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  1. Essentially, yes. We both work from home. She currently has a 2 bed room, I have a 3 bedroom, we can share a bedroom obv, but we both need offices. She’s also coming in with all her stuff— so it will still be a guest room he could stay in, but it’s also going to be her office. We’ll both put stuff in storage too. We have been perusing new places, but we’d end up spending a lot more in moving fees and higher rent.
  2. Month or so away from kid having his own car. Seven months away from him turning 18. With no more legal custody schedule to adhere to, I know he’d prefer to live with me… but at the same time, said car is insured with his mother, and I know she’d prefer he was living there. Thing is, work has been slow, which means money isn’t great, which means I need to cut down on expenses. Not having the kid, and having my girlfriend move in to split expenses would let me save back up the money I spent during Covid year one that was supposed to help me buy a house. I really feel weird planning a future where I don’t offer my kid a home… even though I know it’s temporary until I can upgrade to a house, even though he’s of the age where he could move out and live with friends if he wanted, even though I’m still close by and able to help him with anything, even though he will be perfectly safe and taken care of at his mom’s, and even though he will have college, a job, a car, and a social life… I’m convinced me doing this is sending him a message that he is unwanted. Abandonment issues rule.
  3. I actually loved the Stormbringer bits, with it slowly eeking into frame… The plot hole I hated was that they make a thing out of Stormbringer sucking at bifrosting, so they have to get roundabout in their traveling… until it’s inconvenient and Thor just used Zues ‘ lightning bolt to teleport? With no explanation? Also, with no lightning bolt or bifrost how did Jane show up at the end?
  4. Tank

    Cobra Kai

    Oh you’re not wrong, I think I just hit capacity. My previous post, about them drifting too far from the original premise, is really hitting home for me.
  5. Tank

    Cobra Kai

    I’m trying, but my brain suddenly has decided this show is dumb hahaha.
  6. Tank


    Agreed, Soider-Man has been the only one to bring the feels.
  7. I didn’t hate it, loved Natalie Portman enjoying herself in a movie, but overall I feel like this was a sequel to Ragnarok and didn’t really feel like it carried any of the weight of what Thor experienced in Infinity War or Endgame. It also greatly suffered from being shot on the Volume stage, just like Obi-Wan did.
  8. Tank


    I think it’s cute and funny, but my not-caring from a lack of real stakes continues with your post-Endgame MCU experience.
  9. I’ve tried reading up on this and always get confused— but does the Royal family have any political power?
  10. Time for my champagne problems... Currently working on two different jobs. The first is a rewrite, and the company it is for is patently awful. I may have mentioned this before, but the CEO is the kind of guy who changes his mind about the direction of entire films because of whatever he watched over the weekend. The only time in my life I stopped my own pitch on a project was when this guy, halfway through my pitch decided that he wanted it to suddenly be a Christmas movie. He's done this twice. This company also has this plan where they buy scripts from non-union writers then hire a union writer to re-write them. Basically, the union sets minimums for everything. The minimum for buying a script off a writer is around $100k depending on the budget. A rewrite is $30k. A non union writer has no protection. So these guys snatch up scripts with decent concepts but bad scripts for $5-10k, then pay that $30k-ish to get a rewrite that functionally ends up being a fresh script. I should have walked early on, but I am not at a point where I feel okay saying no to work. So I get into the process of doing a rewrite for these guys. After months of negotiation we get them a few notches above minimum, and they take 90 days to pay me when they should pay the day I sign. Anyway, the draft is in, and they should pay me the second half of the payment, but they will have notes, and they wont pay until the notes are done (this is a gray area the union is trying to fix). Also, they have terrible ideas and make movies based on trends as opposed to story. The other job is something I should have said no to from the start. I should be doing no free work at all-- but to get jobs, you have to pitch, which requires some up front work. I landed a pitch for this movie that is to a semi well-known piece of IP, and if made, would be kind of high profile. But, the producers are crazy indecisive. They liked my take, but wanted to develop it with me. I said yes, only because I had faith in the IP. But they will not commit to anything. After 3 different takes on the project they just can't pick a direction and keep wanting more and more tweaking and experimentation. My agents want me to bounce, and to be honest, it's taking up a lot of space in my brain and causing a lot of anxiety. Again, I don't want to pass on something that could blow up, but I don't see how it's possible.
  11. Given that we see a protocol droid earlier with the trade federation, I always assumed Anakin got his hands on a kit-build of some sort. But yeah, stupid George.
  12. I randomly remembered how spooked I was as a kid by the commercials for the Time Life Mysteries of the Unknown book series. I’m retrospect, that was 100% the inspiration for the X-Files opening credits, if not the whole show. My mom would never spring for them. So I went on eBay and bought a bunch.
  13. Tank

    rank titles

  14. 1. Keaton, just because that movie was such an event and moment for me as a kid. 2. Kevin Conroy. He counts and is the best. 3. Pattinson, if we’re being real, probably my actual live action favorite. 4. Ben Affleck. He had a great look and vibe, but Zack Snyder having a fundamental misunderstanding of the character tanked it. 5. Bale. I never liked, or actually even understood, how he and his movies are so revered. It was all very meh. 6. Clooney and Kilmer— ehhhh. Honestly, the older I get, the more I just feel like Adam West was perfect.
  15. It’s not his age it’s that he looks older than dirt.
  16. I always picture Jonathan Banks in the cushiest trailer possible in the desert and they deliver him via golf cart right to his mark:
  17. Apparently, it was a running joke in the BB writer's room that they would come up with things for Saul as a way to blow off steam. As the comic relief they would spin out on wacky subplots for him as a break from how heavy BB got. (Though I maintain BB is actually frequently hilarious). At some point they actually started saying "save that for the Saul spin off" and somebody, likely Gould or the writer's assistant did. They kept track of every thing Saul said that pertained to his life away from Walt and Jesse (mentioning his name was "McGill;" mentioning Iganacio and Lalo when Walt and Jesse threaten him, all that sort of stuff. I actually remember when the show was first announced there were rumors it was actually going to be a half hour comedy. For my money, the ONLY thing I feel like I needed a mention of, at least before the last few episodes, was Jimmy having a love of laser tag.
  18. I watch streaming, so no commercials on my end. Part of the mastery of this show was that at first I felt like parts of it were a bit on the nose, and that his flip back to Jimmy wasn't motivated-- but it really comes through via those flashbacks. I love that a bit with Walt, a bit with Chuck, and a bit with Mike (all has flashbacks since they're all dead) tell a story-- that jimmy was always always focused on the money, and he finally confessed realizing that he needed some form of love. Things that made me most happy: 1. The flashbacks. I had a feeling we'd get a Chuck flashbacks since they've done that before. And I HOPED there'd be one for Mike given that last week's was hardly a farewell moment for him. And I suspected there'd be one with Walt given that we got that bonus moment with Jesse last week, but nothing with Walt. You don't waste Bryan Cranston. I was SO HAPPY they all got a moment, and they were all in keeping with how they'd appeared in Saul's world,. but also spoke to their own character, AND became the thematic through-line for Saul to come clean. 2. On top of that, Marie got a good farewell moment as well. I always thought she and Jesse were a little short-changed in the BB finale. Jesse got El Camino, and Marie was able to have a great moment here. 3. Jimmy and Kim shared a cigarette against a wall. I think Kim was left in an interesting spot. It's hinted that she's maybe ready to stop living a passive life. I love her volunteering her time as it harkens back to her doing the pro bono stuff... but also, remember the pro bono stuff was how she offset her being influenced by Jimmy being shifty. The more she got into conning people, the more pro bono work she did. When she decided to take down Howard, she went full pro bono. She got into see Jimmy by doing a bit of conning-- also, VERY IMPORTANT, she was back in heels and not suburban mom sneakers. She can't legit practice law any more, but I don't think she's going back to her meek Florida existence either. If they want to wait a few years while Rhea ages up a bit to match how Kim would look in present day,. I'm ALL IN on a Kim spin off. Would have liked if Nacho and Howard got little moments, but there wasn't room for everything. Overall, like Breaking Bad, this is one of the few shows EDVER to stay consistently good, AND stick the landing with their finale. Of course Jimmy is popular in prison, will he be in forever? Who knows! One thing I did forget when I made my prediction about Saul not having any more enemies... I had totally spaced (until I saw somebody post the BB clip of Jesse kicking Saul's ass) that Jimmy/Saul had instigated the whole storyline of Jesse's common-law stepson being poisoned. Had I remembered that, I would almost have wondered if Jesse was going to come for him in the end, especially knowing Aaron Paul was back... though I suppose that would put it AFTER El Camino, which was such a great place for Jesse to end. post script-- Vince Gilligan proves himself to be a class act by letting Peter Gould write and direct the finale while he himself did the penultimate episode. Vince gets a lot of the glory., but Gould had been a writer on BB and essentially developed the idea for Saul as a spin off independently with Vince's blessing. As it came together, Vince helped push it through to get made obviously, and then came aboard. He got the press, but it was just as much Gould's show, and he deserved to get the last episode.
  19. It's funny-- none of it seems abstract to me, this is how I think and organize my thoughts. I've been doing it a long time now, so maybe it's just second nature. But if you show me a spreadsheet with numbers i will get physically nervous and annoyed.
  20. It’s almost like the gene episodes are another show as well. Jimmy, then Saul after Chuck dies, then Gene— they each have a slight, but distinctively different feel.
  21. That really drives home how far the show travelled. It was like after Chuck died all the characters moved to a different show. Totally intentional, this show has been perfectly planned, but still quite the journey.
  22. This show is a masterclass in everything. Conning for decades and getting away with (more or less) murder... and it's a little old lady from Omaha that brings it all down thanks to his hubris.
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