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  1. Well, gun control laws, as I've said, don't really have much to do with gun violence, which is rooted in things like culture, prevalence of gangs, demographics, and so on. So, what you're really saying then, is you basically just wanna ban guns because you don't like them. I mean, well.. fair enough. At the end of the day, that's why most liberals want to ban guns (though they won't admit it), just because they don't like the culture of the people that tend to own them, and so they wanna piss them off and take something away from them. It's basically the same mentality a lot of conservati
  2. As someone who lives in a country where owning fire arms is extremely uncommon, I find the concept of owning fire arms as a necessity for "freedom" as completely bizarre. I mean, I have only lived in western democracies my whole life and owning a gun has never been a part of the national psyche no matter where I have lived. I can only gather that the argument for and against firearms is only symbolic now. But surely more regulation on the ownership of tools designed to kill other human beings can only be a good thing?
  3. Those are some ****ing terrifying statistics.
  4. Carrie it's true that guns are hard to come by in London, and shootings are (fairly) rare. But there are loads of gangs here, and a lot of violent crime. People here just prefer to stab each other. Stabbings are quite popular with reprobates here.
  5. Everything that comes out of Russ' mouth in this show is genius. Pretty much agree with most of what he says about everything. Nice to see the quotes written down too.
  6. Um...If you were to genetically splice something to create humanoid-ninja super heroes, WHY would you choose turtles? Really. I mean I'll probably see it for a laugh, but um... Really?
  7. Odine


    It would've been cast by now (or mostly). They're just gonna be tight lipped about everything to build some hype. Secret squirrel and that.
  8. Just finished the finale. ****ing awesome.
  9. Day Z is pretty much that open sandbox zombiepocalypse dream game. It exists, but is PC only. And it's permideath. Meaning you die, you lose your character and half to start from the beginning again with only a flashlight. It's MMO, and all the players are survivors. So anyone you meet in game (who is not a zombie)is another player somewhere. It's kind of like the Road. And it's open world. But.. PC only.
  10. What a show! I'm only 3 eps in so no spoilers are appreciated but it's got me hooked! From the title sequence of the first episode they got it right. Brilliant song, and lovely post work. Especially the shot with woody harrelson's face and the highway circular on/off ramps forming around is face like a skull. ****ing awesome. I wanna binge watch the rest of the season!!!
  11. That's it I'm gonna watch the fuck out of it this week. Thanks!
  12. Anyone been watching this? Apparently it's ****ing amazing but I'm yet to watch an episode but want more opinions before I decide on allowing my bandwidth to incorporate Mathew macconnohey (sp).
  13. I left my brain on the frying pan last night. On my way home now to reclaim the scrambled remains.
  14. Yeah, maybe so. You should play it regardless. Red Dead is one of my favs too, I have a hunch rock star are working on a new red dead for Ps4. What with the success of GTAV and GTA online. If they incorporated some more RPGS style customisation into a new red dead that would be off the hook.
  15. Last Of Us is up there in the "one of the best games made, ever. Period. No exaggeration" The emotional depth was pretty astounding, I actually cried while playing it. Ever cried whilst playing a video game? I have, and I'm a 30yr old man(child). And you are right, it is one of those rarities that isn't just a game. It bridges so many things, I'd almost call it a playable movie. Or interactive movie. It is very cinematic and blends cut scenes and gameplay seamlessly. You should play it, and then have yarns with your son about it after. It's ****ing wicked.
  16. Yeah that's true. And next gen consoles are pretty off the hook for the price. Especially when games will be made specifically for them, not for current consoles too. Think "The Last Of Us" but designed for ps4. It will be incredible. The other benefit of console gaming, particularly for multiplayer and MMOs is they are a level playing field. Everyone is gonna be playing on a universal peice of kit (dis regarding connection speeds). When you're in the PC environment people have different graphics cards, better rigs, not to mention hacks and mods that can alter their experience so the pla
  17. Odine


    Nah unfortunately. He sounds awesome. Although my dyslexia made me read his name as Reverseral. Sick.
  18. Odine


    And in summary: Aliens DO DEFINATELY exist. And they spliced their DNA with pigs and primates to create homosapiens as their subjegated slave race to mind gold for their advanced technological needs, were misinterpreted by humans as gods, and when we became self aware thanks to the friendly annunaki prophet Enki they got mad and created a huge flood with their geo-engineering skills thus trying to start the whole process over from scratch. Using harmonic levitation they created the pyramids as waypoints and inter-stellar markers for some alien needs, and later left us to our own devices for
  19. Cellphones and tablets are killing console games. (to an extent) BUT Consoles are warring with gaming PCs now (and each other). But some games for next gen consoles are incorporating mobile devices with their games as it is. For example the Division (PS4 XBOX1) in which you can play on your ipad or phone but in a different capacity to affect things that happen in the game environment. I think there is more room for the technologies to merge and be complimentary than damage each other. And £350 for a PS4 is not too much at all. PS3 was around the same price when it was first released an
  20. Odine


    Pretty sure what was said doesn't classify as a joke about rape specifically. More about a joke to another nightly member who was not offended. EDIT: OH I see where it started. Krawlie said he sleep rapes... Yeah... I can see why you might not find that funny....but its Krawlie.... hes funny!! Half the time what he writes is all jest. Probably more..
  21. Odine


    NO. THIS IS A SERIOUS PLACE. FOR SERIOUS SUBJECT MATTER. Cause serious subject matter can never be made light of. Like all those threads on Race, Homophobia, Butter/Animal products, the Scientific Dark Age, Hero Cops and Hero Clerks and Hero Dads, and crazy Homeless Mountain Men fishing without licenses. No one ever has put crass jokes in those threads, or made light of any of those serious conversations.
  22. Odine

    Favorite Albums

    Lately I'm digging Ty Segall "twins". Great if you like heavy fuzzy garage with Beatles-esque (John Lennon) vocal melodies and harmonies. Standout track is "ghost".
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