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  1. I think it's totally appropriate to be harsh with a parent that refuses to see there's a problem. This forces them to either get some sort of assessment, which helps everyone, especially the kid if in fact there some sort of underlying issue, OR, it forces them to recognize their kid is a problem.

  2. I had to stop with ScreenRant. It was just too much. Their pitch meetings series was funny, and I watched a couple Easter Egg videos-- but so much of their content is the sorts of conversations that used to happen on here 20 years ago and it drove me insane THEN.

    Mostly Star Wars theories coming from people who have bad taste, hot takes, and have read every single thing with a Star Wars logo on it and act superior about it.

  3. Do you ever wish you could sign Q up for Karate or something and give her permission to just smack a bully the next time they set in? I was always VERY pro de-escalation as both a kid and a parent. I learned to be funny to deal with bullies until I got big enough they left me alone.

    I've always taught O de-escalation, and to not be afraid to speak up, and report, and I would always re-enforce the idea that getting physical is only likely to make things worse. My dad was physically abused, and for as little as he did for me, at least he broke that cycle. He was mentally and emotionally abusive, but that's a different thread.

    Whenever I see social media comments of people being pro-spanking/slapping your kids I ALWAYS argue with them.

    ...and yet... 

    O had one bully when he was in 8th grade. It was on the bus. Problem was, this was a city bus that did a special after-school route. One bus, and it took him right home. This pre-pandemic and before I moved to the burbs and it was his only after-school option. There was this kid on there that always messed with him. School said "Sorry, but that's a city bus we have no control over that happens." City of course just said "unless there's a physical altercation on the bus the driver's can't really doing anything."

    O was in Tae Kwon Do for years and had been constantly taught it was for self defense only. This bully was mostly verbal, (I think he was smart enough to know he'd get in real trouble if he got physical.) One day we told O, "if you feel threatened, if somebody says they are going to hurt you and you believe them, you can throw a first punch."

    Next day on the bus, bully kid says to O "I'm going to kick your ass." And O gut punched him. He just hauled off and did it, and the kid buckled and got off the bus at the next stop. Never bothered him again.

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE that it took some 50s sitcom "speaking to bully's in their own language" violence to actually make it stop, and that it worked. And for WEEKS I was re-enforcing the idea that while it worked this time, that doesn't mean it always will.

    But at the same time, I was so over that kid messing with him, I was kind of amped that he just punched the kid and it all stopped, AND gave him confidence to stand up for himself.

  4. You know how adventure movies sometimes show an American getting on a bus in a third world country— people are packed in tight, there’s loose goats, some old lady has a chicken in a cage on her lap, the route is treacherous, and usually the bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere so the hero gets off, but then the bus leaves them behind?

    That’s basically flying Spirit.

  5. I need new stuff to watch. What do ya'll subscribe to?

    I watch a lot of Smosh even though I am Way out of the demographic... but I have to know what the kids are into and taking like and they help with that. Also follow a couple horror, filmmaking, and design channels to stay educated. Adam Savage is always fun. Also a couple gamers who I enjoy seeing reactions from.

    What I DON'T need-- any more pasty white dudes with glasses and beards who look like me talking about Star Wars.

  6. That was a close call since you can die of a broken heart in Star Wars!

    Filoni let Kanan die, but still had him on again in Bad Batch as his younger self.

  7. Padme is like the Uncle Ben of Star Wars. Her death is the only one you can't retcon in some way as it's such a major motivator for so much of the story.

  8. No one dies in Star Wars. Literally everyone has come back except Han Solo and Leia but only because they haven’t gone past that point in the timeline yet.

    There will be a Padme appearance in the new movie with Rey I bet. Be it hologram, Force dream, or whatever.

  9. On 1/19/2024 at 12:31 PM, Odine said:

    Hygene for one.  When it comes to cainines they will almost without fail spend the time staring at the people eating trying to beg for food, sitting under your feet or generally try to somehow leverage themselves up the pecking order.  And in public spaces there is always a dog or too that either whines yelps or barks at the other dogs while your just trying to eat or work without nuisance. 

    Also, as a staff member I am always on high alert checking to make sure all the dogs are well behaved as we have young kids everywhere, and I shouldn't have to do that shit. But the other week a guy had his hands severely bitten by his own dogs and I had to deal with that too. They're just an added complication in hospitality that shouldn't be an expectation. In my view they belong outside, or inside in their own homes. Not in coffee shops/eateries. 

    Having said that, I quite like a pub dog which seems like a weird distinction to make, but dogs are way less of a problem for some reason with people just drinking. Obviously depending on the dog. But there is also way less toddlers running around in pubs, and much fewer dogs in pubs too. 

    But in the cafe I work at, there can be as many as 5 or 6 different dogs kicking about at any given time and it can be a nuisance 

    I get uncomfortable when I go somewhere with friends and they bring their dog. The dog either begs me for food which I hate, or it begs a stranger and I feel like it's reflecting on me cause I'm in the group with the dog.

    This is exactly one of those behaviors I mentioned when the owner doesn't get that you don't love their dog. I have a friend who does the begging thing when I eat at their house and they act like it's super cute that this dog is pawing at me, whining, putting it's head on me, poking at me-- and I can't stand it. It's not fucking cute.

    Just yesterday I want to Petco to get cat litter and this dude was standing at the door and had a long lead on his leash and the dog just had to come and stick his nose on my leg as I was walking by. I didn't say anything cause again, I'd be the monster getting mad at a friendly dog at a pet supply store-- but it still annoyed me. I don't owe your dog a hello dude.

  10. On 1/16/2024 at 8:36 PM, Darth Krawlie said:

    That’s fair. Part of what I have a hard time with is how incredibly needy they constantly are. I’m needy enough, do I really need a creature who’s gonna sulk and sob if I stop petting it after an hour straight just cuz I gotta pee?

    This. Also-- I don't trust anything that likes me THAT much. Like, really-- you want to be around ME every waking second? Gross. I don't even want to do that but I don't have a choice.

  11. On 1/18/2024 at 1:10 PM, Hobbes said:

    The frustrating part is by going with Biden the democrats are playing not to lose instead of going with Newsome and playing for the win...and I am an active Biden supporter that thinks he is doing an overall good job. 

    Newsome is awful. He's been phoning it in here since Covid year one.

  12. 29 minutes ago, Hobbes said:

    I had to go digging in the tech closet for a external CD/DVD drive (I have a book with a resource cd).  A 4th grader asked what it was and through the conversation I found out he had no idea what a CD was at all and had heard of DVDs but wasn't quite sure what they were.  I died just a little bit.

    Just to be clear, this is a pretty smart kid. 



    I've been ragging on gen z for years for some of the things they don't know-- but that's pretty normal for very generation gap out there. The big difference is, get z is the first one to run off to social media to make a video about this "forgotten" thing they discovered and think they are sharing with the world, like how Batman used a song from the forgotten 90s, and then it ends up in my feed and I lose my mind.


  13. Sadly we know both of them. Biden is in an obvious mental decline. It's almost like Reagan all over again. But Trump is functionally illiterate on top of being an egomaniac. Biden is a mess but at least he has a long history of civics and service and at least some point knew constitutional law. 

    Honestly, I hope when they have a debate a meteorite just hits the building and we're forced to start over.

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