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  1. I thought so too, but did you dig deeper than the logo? It really was an interesting discussion, and probably not what you think it is. My favorite quote from it, "The idea that there is such a thing as facts outside of context is a very dangerous one." Another one that made me think of a discussion about a transgendered character in a book I had here, the author of the book I was talking about (my favorite novelist), and the author of the quote, is David Weber, "If I take a concept that you wouldn't agree with presented to you in a political argument and I make it part of a character y
  2. I hate the the news outlets. All of them. They are all doing their best to tear us to pieces, and succeeding. https://essenceofwonder.com/2020/05/23/show-notes-for-episode-6-countering-fake-news/
  3. The Governor did, he made a list of businesses that were essential and told everyone else they couldn't do business. Parts of Idaho followed the rest of the country, places like Blaine and Ada counties, the rest did not. My county still has no confirmed cases, but we were shut down like everyone else. If someone wants to burn down their house to kill a spider that's their choice. Don't burn down my house because you found a spider in yours.
  4. I don't get the digital fight to the death over wearing a face mask. I'm not a big fan of mandates, but I wish people would voluntarily wear them when appropriate. The shutdown really irked me. When our Governor rolled out his statewide shutdown, then extended it, the majority of counties in Idaho had zero covid cases. Telling people they can't make a living in those circumstances is authoritarian stupidity. We flattened our economy because of a nonexistent curve. Now cases are rising and people don't care what the professionals and politicians say. There are a lot of people here that want
  5. I'm not impressed with the ICU bed occupancy reporting, by national news anyway. Local outlets don't seem to use the scare tactics as much. https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2020/07/07/central-floridas-largest-hospitals-out-of-icu-beds-but-say-they-can-scale-up-if-covid-19-demand-increases/ "In mid-March, as patient volumes declined and fewer beds were needed, Orlando Health began consolidating units to reduce the number of beds including ICU beds that were staffed and in operation. The current operational bed count is what we report to AHCA and what appears on their website. That
  6. This threads existence, and the fact we haven't dissapeared, been fined, or fallen out a window is evidence we aren't in China or Russia. Covid19 is a fine example, how many doctors and journalists in China have been arrested for divulging state secrets or promoting civil unrest (telling the truth)?
  7. A China/Russia dominated world is the victory of amoral authoritarianism over pluralism. Without the U.S. to stand on the other side you won't like the results.
  8. I think that's the wrong idea. I think we need a new narrative of American exceptionalism, one that acknowledges the mistakes made and the work to be done without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. As Dan Carlin (one of my favorite people these days) would say, we need an America that matches the marketing material. Instead of fixing the discrepancies between the marketing material and reality, building the shining city on the hill we were supposed to be, we are on a path of punishment and self loathing.
  9. Hard to disagree. The scariest thing for the rest of the world is what happens after. If you're lucky you end up with at least three pieces, distracted by animosity toward each other and fighting over scraps for a century. If you're unlucky you get Napoleon ×10, looking to settle scores with the people who took advantage of our misfortunes while planting our flag in your yard. We could easily be the bad guys of the 21st century, the ones that make the whole world a wasteland and call it peace.
  10. I've been relistening to the Revolutions podcast by Mike Duncan on my commute (worth checking out). Pretty eerie listening to him talking about the French revolution right now, with barricades being erected, autonomous zones being declared, and guillotines being built. If the economy doesn't snap back quickly from coronavirus we're in trouble.
  11. So.... the other guys did it too? Tribal rubbish.
  12. Of course the Russians are paying the Taliban to kill Americans, it would be terribly unprofessional not to after what we did to them when they stuck their dingus into Afghanistan. Hard to blame people for a little skepticism though, ever heard the one about the boy who cried Russia? We pay our debts sometime.
  13. "What the hell is the dumb" https://youtu.be/e_q68yYRa_0
  14. Not quite yet. Be with you next year. PS, you're all starting to sound like me.
  15. Forget data farms, all I have to do is cut you off from the real ones, and I know how. That's how wars are won. Starvation and disease.
  16. I'm not saying next week. More of a long term prediction. About 6 years I think. Because I am a free prince, and I have as much right to make war on the whole country as a political party with a dozen propaganda stations on the air and a thousand false flags on the poles- this my consciene tells me. But there is no use arguing with such sniveling puppies, who allow superiors to feed them full of shit for power. Better to be hung as a pirate than slaughtered like sheep. See you then.
  17. Civil War. Like they said, ignore me while you can. We'll let you know when it's time for the English to ineffectually support the wrong side of history. Again.
  18. I'm seriously pretty pissed off these days. I don't like Trump, and I haven't abandoned anything to defend the prick (regardless of what that jackass Tank says). Makes me mad when the jackass bastards make me defend him because of what they abandoned. Tear our country to pieces by coopting our justice system with the collusion delusion for two years and still throw ****ing stones. It won't be long before the real Patriots in this country get sick of watching the Gestapo run wild. Then it won't matter how many of them you run off the internet, there are more important fields to battle on.
  19. Tank - you didn't quote what was such a negative generalization of Democrats from my OP. You made up another story. You lose.
  20. Rome fell because the people decided Rome was never great. It became a dumpster fire because there was nothing to unify the population to fight in it's preservation. And Rome wasn't that great really, except compared to everything that came before and immediately after. It's the transition phase that sucks. I'm afraid we get to live in interesting times. If only we had the interesting people to go with them.
  21. Not to let Tank off the hook with the bumps. Because fuck you, and the Jessie Smollett you rode in on too.
  22. The P*ssy Hat Posse posse would be all over Trump if he started dipping his pen in the country ink. So would I.
  23. You didn't lose interest, you lost your mind. You played the stereotypical Democrat game, ignored everything I actually posted and made up a story that suited your purposes. Quote what you thought was such a negative generalization about Democrats in my OP, or surrender your base to me.
  24. He might not have raped Lewinsky, but there were multiple allegations of it besides that episode. Lewinsky was bad enough, no clearer case of taking advantage of a subordinate that I can think of. Most powerful "man" in the "free world" and his 22 year old intern.
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