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  1. So I resolved to make an offer on the 1946 Chevy today. Unfortunately, after talking to my mechanic friend, his dad GAVE the car to him! Good Dad though! My friend is not interested in selling right now, but he will let me know if he decides to sell. The good thing is my friend has agreed to help me upgrade my cylinder heads on my Chevy Nova, which will be good for at least 40-50 horsepower!
  2. No I don't think the $15k will break retirement, though it probably would be smarter to invest it into a Roth IRA or something. I rent my home so I don't have to worry about house repairs. But then again, it would be nice to own my own home, and $15K would be a nice down payment. The more and more I think about it, the less smart it seems to buy this car, assuming I can even get if for $15K. I'll talk to my mechanic friend about it though.
  3. See the economy scares the hell out of me the way it is, which is mainly why I haven't pulled the trigger. Plus, I don't have a garage, just a car port, and I'd have to park this car in the sun with a car cover. Here I am talking myself out of this! Dammit!
  4. So I have a mechanic friend whose Dad also worked on cars into his 70s. He built a 1946 Chevy Coupe upgraded with a 350 V8 for a customer some 10 years ago, and the owner ended up selling it back to my friend's Dad. The Dad wants to sell it wanting $18,000 for it, but is not getting any bites. It's been sitting for 2 years now, but driven on weekends. I am just in love with this car! I came into an inheritance which I really want to save for retirement, but damn tempting to offer my friend's Dad $15K cash for it! I can't stop thinking about it, actually. Someone stop me! I need someone to reason with me, and give me a reason not to buy, seriously. Here is a pic of a car that looks really close, but has a different shade of red...
  5. At the school I support, we had a Dreamcatcher graduation ceremony for Native American women who are learning to be business leaders. I was able to see a Navajo Feather Dancer dance in order to open the ceremony. It was really interesting.
  6. How many LIDs are you selling, and for how much?
  7. Well, while most of his endorsees lost, the races were all pretty close, much like 2020. Sure there wasn't a red wave, but these midterms are far from a referendum. I mean Kari Lake (yeah, that psycho) barely lost by a percentage point in AZ. I just don't get how someone can buy into Trump's bullshit, either, but this nation is as divided as ever.
  8. Yeah, I am of the opposite opinion. I think we need new blood in the presidency. That is not a job for 70somethings.
  9. Dude that is wrong on so many levels!
  10. White claw is only good for throwing at ***holes anyway.
  11. Zathras


    I agree. There is such a thing as too much slow burn. I am hanging in there because I like what I see, but there needs to be more action. I am hoping that will reveal itself soon.
  12. Zathras


    They are setting Syril up to be the nemesis of Cassian Andor I think. He will be an Imperial officer before long.
  13. Zathras


    Is anyone still watching Andor?
  14. Zathras


    I am 2 episodes behind. I keep trying to set time aside to catch up.
  15. What would you want to do? Do you have a skill set where you could do a part time job? Like video editing or some such?
  16. It is always shocking, but an aneurism at 23? Very, very rare. My friend had been complaining of headaches in recent weeks, but he was wearing Invisalign and just assumed it was that giving him headaches. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that, but damn do I wish I could go back in time and just tell him to get checked out. I am going to miss that guy. We used to go to a local brew house every Friday at lunch and would have a couple of beers before going back to work. It was fun because we felt like we were getting away with something and sticking it to the man.
  17. You're probably right, but a guy can dream of seeing Trump frog-marched to jail!
  18. A former coworker and friend of mine from my old job passed away suddenly on Sunday. He had a brain aneurism and was only 23. I am still processing this loss because he was a good guy and really smart. So, I am having to go back to my old job and cover until they backfill. It was nice to see some old friends and colleagues, but what a horrible way to come back.
  19. Probably a lot of them are either small businesses, or businesses based in Asia.
  20. Zathras


    So we have our heist episode. A bit better this week. Andor just blasting the dude.
  21. Zathras

    The Batman

    I liked it better than The Dark Knight Rises.
  22. Well in my 20s my apartment had black curtains, black towels, black plates, black sheets, black furniture, black lamps, black rugs, etc. Talk about tacky!
  23. Purple everywhere like Marie Shrader from Breaking Bad!
  24. Zathras


    Yeah it is slow for me, too. I like what I see, but things are just dragged out a little too much. I am hoping this next episode is where it starts to pick up. As for Mon Mothma, I wonder if they are setting the stage where she leaves her family for the Rebellion.
  25. Zathras


    No, but I think she is first officer of a ship, but I am not sure if it is the Enterprise-F or the Titan-A.
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