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  1. I'm a super believer in it-- on the big scale, as in life choices, but also on the small scale, as in my writing process. I'm not sure where it comes from, or how even to control it, but my life has been significantly better since I tuned into it more. I kind of think of it like a background process. Like sometimes in design work, photoshop needs to process and crunch a filter and needs a few minutes before I can do anything else. So I generally bop over to my browser to start hunting for the next element I need, or check my email, or come here, or whatever-- and photoshop is still working in the background. I think our brains process things in the subconscious. You can get woo woo about it if you want, or maybe it's just sciencey brain shit-- but I think all the info we take in, and maybe even stuff we are unconscious of, and it processes it all. The same way you can look at a rabid dog behind a gate and know-- "Nope, I better go around" I think your brain does for all sorts of situations. Listening "to your gut" or "feeling/ not feeling" something, is your conscious mind listening to the results of whatever data crunching your unconscious has worked out.
  2. Tank


    Caught it today. Loved it, even if not everything that was set up landed, and some stuff landed that wasn’t set up… but a really great unexpected twist to things. I love Jordon Peele mostly because he’s one of the few filmmakers out there I can count on to surprise me.
  3. You know, there’s wrestlers I hate, usually heels, and at sOme point years along I’ll suddenly realize they were just so great at being heels they got past keyfabe in my brain. HHH is the perfect example as someone that used to make me so mad when he won over and over, in retrospect he was the bet villain. I sometimes wonder if that will happen with Lesnar’s no-selling, stuff working, dick tattoo having, unable to work a mike despite 20 years in the business, no neck having ass. I hope not. He can go away.
  4. Star Wars has become so self referential you could pick any two entries and do this.
  5. LA has all those things too, a city of imports, guns, heat… I’m convinced you just have more douchebags in pickups hahaha
  6. We’re less than a decade away from a post ROTJ Luke TV show brought to us by deep fake which gets cheaper and faster every day. Have you guys seem all the AI art out there now? All that tech plus the cooperation of Mark Hamil, it’s just an amount of time. Look at the jump of what they did just in the couple years between Mando s2 and BOBF.
  7. In LA we all drive really fast, but it’s a group decision. As long as you aren’t blocking or cutting somebody off you’re good. If you want to go faster than me, I’ll get over. Rush hour sucks, and interchanges can be a nightmare, but we all agree on driving like ***holes together. In Phoenix it seems like you have three different classes of speed and none of them Which lane is there’s, and there never seems to be enough lanes. And SO MANY pickup trucks.
  8. Driving in Phoenix is WAY worse than driving in LA.
  9. Tank

    Ms Marvel

    Overall, my interest waned. It was still well done, and I think Kamala is a delight. That said, this story isn't for me and I had a hard time getting into it. But you know what-- that's okay. The vast majority of Marvel is stuff is very much for me-- a middle aged nerdy dude whose read comics his whole life. This was for a mindset and voice that's very much not me, and I am glad it exists. I am very much interested to see Kamal mix with the bigger MCU, which of course the mid-credits teaser set up. I was actually surprised by that one! Also, SPOILERS... Kamal is apparently going to be our first MCU X-Man?!
  10. I feel similar. I tried it, and I LIKED TWC and LOVED Rebels, but it just felt derivative and too on the nose for me. And once again, this makes me think how much I hate Lucas for basically giving me two decades of wondering about the Clone Wars and then makes it so they start at the literal end of second movie, and ends at top of the third. Fandom waited for years to see the Clone Wars and it happens off screen, only to be filled by comics and cartoons over the next decade and a half.
  11. Other way around. The OG toys presented Luke’s lightsaber as yellow just so it would stand out as different from Obi-Wan and Vader. It created a cognitive dissonance and tons of people my age swear we saw it in the movie— but it never happened.
  12. Did you get the pistol from the penthouse? And yeah, the main story missions for this game are actually pretty good.
  13. Moderate are at your level, high are just above and doable if you got the gear and know how to dodge/hide well. Above high you’ll likely get wrecked pretty fast.
  14. Yeah the leveling in that game is messed up. It’s supposed to both be determined by region and involve scaling, but you’re going to end up in rando encounters with way OP enemies frequently. Rooftop sniping generally wins the day. If you do the random police scanner missions and the cyber psycho hunting, that will get you money and XP early on.
  15. Which katana? There are some in shops and they get dropped pretty often. If you mean a legendary one there’s a couple story beats where you’ll get one for sure. One thing about this game is that there’s a lot of cool gear that’s not too hard to find or get your hands on. Both times I’ve played I lucked into a pretty powerful weapon early on that ends up carrying me through most of the game. Not sure if you play blind your first time through or not, but if you DO look up hints and tips, google up the location of “skippy.”
  16. In terms of them guessing yes. In terms of the rules the show presents by way of showing us how things work, not so much. It doesn't matter though, it doesn't effect my enjoyment. For me it's just interesting observations about what they left nebulous for effect early one, but were forced to explain later as they needed to keep delving into things for new plot lines.
  17. Rewatching S1 now, there's a lot of things about the Upside Down and how it reflects to the real world that make no sense compared to what they are doing now. I like how they tried to explain how Will was able to trigger the lights for Joyce to see, but they also said the upside down was a reflection of Hawkins from the moment Eleven opened the first gate-- and obviously we saw Joyce hang the Xmas lights much later than that...
  18. A three year jump would be odd given how it ended. I wonder if there’s some stuff shot recently they could use first before jumping ahead. The kids definitely grew fast. I am rewatching season one, and a lot of the magic comes from the sweetness and how genuine the kids are at that age. I will repeat what I said before, the magic of S1 can never be replicated, but S4 is easily the closest they’ve come. They did a good job of bringing everything together despite blowing things up to such an epic proportion. Good call Met on Master of Puppets. That was great. It was hokey, but also super appropriate. I do think they could have ended Vecna and ended the series, I hope they aren’t just doing a filler season because Netflix wanted it.
  19. Term limits. No political parties. A requirement of civil service or a degree in constitutional law or civics. Ban lobbying. That’s the key to fixing most of our problems. That and quality education for the masses.
  20. I had both the LP story version and tapes of the radio production and for years was conflating lines and memories. I still remember Luke having a yellow lightsaber in ANH. We used to have a thread dedicated to all the false memories and misheard lines of the OT.
  21. You’re not the only person to note this, there’s been debate over the years that her voice was redubbed at some point. Some people say it was for the first rerelease before ESB came out, some say in the early 90s THX remaster.
  22. Oh yeah-- Leif, YOU of all people should watch Letterkenny. It's got an ungodly amount of genius wordplay, right up your alley. https://youtu.be/7TcuPpgmoNo
  23. Light as a Feather You're The Worst Light as a Feather Handmaiden's Tale Light as a Feather Season one of Pen15
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