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  1. And the kiss? That look he gives Han after says he'd been polishing ye old lightsaber to her for months by then. "Leia! Leia's my sister! .... OH SHIT!"
  2. It’s how well they sell things in ESB, making you feel like between movies they got closer. There’s also a bit of reverse trickery. By the end of the movie you know Han and leia are in love. Leia’s concern when they shut the shield doors in act one is something you think back on, (or watch again), as a powerful moment. You know now why she’s concerned for Han, but Luke is included by association. That moment sells her care for both of them.
  3. I think it’s the Death’s Head helmet. Whenever I wear it this happens in the dialogue and cut scenes.
  4. Someday I will be a white beard.
  5. I can't wait to be more grizzled. In my 20s I was doughy and awkward. I much prefer being on my way to silver fox-dom. I am blessed with pretty good genes in that I look young and have a full head of hair, but I love how gray my beard is getting. I'm respectable damn it. All that said, I have upped my skin care regimen for sure-- sunblock, facial masks, scrubs, etc.
  6. wtf front page spoilers dick
  7. This, 100&. To watch it now, without the hype, it's just okay. If you've seen a bunch of found footage horror, it probably won't float your boat. But at the time it made a huge impact. I remember being all over the internet getting into it about the same time I first came to nightly. Which makes me 356232345 years old.
  8. So I went back and checked, today is officially 3 months since the first time KP and talked. It has DEFINITELY moved very quickly. I knew I was having feelings for her by the 3rd date-ish. I can't even say what it is specifically. It was just a feeling. She told me the other night that she felt something on our second date, but ascribed it to post-covid giddiness that she was being touched. But by the third date it wasn't chilling out. She straight up told me she loved me the other night, and that it is against every rule she has, and she had wanted to hold it in for a few months. I'm in
  9. Did I recommend this one to you? I feel like I did…
  10. One of your best. ...and I'm not going to!
  11. Welp, turns out she’s in love with me too.
  12. I’m most definitely in love with this girl. And while normally I’d be worried I was being blinded by having great sex, the fact I don’t feel this way about the other ladies I am having great sex with has me worried a lot less.
  13. As predicted, once I watched it. I liked. Nothing new to add really-- am curious to see where it goes I too love the 60s-ish mod-vine of the TVA. It has Fallout vibes for sure-- even more so, not sure if anyone else has played the video game CONTROL, but it all takes place in a dimensionally haunted office of a similar type of agency, and the vibe is much the same. So the same that somebody might be getting sued.
  14. Def sexier than Leatherface.
  15. The tricky part about this is the feelings. Now that I've met enough people who are NOT the weirdo gamer creepy type poly I am getting a much clearer picture of things. It's not about having multiple sex partners. That's actually the easy part. It's also about really finding intimacy and sharing your feelings with other people as well. Not unlike having really really close friends that you also happen to have sex with. With KP, she's told me that she hasn't had a primary-partner in years and really had a specific idea of what she wanted. Lucky me, I fit that bill. I am getting more o
  16. I definitely don’t want just one partner. I’ve been monogamous many times and it was always a bit of a struggle. That’s why I started down this path.
  17. I haven’t updated much, been going through a lot of discovery and learning stuff. KP continues to blow my mind. For somebody who is so anti-monogamous she really knows how to make me feel like the center of the universe. I took her to a friend’s bday party, so she met a few people. She wasn’t a fucking weirdo around new people, which is unheard of to me. She’s totally cool with the normal world assuming she’s my GF, even if that’s not her preferred term. Her web of partners and lifestyle is proving to be a little daunting to take in. Not due to jealousy, but just because I know I’m new t
  18. It always sucks having to be responsible over taking care of your mental health. That’s the ultimate trap of capitalism.
  19. Plot driven vs character driven just refers to where the motivation to keep the narrative moving comes from. Star Wars is plot driven— there’s always a Macguffin or situation leading the characters around. There’s character stuff, but it is triggered by situations contrived by the plot— example, Luke meeting Ben because he chased after R2. If it were character driven Luke would have told Owen to suck it and gone off to see Ben of his own volition. There other big difference is the final climax. If it’s an action scene, it’s likely plot driven. If it’s character driven it will be
  21. Turns out she's only visible to mutuals via my f-list. You'll just have to pay attention to who likes me I guess. Stalkers.
  23. Well this worked out well
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