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  1. The second and third game makes that even more clear when you take a VOTL shuttle everywhere-- and even have on the rails gunning levels. It's extra weird in Andromedas to go back to a ground effect vehicle, even if the controls of the Nomad was WAY better than the Mako.

    And while I stayed with the weapon specific sniper rifle with my Infiltrator, this is definitely the highest scoring and least death-laden run through I have had.

  2. I hear you— the stand-alone episode is a lost art. Last time I watched TNG I was reminded how simple and enjoyable it can be to not have to track serialized narrative.

    CW had plenty of stand-alone episodes, Rebels had a few. For me, the term “filler” only applies when it is clear a show that wants to be serialized doesn’t have enough story to do it, so they put one-offs between serial installments, AND the episodes are no good.

    X-Files is a great example of a show that would alternate mythology driven serialized episodes with stand alones. It was only filler when the stand alones were bad.

    In the Bad Batch’s case it seems they have a story to tell but only start getting to it after half a dozen episodes of stories that seem left over from CW. 


  3. 5 hours ago, Dom said:

    This show feels like an entire season of filler episodes. Is there supposed to be a point or overall direction they're going? So far it's just been the BB wandering around with no real purpose. I imagine they're saving something for the last couple episodes.

    I said the same thing above-- and it's why me and the kid bailed. I've heard some bigger stuff has come up-- but the thought of going through the filler to catch up just seems like a waste of time. I just don't care enough about these characters. Rebels set a high bar, Mando even higher. This just isn't even close.

  4. I’m starting to have too many questions. How can She Loki have a different name, origin story, no connection to Asgard or Odin, when variants come from a skewed timeline.

    Also, this Loki exists because of the Avengers messing about time, but he’s essentially the same is OG Loki.

    This isn’t making a ton of sense.

  5. 7 hours ago, Zathras said:

    ^ Yup! While I can look at a 20-something lady and say she looks attractive (like a rose in bloom), to me, she is a child and I don't find her "sexy."  I am physically attracted to women closer to my age (like give or take 5 years), and some cases, even older than me.  The sexiest thing on a woman to me is her mind and personality (maturity, intelligence, kindness) and I think women in their 40s are in their prime, personally.

    This is why I call bullshit on most vampire stories. You’re telling me a guy older than my grandpa loves a teenage girl? I spend 10 minutes with one and want to die.

  6. Which one?

    Cause if you want the high paying fancy Hollywood job and the bisexual swinger girlfriend, you also have to take the ungrateful teenage son, the crippling imposter syndrome, and 30 pounds you’ll just never be able to lose.

  7. I have a full head of hair under that DEVO hat.

    And to answer the question…

    I picked up some viagra awhile back because I realized that the older I get the more condoms effect my sensitivity and lasting power.

    As soon as KP and I became each other’s person we agreed to we could ditch the condoms and rely on just her pills after we both did a full panel.

    I don’t NEED the pills, especially going bare, but with anyone else It’s condom time (sorry Jacob) and if I think it’s going to be extended I’ll pop a few. They work as advertised.

    For this getaway I am definitely going to get some Cialis as it lasts 24hours in your system. I don’t know that I’d need it, but I’d rather be prepared than have to tap out too soon.

  8. 2 hours ago, Destiny Skywalker said:

    Anything she would feel comfortable with you sharing is fair game.

    Well that's kinda the thing... I started this thinking I was off to have a bunch of rando dating antics, I didn't exactly expect to actually find my person.

    And she is clearly somebody who has a life beyond me and I am feeling a bit guilty about speaking out of turn. Also, to be honest, a lot of what happens and is said between us special and just for us.

    That said THERE ARE ANTICS. We're going to a resort in a couple weeks that... uh... let's say "caters to a particular lifestyle." 

    What I will say about myself though, a lot of my boundaries, notions, and ideas of how things should be are being pushed-- in a good way. I'm finding that I am getting over insecurities and petty feelings that have been present in most all my past relationships. Whether this turns long term or not (feels like it is likely) I am really learning a lot.

  9. It’s how well they sell things in ESB, making you feel like between movies they got closer. There’s also a bit of reverse trickery. By the end of the movie you know Han and leia are in love. Leia’s concern when they shut the shield doors in act one is something you think back on, (or watch again), as a powerful moment. You know now why she’s concerned for Han, but Luke is included by association. That moment sells her care for both of them.

  10. I can't wait to be more grizzled. In my 20s I was doughy and awkward. I much prefer being on my way to silver fox-dom. I am blessed with pretty good genes in that I look young and have a full head of hair, but I love how gray my beard is getting. I'm respectable damn it.

    All that said, I have upped my skin care regimen for sure-- sunblock, facial masks, scrubs, etc.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Fozzie said:

    The first was good for the time and for what it was, and for the use of the internet in marketing in a way that I don't think has been done as successfully before or since. Taken solely as a film, you're right, it's not good - except for the fact that it's super low budget and intentionally made in a style that isn't high quality. But as a cultural landmark, it hits bigger than most movies with 100x the budget.

    This, 100&. To watch it now, without the hype, it's just okay. If you've seen a bunch of found footage horror, it probably won't float your boat. But at the time it made a huge impact. I remember being all over the internet getting into it about the same time I first came to nightly.

    Which makes me 356232345 years old.

  12. So I went back and checked, today is officially 3 months since the first time KP and talked. It has DEFINITELY moved very quickly. I knew I was having feelings for her by the 3rd date-ish. I can't even say what it is specifically. It was just a feeling. She told me the other night that she felt something on our second date, but ascribed it to post-covid giddiness that she was being touched. But by the third date it wasn't chilling out.

    She straight up told me she loved me the other night, and that it is against every rule she has, and she had wanted to hold it in for a few months. I'm in the same boat as her.

    I guess it's a combination of having the exact same boundaries as me? She doesn't care if I go an hook up with one of my ladyfriends I have weird boundaries with, she's super hot with a bombshell body, she likes horror movies, I always seem to be saying the right things to her out of reflex, the sex is unreal... but more than anything else... she really sees me.

    And by that I mean, I don't know if I have ever been this free to be uncensored. There's a level of comfort, contentment, and safety that comes with that. 

    Em, while great, came with a lot of pitfalls and emotional traps. She was somebody who had very big emotions about a lot of things and was just never happy. And as supportive as I am, after that long it was more work than reward. There was never much time for my shit.

    Being seen is probably the most important thing to me in a relationship... that and her having big cans. 

    So finding somebody who was really on the same page as me with most things, combined with her genuinely listening and making me feel free to share every bit of myself, has just made for a really fast, and honest, real connection.

    Since we're not going to be monogamous or try to move in with each other, nothing is really changing. We're just admitting how we feel more freely and not worried about looking like crazy people.

    In other news, Dinosaur Girl is... fun? Likable? Cute? She lives far away so we only meet on on occasion, which is fine. Metal-- still haven't talked with her, but she's still really impossible to track a mood off of. She's not really reaching out to me either, so I think it's fine where it is.

    Blue continues to be great. She's dropped little flirty hints, as I mentioned before, that she may want to escalate, but I'll leave that to her.

    I have a date next week with a new person, we'll see how that goes. To be honest though, I have just booked some work, and now that I can travel again I will be seeing some of my out of town friends with whom I sometimes sleep. I don't know if I'll be actively searching for new dates for a bit. Kelly is definitely taking up most of my free time. Add in work and occasionally seeing Dinosaur Girl and Blue... I may be at capacity. Plus now that things are opening up KP will be taking me to some of her... let's say "events."

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