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    The problem with Orville was that MacFarlane pitched it as a Star Trek parody, but it was never that funny. As it went in, they decided to play it straight. For a minute it was refreshing because it was delivering Trek where Trek did not. But I'll be honest, after SNW has come out, I could barely manage the new season of Orville. Now it basically feels like MacFarlane tricked Fox and now Hulu into spending millions to let him live out his Trek cosplay fantasies.
  2. I'd totally make the joke, but I have this exact acute anxiety when I move. This is why I am unpacked, decorated, and fully living within a week of moving to a place. i hate not feeling anchored.
  3. You willing to admit now that an angrier Vader was the right way to go as opposed to him having any sympathy? And YES, I loved seeing Owen and Beru step up to protect Luke... and I totally agree with Ben getting there so fast smacking of JJ Abrams not understanding how space works (he does it his Trek movies too). Also, they clearly wanted to leave it a little open ended in case they want to do another season. We have no idea what happens to Reva.
  4. Raise your hand if you expected Vader to mention having the high ground once Obi-Wan was down in the hole. Both of these things were in my head because there's a case for either side. In theory, neither of them should leave the other alive. Ben could have stopped a legit evil from doing harm to the universe-- but at what cost? Would killing Vader just bring the Empire after him even harder? Vader letting Obi-Wan go... he's not overly shocked to see him in ANH. I think maybe the lesson the Emperor was imparting was that Vader just needed to be patient... which in a way echoes Luke in ROTJ. Palpatine knows how central Anakin. It was practically a shot for shot recreation-- it also sort of happened in Force Unleashed too. It's one of those fan-fulfillment things that after we know Anakin as a character to see him under the mask. It was worth it though, and felt like so much better a bridge than the mask going on in ROTS. I think so too-- it doesn't have to be so on the nose. You can tell Obi-Wan still has some hope for Anakin and holds back until Vader gives him no option. I used to want a literal line from Owen sayin "Anakin should have never left with you!" but the sentiment was certainly covered. Sometimes subtly works better, and Star Wars rarely does it. ...you... but... I... **brain snaps** VADER DOESN'T NEED HIS OWN SERIES HIS STORY SPANS SIX MOVIES! Everything we're gfetting is a spinoff of HIS story! hahaha. STOP IT!
  5. I'm all for sharing-- but it can make the work environment weird when two people at the same level realize there's a big wage gap between them.
  6. In my industry the union sets minimums, but you're still not supposed to talk out of school. There's been a lot of encouragement lately though to break that taboo because it's clear that women and POCs (shocker I know) are making less. I have no problem discussing what I make with other screenwriters unless we're both booked on the same show and working together. That's when it can get kind of hairy.
  7. Kennedy has said they are moving away from the established Skywalker-centric storylines and into new territory. This is the right move. No more prequels, in in-between-quels. They need to pull a Star Trek TNG and just jump ahead a century or two from the ST, and start fresh with no ties beyond the "mythology" of what came before being just that-- myth. A new story could take any form/format and not feel like it doesn't belong if it is the first thing.
  8. The advantage of a serialized TV show over a movie is that you get to take a little more time. Star Wars has always been broad-strokes story-telling. This is why the EU books never worked for me, because they got into those details that killed the sweeping mythic adventure vibe. In this new golden age of television we are definitely programmed to expect a certain level and style of storytelling that Star Wars may not fit into. I think too that this Obi-Wan story started its life as a movie and has been expanded, but maybe didn't NEED the expanding, and now doesn't have the money to do it properly and this end result is what we're getting.
  9. There's a lot of things that can happen to get stuck in this position, and you're not wrong in that it feels like lazy writing. But In defense of writers, and I have been in this position, sometimes production says "Hey we aren't going to make the day and we need to cut a scene." Maybe there was a better planned scene, in another location, with more actors, wherein Reva learned that she needed to go to Tattooine-- but time and money required that scene to be cut so they needed to make that connection for the story, but had to do it in a scene already in the schedule, and this was the fix. YES, it comes off as lazy writing, but it may not be the fault of the writers. Like I said above, this show has no money and that's the source of all its problems. Things like this are the fault of a low budget. I don't think there's anyone who gets staffed on a Star Wars show that WANTS to phone it in-- but when there's not enough money to give a show the time it needs to do things properly, you're forced to take short cuts.
  10. Tank


    I thought I had Cyberpunk maximized, and my system is decent.. but then I go online and WLAYS find somebody who has their shit looking sooo much better than mine. It's maddening.
  11. Tank


    Natalie Portman got more jacked than this for the new Thor movie. Makes no sense!
  12. And Indiana Jones was in his late 20s banging Marion when she was 13. Wolverine and Deadpool are murders. Darth Vader kills children and still gets to Jedi heaven. Cinematic stories constantly give us anti-heroes or flawed people with we can't help but like. Redemption arcs are one of the core storytelling tropes ever. It's not like Eddie's actions haven't gone unanswered. He witnesses a traumatizing brutal supernatural murder, all of Hawkins is hunting/blaming him, and he's ended up in the Upside Down. He's not having a good time, so in essence he's paying for his sins. He's started to break good, so if he makes it out alive, he'll be redeemed. They've done this pretty much every season, first with Steve, then with Billy. Granted, Billy never fully gave up being a douche, but in Season One we hated Steve for corrupting Nancy until we suddenly didn't anymore.
  13. I definitely think it's the best season since the first, but i don't think the magic of the first season could ever truly be duplicated. I feel like the Hopper/Joyce stuff is kind of dumb and far fetched (and it's saying something to find something far-fetched in this show haha) and feels like "adult filler." This is what happens when your story and scope outgrows your original premise. Steve continues to be MVP, and I LOVE Eddie. It's crazy to watch the scope of this show and recognize the size of the budget, then go and watch Obi-Wan which is shot on a shoestring.
  14. Unacceptable. This is the modern version of dad's getting worked up when somebody touches the thermostat. If I am ever at somebody's house and they have the motion blur filters on their TV I turn them off when they leave the room.
  15. Tank


    Yeah. No Man's Sky took until basically the last couple years to be what it said it would be at launch. They've also added a lot of DLC content to improve things and seem to really listen to their fanbase. My son plays it on and off-- there's not enough story for me to get sucked into it. Cyberpunk and Andromeda got better partially thanks to patches, but also thanks to modding communities. Fallout 76 is still trash in my opinion. I just don't like forced multiplayer. Even if they make it so you can't get sniped or attacked or otherwise harassed by no-lifers, the mere presence of uber-gamers on my map is disruptive. ESPECIALLY when they can build their temp bases wherever they want, and all quests recycle, and all loot is randomized. It is just lorebreaking for me-- and I'm not even getting into potential glitches that come with streamed games. I just hate it.
  16. No doubt... but do we NEED a season 2? This is kind of the problem with Star Wars, right? We don't NEED to force another story in there and stretch the credibility of continuity even more. Unless they do something totally different it just waters down the magic even more. Kennedy just came out and basically admitted it was a wrong step to try and inhabit the same space around the known saga. It sounds like Taiki Watitti's film is going to be a shift to a new story completely removed from the Skywalker saga. That, to me, is the way to go. Kind of like Next Generation did for Star Trek. Give us a new era, new characters, and slowly spin off from there.
  17. I don't WANT to be this way... I think knowing how the sausage is made really effects my enjoyment sometimes. It's really hard for me to watch Obi-Wan and just see right and left how little money they had. All the problems this show has, even the ones people don't agree on, are 100% budgetary. You'd think being Obi-Wan they'd throw all the money at it, but it seems like only Mando gets money. This show and BOBF are bargain productions.
  18. Tank

    Moon Knight

    This show really wasn't bad-- Oscar Isaac is always great, and I loved the middle-eastern adventure vibe... but at the same time... I never gave a single fuck about any of it., It wasn't excited and it even felt like I was just watching it out of a sense of duty and completion. It just didn't hit me in the feels.
  19. Tank

    Ms Marvel

    This show is a delight. No notes!
  20. Endings have to be unexpected, twisty, and surprising-- but at the same time, they have to make perfect logical sense and have been set up., It's the hardest part, really. If you go too far out of the box, people will scream DUES EX MACHINA. If it's not out of the box enough, it's labelled as predictable. I always find my endings by knowing what I want the status quo to be after the story ends. Like, what's the coda? Whether we see it or not, what does the hero have as a life AFTER the story is done. You have to know that. Then you look at the most extreme complicated situation you have them in at the end of the second act. They should be so far from that spot it's bananas. Then you devise the chain of events needed plot/story wise to get them from where they are, to that end. What has to happen to get them there? That's your final act/ending. At some place in there, your hero has to make a choice or decision that either reflects the core theme of the story, or shows they have learned their big lesson. That gives the emotional payoff.
  21. Tank


    I've been lowkey imaging a game exactly like this in my head for years (more or less). I was VERY excited by that gameplay video... but No Man's Sky, Cyberpunk, and Mass Effect Andromeda hurt me bad enough that I remain skeptical that all these things will survive and work in the final product. I hope I am wrong, because if I am, and this game delivers as they promise, it may be my favorite thing ever. That said, not loving that they are not giving the PC a voice, and the quest for alien artifacts is something I feel like is pretty tired.
  22. That's because the technology now exists that they can actually stunt duel with glowing blades. In ANH they had a practical effect where the blades were coated in reflective material. They had some shimmer to them on set but ultimately didn't look great so they animated the blades. In ESB through ROTS they were just sticks that were animated in post. In AOTC and ROTS they had glowing practical blades they'd use in close up shots to show off the light, but they were too fragile to duel with. Point being-- instead of just animating a thin rod with a glowing effect, you have much thicker actually glowing rods then are also animated, so yeah-- they look thicker and brighter. If you look closely, in the background of the Order 66 scene (and a long shot of Luke in Mando S2) you can see blades that were not animated and just have the practical glow. That would then check off everything on the list. In this week's flashback, Anakin learned a lesson, and it was placed in context with Vader being tricked as Obi-Wan got away. I think this is a soft way to create a reference for the "but the learned" line in ANH. That kinda just leaves the "Obi-Wan once thought as you do," line. With Reva making Ben realize he doesn't want to kill Vader tells me we totally need this moment next. I think we're at the place where Vader trusts no one. He was ready for her to deliver, but also betray him. Even though the Inquisitors are fake Sith (even Lucasfilm hates the 2 Sith rule), the idea that dark-siders will always betray each other in a play for power continues to hold true. The Inquisition dies off right in line with the Jedi. In Rebels and Outcast we continue to see it-- every time a Jedi is caught and killed, an Inquisitor generally goes down with them. I wouldn't be surprised if we're informed at some point in the mythos that once it seemed like all the Jedi were gone, Vader and Palpatine did away with the last of the Inquisitors as they would be a threat. I did. BUT WHAT DO I KNOW. Overall, I want to love this show... and I do... but the production level and scope of it just feels so TV to me that it lacks the magic and feel of Star Wars on the big screen. Star Wars has ALWAYS represented the biggest possible productions, with top of the line effects. It was always meant to set a bar. But when you compare the scope of this show to Stranger Things or Strange New Worlds, it feels like a video game cut scene. At the end of the day, I want to live in the alternate universe where the PT started with the Clone Wars, then became this show. I like it, I really do-- but it does feel on the same level as the EU in terms of "counting" in my soul.
  23. If they did a BTTF I'd want re-quel. Marlene and Marty Jr. living in 2015 as seen in BTTF2 are friends with the one Tannen who isn't a dick-- Griff's dad/Biff's son. He's dedicated his life to science to win his dad over after Old Biff kept having these dreams of an alternate timeline where he was rich from gambling. Crazy things happen, they take the time machine, go back to early 1985 and accidentally make is so Marty never meets and befriends Doc which for REASONS endangers their existence and they have to stumble around the 80s to get them to be friends. In the end they pull it off, and try to go home, only to arrive in 2015 as we know it in the real world-- no flying cars, no Jaws 18, no Pepsi perfect. Cliffhanger!
  24. It is not like that. at all. This is a bit preposterous. I know people working on these shows and there's a not a Disney exec in the room giving edicts. Are there things they have to do or not do in production-- sure. But by and large, these shows are created in a vacuum with Kennedy being the only tether to the powers that be. And also... https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2022/06/obi-wan-kenobi-explained ...in which one of the show's writers verifies every thing I've been saying.
  25. Of all the big franchises we’ve been watching all our lives, which one do you think had been played out and needs to stop? I’ll go first: James Bond. Aside from Casino Royale and Skyfall having moments, the modern Bond films have been criminally boring. Classic Bond has a 50/50 score of great films bs awful ones. And while it’s fun to look back at the practical stunts, the franchise is a relic of the Cold War and is so true to its formula that to stray from It feels like a sin, but to stick to it has become stale and boring. The MI franchise has outdone Bond at every turn to become the spy-thriller franchise dejour. Conversely, an old franchise that I think could have a great new lead on life: The Thin Man.
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