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  1. I met Larry Zerner at the horror-themed picketing event during the strike and he was a goofy, high energy, but very cool guy. it was be very interesting to see what becomes o things now that the F13 legal situation is clearing up.
  2. I love Final Countdown. It's a bit clunky by today's standards, but fun. Great list too. I've been trying to crack time travel horror in my head for awhile. Writing time travel is super hard. It's just came out, but Totally Killer is basically Slashback to the Future. I'd say too that it's always a huge risk for me when an existing series suddenly adds time travel to the mix. For example, did not like Dial of Destiny making Indy a time traveller.
  3. I always see to attract girls who have Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos.
  4. On my last rewatch I too thought it was better than I remembered, but there was also a lot of terrible stuff. Season one starts with them trying to do something different, but they never really commit to it, and by season 2, be it pressure from fans or UPN, it was basically another Star Trek show and felt like more of the same shit we'd had years of by then. The third season saw a shift with a new show-runner that wasn't part of the old guard that had been involved with TNG/DS9/VOY. There was a definite course correction happening, but it was still held back by the fact they had to stay in a prequel continuity and the studio fearing they were drifting from things Trek-ish. I kind of see Season three like Revenge of the Sith. You finally start to get to see the stuff you'd been waiting to see, and sometimes it was cool, but sometimes it still blew. Season four finally felt like they were getting it right, but it was too late. The stuff they do with Andorians and Vulcans is great. Klingon storylines are a mixed bag. When they tried to connect to the TNG era lore while skipping over TOS it felt odd, and when they did tap into TOS lore it was generally to retcon stuff. Cast wise, it's one of the weaker crews. Their "big 3" of Archer, T'Pol, and Tucker are pretty great. Hoshi and Phlox are fun characters, but rarely get to shine. Merriweather and Reed are probably the two most boring characters ever in Trek. The best character the show offers up is Jeffrey Combs as Shran, an Andorian. He only shows up a couple times a season though. Rumors say he was going to become a regular in season 5, and that would have been great. So-- short version: it's a mixed bag. If you have the time, rewatch it, but I'm sure there's also a guide out there that lists the essential episode and lets you skip trash one-off episodes.
  5. There’s a part of me that wants to tell my stepmom to just let my dad drink and smoke himself to death. He’s decided to die, and he has no quality of life to heal back to, so why not?
  6. No, I got it new as a lease in 2018 for $10k down and $460 a month.
  7. I know I have said it before-- but Chibnel really pooped the bed for me. I would have love to have seen Capaldi and Whittaker have this style of material.
  8. I have a 2019 Wrangler Sahara with 45k miles. Just sayin...
  9. I've already told my kid the second my mind starts to go to just drive me into the woods and leave me, guilt-free, and let nature take it's course. And by nature I mean BEARS.
  10. I don’t know that I’ve talked about my dad much on here, but here’s the short version: he’s been an alcoholic for my entire life, chain smoker too, and up until I was about ten, it was just a thing I assumed was normal. He was a goofy drunk, and for the most part I was okay. He wasn’t abusive, we had lots of family around and I had aunts and uncles that I spent a lot of time with, and grandparents of course, that cared for me. I only saw my mom on school vacations. She was super busy being a 20 something artist 200 miles away. There were a few times though where my dad was not great. When I was five I saw him overdose on something, and he luckily bounced back and told me to never tell anyone what I saw or the police would take me away. When I was around 9 he had a friend who just showed up to live with us one day. They had a party once with all these girls and to impress them his friend dangled me out of a fourth story window. When I was 10 my dad got a mail order Filipino bride, (or “penpal” as he told everyone). To her credit, she made him clean his act up. She and I got along okay, but the longer she was around the harder it was for me to integrate. They had my brother, then her parents came to stay with us and I was a total outlier in the house. No one was mean to me or anything, I just didn’t feel like I belonged or was ever listened to. I ended up going to live with my mom when I was 12. From 12-16 I had to spend every school vacation babysitting my brother for no money. In this stage I really started to see and resent my dad and his drinking. Once I was in college and later moved to LA I only saw him once very few years. Flashforward to about 17 years ago, the first time my dad got to see my kid in person, and he was drunk, and almost dropped my kid. After that, rightfully spurned by the former Mrs. Tank, I told my dad if he wanted to see my kid, he couldn’t drink around him. His response: YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO. Like, literally his response. So, I cut him out. He has not been part of my son’s life. They’ve only seen each other a few times. I’ve been honest with my kid about it, and once he was old enough, I told him he could reach out if he wanted his own relationship with my dad. (He wasn’t interested). Anyway, my dad turns 70 today and has been in and out hospitals this year as his dependency has destroyed his body. He has: an atrophied vascular system due to smoking, and recently had to get a triple bypass in his legs that was only partially successful in restoring blood flow. He broke a hip. He has arrhythmia, and blood in the sac around his heart. His lungs keep building up fluid. He has lymphoma and leukemia, and is too unwell for cancer treatment. Low BP, low platelets, and low white blood cells. And to top it all off, dementia is setting in. The dementia makes him unreasonable and mean, and to be honest, just makes all his worst alcoholic tendencies (the lying, the manipulating, the selfishness, the laziness) become his core personality. He’s been in and out of hospitals and cut off from alcohol long enough that he is technically fully withdrawn, but mentally it’s all he wants. He is literally asking doctors to bring him beer. And the next minute he can have a normal conversation and has perfect memory and seems like himself. It’s literally minute to minute. It’s like any and all intrusive thoughts become an instant reality once he thinks them. I’m thankfully 1200 miles away, but my step mother and brothers have to deal with it daily. I’m removed enough from him that I don’t have a lot of sympathy or empathy for his situation, I def feel for them more than him. But I do find myself thinking it would be easiest if he just died. There’s no quality of life to recover to, he’s endlessly mean, and has pushed everyone away. When I lay it all out it’s a sad story, but I’ve done my work and therapy about it. I’m fine. If anything I feel bad that I don’t feel bad if that makes any sense. At least once I day I get some nonsense text and my reflex is to think “just die already.” Which of course, I can’t say aloud to anyone without seeming like a monster… so you know, I’ll post it here hahahah.
  11. Yeah the coincidence level always bugged the hell out of me. They tried to say later it was people living between Laurie's and the Myers house, but him crossing with Allyson and her friends was quite lucky. Now that Miramax has secured TV rights I'm really curious to see what they are going to do next. They were legacy producers on the last 3 with their title card attached, but no one there really had any creative input. It was all in the Universal/Blumhouse camp. I've told my reps I'd love to pitch because why not, but I'm sure they'll want a Mike Flanagan or Bryan Fuller level person driving things.
  12. Totally— that scene was added to try and roll over that very criticism… it’s also the scene where they dispel Michael and Laurie being siblings. Honestly the hardest buy for me is that in Ends, Haddonfield is celebrating Halloween AFTER Michael killed a dozen people and vanished into the night! Like, you’d shut that shit down and have every cop on the streets.
  13. As cringey 90s as h20 is, that's my preferred timeline too. I actually watched the original back to back with the 2018 sequel last night, and I really felt like there's cheating going on. Despite the continuity of these being direct, you still very much feel the weight of an entire franchise. On its own, it's a hard buy that Laurie is that traumatized 40 years later. I mean, sure she should have serious PTSD-- but after 40 years? There's people who've been through more that have recovered. Also, it' hard to buy Myers as some great evil when his crimes are killing four people forty years ago. In H20 Laurie made sense, she moved away, changed her name, and dealt with the trauma. All that said, stylistically, I love the newest films. They have a great vibe and look. The problem with is that the first and last ones are trying to be too many things at once, while the second one tries to make an entire movie out of one beat.
  14. I was at that convention too! I do most of the haunted/monstery stuff in LA... As for RZ, to be honest, I always assumed doing the young Michael stuff was so there would be a meaty party for his wife hahaha. Her entire career is his movies. That said, I wouldn't have minded it... maybe... I've always gone back and forth on how much I want to know about Michael. Carpenter prefers to think of him as the embodiment of evil, but also clearly established him as a young boy that then grew up. The Akkad's saw Jason become an unkillable monster, so they made Michael supernatural. It wasn't;t totally off from what Carpenter was saying... but they definitely over-explained it with the body-swapping and cult of Thorn stuff. Halloween Ends actually had a cool idea in it, that was ruined because they tried to do too much in one movie. That movie gave us a new kid that was turning evil-- like Michael was winding down, so Haddonfield made a new Boogeyman. I like that idea. I also like they idea that he falls in love with Laurie's grand-daughter, one of the last survivors of Michael Myers... but Laurie's presence and closing threads from the previous two movies over-inflated all of it. But I like the idea that Haddonfield makes EVIL, and it latches on to somebody and sort of burns their personality out and turns them into a monster.
  15. Everything since Devil’s Rejects been pretty awful.
  16. I rewatched Zombie's movies recently, the first one isn't bd at all. It IS weird that he uses the actress who played Laurie's daughter in 4-5 in a new role as one of Laurie's friends, complete with nude scenes. It's all legal-- just odd that you bring back a little girl from older films as an adult and get her naked. Her choice, but it always weirded me out hahaha. But yeah, his follow up was trash. Even he says it's a terrible movie and only did it to get out of doing a third because the Weinsteins were so abusive toward him.
  17. The devil coming back out of a jar of slime hidden under a church in downtown LA... hahahahahaha
  18. Aw, #4 is peak 80s slasher fun times! Lots of the other ones have some great bits.
  19. This is what happens when the guy who owns the IP will continually just license it out to studios. Somebody makes a set of movies, then when their lines expires, he sells to somebody else. In the last one made, from last year, they literally put and yet last week, Miramar landed the IP to make more.
  20. Wow, does Nightly ever compress the crap out of images...
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