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  1. Okay! Fine! Some people use horses!

    But it still doesn’t explain, outside of Hoth, that storm troopers would use dewbacks, or why Obi-wan picked that whatever it was in ROTS!

    In a universe where gravity isn’t a big issue riding animals is silly. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Zathras said:

    5. A movie with a plot device where a character explains it by referring to another movie with a similar plot device (IE Office Space referencing Superman III), usually in a quippy or whimsical way.

    Marvel really red-lined this one by mentioning Star Wars in Civil War, and every major time travel movie ever in Endgame.

  3. I'm sorry you have to carry this, Nicole. I'm lucky enough to have only had to deal with bullying stuff a bit with Oliver. It was only really bad when he started middle school, and thankfully at the end of that year is when his mom moved to the burbs and he was able to switch schools.

    Middle school kids are the worst. I sometimes grab lunch from a sandwich place or a grocery store in the same minimal near me, and it's right by a middle school. I avoid the place like the plague around 3 when school lets out because these kids are the worst. All the shops have to have to put somebody on their door to regulate the amount of kids coming in and out to only a few at a time otherwise they run wild. This is in a totally upscale neighborhood too, these are all rich kids. THE WORST.


  4. I was just texting a friend that Rebel Moon is ALL THE TROPES EVER.

    The ones you guys have said are all on my list for sure. I'm so tired of Dr. Who visiting Victorian England. There has to be at least 8 of hims running around there. 

    1. I'm totally over any type of hero's journey. It's been played out to death-- specifically the Campbellian call to action/mentor/hero realizing who they are thing.

    2. Villains whose only goal is to rule/dominate all. This isn't a real motivation anymore and rings hollow.

    3. Plots that hinge on prophecies tied to a chosen one or savior.

    4. Villains being caught on purpose as part of their grand plan

    5. Characters that are obviously placed in a story just to die to get the villain over

    6. Kinda horror specific, but I am tired of the many tropes the Scream franchise has shone a light on still being used in other films that don't make an effort to update or spin said tropes. things like final girls being innocent, masked killer switchers, the best friend or angry parent figure being a killer, etc.

    And these aren't tropes as much as they are short cuts or cliches-- and we've done a thread on this, but I will turn off any show or movie if somebody finds the keys to a car that isn't theirs in the visor, OR, if there's a order scene and the detective shows up and says to the beat cop on the scene "What've we got?"

    Also, if you guys are interested, I have a great collected list of these things I posted on twitter that come from readers and development people, things they see as a red flags when reading spec scripts.

  5. 1 hour ago, Hobbes said:

    For whatever reason, I can picture you as a jet ski guy. 

    In the 24+ years I have been posting on this website, arguing politics, Star Wars, movies, video games, and even putting up with death threats from crazy former members, I have never been more offended than I am right now.

  6. 4 hours ago, captainbleh said:

    I had a small hope that it might so-bad-its-good bad, even though that's unlikely from Snyder

    I was at least expecting some cool visuals and action scenes since that's his bread and butter-- but it's so over-processed and effected it looks muddy and out of focus 85% of the time.

  7. 5 hours ago, The Choc said:

    Yeah, I mean no one rides horses in our time when cars are available. 

    Oh please. No one rides a horse now in a professional or daily travel capacity. It's recreational or competitive. You're doing that thing where you pretend to be way dumber than you are to start an argument. I'm just saying, if you got spaceships and hoverbikes, you don't need to ride a giant lizard.

  8. 5 hours ago, Hobbes said:

    This movie looks really bad and I am a big Snyder fan (I am the person that loves his DC work). 

    Something I thought of in the trailer, but I hate people fighting mythological type animals in sci-fi films.  

    People riding some sort of creature is in every Star War there is, and it is always the worst special effects in said given film. The only time, ONLY time it seemed justified was on Hoth, when the speeders couldn't adapt to the cold. Any other time, why would you ride a critter when spaceships and speeders are as common as cars?

  9. I'm going to watch it today, on Netflix.

    Here's the true Hollywood story for this-- Snyder meets with Lucasfilm and says "I want to make a Star War." Disney says NO WAY. Why? Possible reasons: SW already has toxic fans, adding the Snyder cult into the mix might drive away every last SW fan that isn't a bro. Snyder has a very dominate style that is very not SW. To remain true to itself, the cinematography and visual language of SW is still very stuck in a old school style-- Abrams and Johnson pushed it with the ST by using a lot of interesting color choices and things like inserts, close-ups, and dynamic camera movement-- but it's still pretty neutral. 

    Whatever the reason, Lucasfilm tells Snyder NO, and he says "Okay, I'm going to do it anyway." Netflix, always wanting franchise power, says "We're in."

    Honestly, when I look at the trailer, it reminds me of nightly in 1999. Having just seen TPM and had my heart broken, and also having just seen the Matrix (which was obviously the birth of style still ripped off to today), I recall a thread called "what if SW debuted NOW." And we all assumed Jedi would be wearing shiny black jumpsuits and doing bullet time kung-fu, that all the production design would lift from high concept sci-fi shooter video games and anime, and that it would of course be "grim-dark."

    This is exactly what Rebel Moon is giving! I've also seen people calling it Bro-wars, which cracks me up. I looked at the response to an ad on Twitter for it, and it was a three way fight between a bunch of Snyder-bros, a host of old white dudes saying "it better not be woke," and confused regular folk saying "Is this Star Wars?"

  10. The kid and I watched all three this eve. Overall I loved them. The second one especially.

    There’s three kinds of Dr. Who stories— wacky scifi, scary monsters, and timey-whimey. Davies is great cause he not only leans into tjese, but also knows how to combine them.

    This is why Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead is my fav story ever. It’s got them all.

    Tennant was always great because he played The Doctor with that PTSD from the time war edge that would bring out a dark side. I was curious to see how that would play given that as a character, the Doctor has long since healed from this. Davies expertly subbed in the Timeless Child / Flux fallout to take its place.

    It’s a long payoff to the thread started in the last anniversary special when Tom Baker returned and hinted that old faces might be revisited. Chibnall ran with it obviously.

    I wish they’d been a little more clear on how it was 15 years for Donna (and what, 40ish for Mel), but from the Doctor’s POV it’s been at least a thousand years. Smith and Capaldi both had big time jumps during their runs.

    I don’t know how I feel about the bi-generation. Lord knows they have changed the rules of regeneration many times, I’ve never understood the Watcher stuff from the 4th’s regeneration, and this was kind of the reverse of that?

    Really it just felt like a way to keep Tennant in the wings whenever they need a boost and not have to explain why he’s getting older. The Doctor has run into himself multiple times, there’s at least six of him in Victorian London at any given time.This is no different only now they don’t have to explain why Tennant is aging.

    It was also not too different from the other Tenth (.5) Doctor off with Rose in her dimension. Feels like a cheat. 

    I have always thought it would be interesting to do regeneration mid-story and let the new Doc finish things out, so we sorta got that.

    Loved the new Doctor’s energy and the fact he did it all without trousers.

  11. 3 hours ago, Darth Krawlie said:

    I need to start looking for stocking stuffers and I hate doing that

    I hate sticking stuffers. It's always just stuff that's cute for a minute and ends up in a pile that;' never touched. Don't know if you guys have Rocket Fizz up there-- but that's where I go now. Everybody gets a the weird candy they like and a novelty soda. Consumables make for less clutter!

  12. Starfield just eventually hooked me with the fun of playing it my own way. I also finally had enough money on hand to start building starships which I spend a lot of my time doing.

    That said, it’s still janky as fuck and my list of complaints grows nonstop.

  13. Looks amazing. I knew I’d miss the 80s vibe of Vice City, but I am pleased to see the healthy addition of “Florida man” vibes. What Trevor and the desert were to GTAV, we are def getting swamp trash. 

  14. Insurance increase is negligible. You can opt in or out of covering stuff like that, and I chose not to as I paid a little extra in the deal to cover any needed replacement of that stuff via the dealership.

    And yes, did a lease— super short term. Only 2 years. Given how much my career has gone up and down over the last couple years I like a shorter commitment. 

  15. On 10/10/2023 at 4:15 PM, Hobbes said:

    Why not the electric Wrangler (4xe)?

    Okay, despite all the reasons I said no… just got a new 4xe wrangler hahaha.

    I don’t love the downgrade to a four cylinder, but in full electric mode the acceleration is more than I had running out first gear in my previous Jeep. I’ll miss the manual transmission, but I won’t miss filling up on gas constantly.

    It sounds like the gas mileage is roughly the same, but an overnight charge in full electric mode will easily cover my day to day driving.

    Cost-wise, it didn’t cost me too much. $1700 to turn in the lease (I was over on mileage), $4k down, and a monthly payment that’s only $30 more a month than what I am used to paying (which less fill-ups will cover).

    kept the payments down by doing a short term lease, only 2 years, which given the unstable nature of my industry, feels smarter.

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