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  1. I’ve played with it a bunch and also get comical results. That said, a lot of writing starts as bad ideas, so I’ve used it to help bad ideas get better— but it can’t be trusted to write. Even if it was good it would be because it is plagiarizing. I’m not calling for its ban, I think it has its uses off-page as a research and development tool. What the WGA is trying to block is it’s output being legal to copyright or register as IP. the guild promises us minimums on projects. Original work pays significantly more than rewrites. Right now, non-writing producers can take a synopsis like what you posted, and knowing it is trash, still register it with the wga as literary material. Then they can hire a screenwriter to make it better, but because it is their original concept and material on paper, the writer can be paid a third of what they would normally.
  2. The sex scenes, including the necrophilia, were all added by the directors. The trailer scene specifically was hacked to pieces and doesn’t make a lot of sense now. I can neither confirm or deny any PT inspirations other than after writing a masked villain from a franchise and getting a metric ton of idiot fan hate mail, I may have taken the PT hate down a notch.
  3. Pure gold. Tweeting this genius as my own
  4. Especially when you jam a thick piece of chocolate into it.
  5. That’s because starting with 5 they’ve had the same director and 4 was ape-ing 3.
  6. Even as a fan, they definitely blend together.
  7. Every time this guy speaks it's more and more low key anti-semtic. His own relatives are going out to issue statements to distance themselves from him.
  8. Yeah, you all hit it. They are fun and good, but it's not like they have a huge cultural impact to drive you to be invested. They just exist as summer blockbusters. I agree that outside of two, each one gets better. Up until now anyway. Even though he made a mess of Star trek and Star Wars, JJ Abrams put things on track with MI3.
  9. Disney's evil POS CEO has said Marvel and Star Wars are both in danger of over-spending and watering down quality by having too many entries... which... you know, was kinda his decree? I'm all for less Marvel overall if it means the quality can get back to where it was, which this show is proving it can. That said, the shows have all been pretty decent, it's the films that have been lackluster.
  10. Do we not have threads for these movies? It’s a veteran franchise at this point! Anyway, the new one was trash and I don’t get why people love it. The last one was amazing and puts any modern Bond film to shame.
  11. So I need to be less healthy before I ask— pro tip!
  12. I live in Hollywood, low self esteem counts. (I also have high blood pressure)
  13. ozempic is on my insurance plan's approved list... but first I am going to have my testosterone levels checked.
  14. The technology exists to do CG that’s nearly impossible for us to distinguish, it’s in every movie at this point and half the time we don’t even know we are seeing it. The first problem is when we see things we know don’t exist in our reality. The second is the time it takes to get effects to the level of perfection is usually more than any movies budget and timeline will allow for. The VFX pipeline in Hollywood is having major problems right now, mostly because of Marvel.
  15. The kid and I went today. His one word review: “unnecessary.” I have to agree. It wasn’t as aggressively awful as Crystal Skull, but it also brought me zero joy. It was lifeless and heartless and half of it looked like muddy cg green screen work.
  16. I can't seem to muster up the interest or energy to go see this...
  17. I feel like it's far more efficient to toss a probe droid, which can hover, scan, fly, and attack into that canyon instead of a team of 12 men in heavy armor and gear who need to first charter some local lizards.
  18. I looked into it before-- it's a lot of fun for people who love making up worlds but never want to do any actual story writing.
  19. I'll add to this-- did they have Dewbacks on hand or did they stop off at a Mos to get some? Also, explain to my why people ride animals in Star Wars at all. In Any given Star Wars show it's always the worst effect you're going to get and it's somehow part of the mythos. In a universe where anti-gravity exists, and being a pilot is basically like having a driver's license, why would you ride an animal? The only explanation ever given was on Hoth when they said the speeders hasn't yet been adapted to the cold (even though they clearly could fly other craft, otherwise how did they land their entire organization there?
  20. He’s a raging anti-vaxxer and is on par with Alex Jones when it comes to spreading false information about Covid.
  21. Your mom has been riding my rancor for years. It’s canon.
  22. The story changes over the years. Who knows!
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