real story is the precedent of having a lawyer testifying before Congress about a former client.
  12. Was listening to Rancid in the car again today, some alternate lyrics popped in my head. Black shoes, black coat, orange hair, MAGA hat, the boy's a time bomb.
  13. The way I see it being subject to our laws means detention followed by deportation, not being subject to our laws means no birthright citizenship.
  14. If sanctuary laws restrict the jurisdiction of the US federal government on illegal immigrants, does the 14th amendment apply to them?
  15. I miss the old high school debate days, when me and my buddies would have heated debates, with some people trying to support positions they didn't even agree with, just for the sake of argument. Then we would all get together at our evening hangout ( an old railroad boxcar), where we would smoke a few and drink a few, and debate again, this time for real chips and no subject was taboo. That's what the Lyceum was to me when I was directed to it. I learned a lot here. From the little I know about the Monkeything, it has probably met one of the people I argued with, him being one of those Seatt
  16. I'm getting really tired of lame ass lazy wannabe rack hunting hunters. First there was the Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner that had to resign because he went on an ego driven killing spree in Africa. Then I heard about a depredation hunt that got shut down in the next valley over because some dipshit shot two bull elk, cut their heads off, and left the rest to waste. Then today someone shot a deer in my in-law's field. My mother-in-law was home to confront the trespassers. My father-in-law was out hunting, in the mountains. He knew there were deer in his field. He didn't want them shot. I co
  17. Ten years ago when I was here I was a militant atheist liberal sjw, now I'm just atheist. I've been convinced of lots of things, it just takes convincing. I'm a sceptical person by nature, but I don't have my head in the sand.
  18. Why do people argue with the Monkeything? It can't be convinced.
  19. Just finished watching Monty Python's Life of Brian on Netflix. It fits today's political and social climate even better than it did the first time I saw it. I see Dementiacrats everywhere in that show.
  20. Here is some fake news I'm propagating today. Trump has tweeted an apology to Stormy for the earlier Horseface tweet. He stated that it was an autocorrect error, he meant to call her Whoreface. He has instructed the DOJ to open an investigation into political bias on the part of autocorrect. It is hilarious and frightening how many people not only believe it, but cheer it on.
  21. If you will label your own grandparents as racists to bolster your fake Native American heritage story, there is no slander too low to use against your enemies. This is what they are.
  22. I think it's pretty cool that my great-geat-grandmother was full Cherokee, but I don't put it on a job application.
  23. 1/32 is all it takes? Guess I'm Native American too.
  24. A few years is a long time to recharge. Especially watching the **** show.
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