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  1. Maybe like 50%? I’m not tired of my actual job, it’s mostly money and my body falling apart that I am mad about
  2. Tank


    How has Bathesda never figured out how to properly make an inventory system that isn’t a mess. It’s amazing how some of this game looks AAA next gen, and yet other parts look like they are scraping code from 1998.
  3. That this isn't a live action bonus season of Rebels and is for everyone... but no one is buying that.
  4. I was a Designer for 15 years before writing, but what field had become flooded and I have a ten year gap in my resume for that kind of work. I’ve thought about going back to school for welding, no joke.
  5. Lady is good, we live together now and she helps keep me leveled and the bills paid. But yeah, it’s mostly the strike. 130 days, savings about gone, and the sun and heat are not my pals.
  6. I’m a bestseller now so I take it all back. (kidding… sorta… Odine is 100% correct.)
  7. Tank


    I’ve been playing Mass Effect Legendary with Mods (which has been amazing, ME3 is completely different experience) as a build up for Star Field. I too am hoping there’s a solid community patch mod soon to fix the usual “Bathesda jank” as one review put it.
  8. Not like, suicide done, but like… done trying? I’m tired. I’m almost 50. I have no savings or assets, some years I make six figures, some years I make nothing. My kid had moved out. My health is meh. I just want to eat snacks and watch movies and not work.
  9. I’d love to see a dark side apprentice be turned good.
  10. And Shin Hati? More like Shin Hottie.
  11. If they are explanation force ghosts with the time travel place... I just don't know. It tracks...but also, fuck off.
  12. My point was, why not take an X-Wing out?
  13. I did a Porky's marathon recently. The don't hold up great, shockingly.
  14. Sam Witwer was spotted in the credits under a random sound heading. The guy is an accomplished VO artist and has done Maul, Palpatine, and lots of other random voices. Given the sound design cues at play, he could have just been a recycled bit somewhere— —or maybe “Merrick” is he, and maybe he is Starkiller.
  15. You want a bad post? Here’s a bad post. Ready? STAR WARS
  16. James Horner gotta Horner. Dropping the Reliant’s shields and Ripley spacing the alien queen are nearly identical.
  17. Hahaha she wasn’t born a man! This is rumor gossip as old as Richard Gere and hamsters, and it was never that she was male. At best she was born a chromosomal or literal hermaphrodite who had corrective surgery, but even those theories have never been confirmed by anyone.
  18. Which of course leads to the inherent problem with inbetweenquels, prequels, sequels 30 years after the fact, and what not. But again, they could have used that BOBF Luke/Ahsoka scene here and solved everything.
  19. I don’t know if it is Ezra, Giloni wouldn’t Anakin one of his own characters… but it def has the vibes of being a reveal in the making.
  20. It's also the Anti-Andor in that it's working overtime to be OMG WE A STAR WAR. I really don't want to be a jaded Star Wars guy... but I think I am. If Rebels (which I mostly loved) had come out post ROTJ, and I got this series I would have loved it so much. But now I'm feeling like this is just another over-produced fan film. There's things I love (like the design, and the basic story), but things I hate (how clean and sterile it is). Mostly, I really REALLY hate that the Luke/Ahsoka scene was a wasted random drop in Book of Boba Fett when it would have made sense here. At this point in the timeline, it REALLY have a rough time buying there being any Jedi action happening no mention or appearance of Luke, and no New Republic politic stuff without Mon Mothma or Leia. (I'm sure we'll get Mothma at some point). Anyway-- I'm being fussy. The magic is just gone for me, but I'm still in.
  21. Cobweb fell apart after a strong open. Feel like there was a lot of studio interference. I could tell some scenes were order of order, and they really needed more money to sell the monster. Great Halloweeny vibes though.
  22. I remember this one-- doesn't hold up as well as other 80s horror films. If you want a better, but still low-key, obscure, and lesser known anthology from the same time, try Stephen King/s Cat's Eye, which was totally overshadowed by Creepshow.
  23. ...if I had a nickel...
  24. Stop. You had me bush. I'm sold.
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