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  1. It's still baffling to m that they dropped him and Ahoska in a random episode of BOBF instead of showing us that scene during this show where it makes sense.
  2. It's like Star Wars edging. They almost get there, but continually fall just short and I'm left frustrated. Not feeling optimistic with only one episode left. I swear to god, if you have a show with Jedi-ish characters and no one mentions Luke I will lose my damn mind.
  3. My lease is up in October and I am loath to see what my options. I'd like to keep it and finance the remaining amount, but last time I tried that about a year ago, they said my credit rated a payment tier that made my payments higher. It was total BS because my credit was stellar. They just can't not try to get more money out of you. They're going to find fees if I return it, they'll crank my payments if I want to buy, or, since after this strike I'm not in a position to give any sort of down payment, they'll get me into another lease for a new car with terrible terms.
  4. Strike is over, my book sales leapt up, and I lost 3 pounds, so I’m back in the game!
  5. But it is an unwritten rule of Star Wars that when the movies leave a thousand things unexplained and dangling, the EU must fix it all and over explain everything. This is the way.
  6. I'm waiting on Baylon and Shin to call themselves Ren.
  7. I just saw a clip of Filoni basically saying this-- and he added, he doesn't want to explain it more than that and let people draw their own conclusions... which for keeping Force-related things mystical and non-specific post midichlorians is great... but for giving a million nerdy white guys with Star Wars discussion YouTube channels discussion fodder he can fuck right off.
  8. That’s my thinking too— but I’m trying to recall when she fought Vader if something similar was said. Also, if he was in her head only, I don’t think they’d have bothered with his line about not recognizing the siege of Mandalore.
  9. I saw an exchange on FB that made me go HMMM. Person A argues Ahsoka is a bonus season of Rebels and says as a not-cartoon watcher WHY DO I CARE ABOUT EZRA? I DONT KNOW HIS STORY. And somebody replied that in ANH we didn’t know Obi-Wan’s story (which obv didn’t fully exist then) and that Star Wars is becoming a tapestry that allows you to jump in anywhere, and choose which threads to go forward or back on— which is what mythology often does. (Though that argument ignores narrative POV, which is why Luke/Obi-Wan works for a newcomer where Sabine/Ezra wouldn’t). I actually really liked this episode, it had the strongest OT vibe I’ve seen in SW since Rogue One.
  10. So what do ya’ll think… Was the Ahsoka/Anakin bit really her on the edge of death and slipping into the word between worlds place, and that’s where force ghosts go… …or was she having a Luke/cave Dagobah moment and Anakin was the personified darkness she carries in herself?
  11. Wait another week for Phantom Liberty to come out, it looks pretty cool. I’m stoked to replay with these changes.
  12. The “it’s going to be this and let me down talk I you why” turning to “well it was actually this” is so amusing to me. Early 2000s nightly vibe.
  13. Hard too, and it’s rare I take it off given that I hate heat and sun. Sometimes it’s fun in the summer evening to take it off. Usually front panels as I don’t have the patience to do the back.
  14. Sahara. 4 door, with a grumpy face grill. Manual transmission
  15. I love my Jeep even if it gets total shit gas mileage.
  16. Still hot, but bummed she’s a smoker.
  17. There's a very simple bit of screenwriting advice that says "show, don't tell." It's a one of those things that is very simple, and often the right way to go about things-- but it's sometimes so simple and doesn't work that people who want to give notes, but don't know how, throw it out because they aren't sure why something isn't working for them. In this case though, it's a very on point criticism. It's not enough that we are just being told about Ezra and Thrawn. They are trading on the fact that Thrawn has a rep in the extended Star Wars mythos for a lot of fans, and that Ezra was the star of Rebels. Again, it's not that people can't follow what Ahsoka is putting out, but I very much doubt anyone new to this show that didn't see Rebels or read the Thrawn books has any feeling about them either way. There's not a lot going on in terms of stakes with this story. The only stakes we're seen that have been delivered on is Sabine falling in with the baddies to get what she wants, which is a very Star Wars thing to do.
  18. Yes! Supermassive's The Devil In Me came out last November and was a reasonable success... but, like comics, it's a very insular world and hard to get into.
  19. I’m not sold yet… because Maybe Palpatine did. I still think there’s some fix the ST stuff planned and the worst line in ROTS, “Somehow Palpatine has returned” is a thing what needs fixing. I wouldn’t be surprised if in this other Galaxy we meet The Knights of Ren. This was my argument back in the day during the PT about the EU, and how people who thought stuff from those books would show up were crazy. Now, not so much. I don’t think it’s a question of being able to follow, they’re covering that fine. Like Choc said, it’s why should we care? They are relying on random to just accept anything branded Star Wars, which frankly, it’s been doing since the 90s when the EU started. All my negativity aside though, I did like this episode. Hayden crushed it. He showed so many sides of Anakin that the PT scripts didn’t have the nuance for. That was some amazing redemption stuff. I kinda wished they’d given that second flashback to Ashley Eckstein, though she might be kinda old and not Latina enough to track as a 30 years younger Ahsoka.
  20. I’m talking to IDW a bit— but even the smaller guys are struggling right now. IDW cut all their original books and are only doing licensed titles as its the only thing that sells.
  21. Same! I think what kills me is that if this had come out at the actual time and place it takes place-- as in 4-5 years after ROTJ came out, it would be a HUGE deal for me. I almost feel like tonally they are trying to appeal to everyone too much. I loved Tales of the Jedi, cause it felt like it was for kids, and that was okay. I liked Andor because it felt like it was meant for people who are adults now, but were kids during the OT. Mando S1/2 felt like just the right combo of each. But this show, Mando3, BOBF... they feel like a cartoon one minute, and something you're supposed to feel very serious about the next.
  22. Believe it or not, mainstream comics is harder to break into than TV. I’ve done a few issues here and there, but it’s a very low paying, low reward, industry unless you’re writing a famous superhero.
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