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  1. Oh!!!! Thanks for the heads up! Thought it was done!
  2. I don’t think the lull between jobs is sustainable for me in terms of mental health. I’m really struggling and feeling like I need to find some other form of income. Passive or otherwise.
  3. Mainlined it during Covid lockdown. Easily in my top 10 of all time
  4. Got to see the big time jump episode on a big screen at a screening as a friend wrote it— have to say while I miss the dirty, desperate , and unexpected vibes of GOT, HOD has been very cinematic and fun.
  5. My kid finally did some teenage shit that he had to be grounded for. It’s the most California thing ever— he skipped an evening class he has to go the gym with friends. Like a genius, he’s already driven to the gym and then let his mother knew “class MIGHT get out early” and was thinking of going. She tracked his phone and he was already there. Grounded for the rest of the week, car privileges revoked! Literally the first time he’s ever gotten in trouble. We’re secretly proud that he’s at least getting out and being something of a teenager.
  6. It really depends on ethnicity. I’ve seen purple… also ruining the joke. Purple is an accent color, you don’t make it the focal point with furniture or decor.
  7. Tank


    Did they go and make Seven Cap of the F?
  8. Cerina's dude from the past post made me realize I haven't updated this in forever... so here's an update from my crotch since you're all very interested I'm sure. KP is still my person. If you know me on FB it's become pretty obvious who she is. As I mentioned in the kid thread, we've been talking about moving in. Her lease is up in Feb., mine in March, so we'll likely do it then, which will also already be our two year mark. She continues to be the best. Obviously, if we live together that makes it harder to date others-- but we figure we'll be saving so much money on rent that we'll be able to easily afford hotel rooms for date nights. She's actually slowed down a bit and really only sees her secondary guy, who I mentioned before, once a month or so. She says it's a combination of stress and getting older, but I also think she's having a tiny bit of an identity crisis because she defined herself as a unicorn for so long and I went and stole her horn. We have dates with other couples, women, and hit the occasional special sexy party, so she's not retired or anything. My only problem with her is that she likes purple too much and if she moves in with me there's going to be so much purple junk in the place... Valley Mom has moved into my number two person, see her pretty regularly. We've got our groove and it's very nice. We've become pretty good friends so it's just the right amount of closeness. She and her husband are splitting up (nothing to do with me) and she's said she wants to make sure she doesn't accidentally putting too much on me. She has a couple other people she's seeing, so she says she's watching for it. JP is a comet I see once every few months. Curly and Red2 were one offs-- but we're still friends on instagram in case the mood strikes. Blue still a cuddle bud, but she had a BF for a minute and of course he didn't get it so we cooled it for awhile. Metal, still never reconnected and I still feel a little bad about it. But she has';t reached out either, so... The new younger date went well, and I've seen her a few times. Fun, but it probably has a time line. I went to her place last time, and as much as I hate to admit it, the place was so gross and trashed and she has no taste and uses overhead lighting and it was a super turn off. I'm old and bougie.
  9. Tank


    Daredevil walk of shame ruled. This show goes out of its way to piss off fanboys. I love it for that alone. I'm really curious to see Jennifer show up in other other MCU projects where the tone is different. Also think it would be funny if she and Deadpool ever share a scene and bond over the fact they both get to break the fourth wall. The only criticism this show faces I agree with is that the CG is really inconsistent.
  10. As the free sex non-monogamous one round here, I'd say side flings are never any good. If you have to keep something secret from Trevor, then you'll have TWO relationships with a level of dishonesty in them and that is something that only narcissists can maintain and justify long term.
  11. Tank


    No-- BAD knowledge. I remember this but not my girlfriend's birthday.
  12. Tank


    Yeah-- Starkiller base was built on Ilum, Hosnian was the planet they blew up-- and it in itself was a throwaway line in TFA as it was supposed to be Courescant-- but Lucasfilm was nervous about destroying it given that it is central to everything across SW media. I hate that I know any of this.
  13. Tank


    New episode was mostly character stuff, which means the next one will probably be action packed— but man… Mon Mothma’s family is shit. Wonder if we’ll see an early-teen Leia…
  14. If there's one thing I've learned being in a serious committed relationship with somebody I love, whilst also not being monogamous and actively dating other people, it's that it is very possible to have feelings for more than one person at a time. It is NOT a normalized concept, and still seen as very fringe to most of society. Some people are absolutely wired for monogamy, some are wired for the opposite. They are both totally acceptable ways of being. There's also so many levels of what non-monogamy can look like, and how an individual person finds the most fulfillment from it. Some people want to live in a big ol group and share each other and be in each other's lives and that concept is abhorrent to me. I don't even like my kid around all the time. If you read my stupid relationship thread, you'll recall I discovered I can't actually maintain more than one full fledged love relationship. I don't have the bandwidth for that. But I DO have the bandwidth to have my person, and also have one or two others with whom I am in close, fun, and somewhat emotional relationships with so long as we aren't putting too many DEEP emotional needs, (like beyond casual BFF level) on each other. I'm not trying to make this about me, I'm just using myself as an example to say that having strong feelings about somebody other than your partner is not abnormal, or even weird. As somebody who was clearly wired for FWB relationships to some degree, you should acknowledge that your feelings for Jason, whatever they may be, don't have to have anything to do with Trevor, sexual or otherwise. Personally, my blood boils when I hear anyone talking about their S.O.'s not being allowed friendships or contacts with others of the opposite sex. It's so old school and Puritan and unnatural and is basically misogyny at its root level. Now I'm not saying go strike up something with Jason-- obviously it's a sticky situation and may not be for the best. But there's nothing wrong with you for regularly having warm thoughts about somebody you had feelings for at some point. To say that's not natural or normal is something a Republican youth pastor would say.
  15. Tank


    I really hope that deleted ROTS scene gets inserted into something at some point. It was a mistake to cut.
  16. Tank

    Deadpool 3

    I'm going to call this now based on nothing: Deadpool 3 will be Deadpool vs the multiverse. He had the little device at the end of 2 that allows him to skip about. Jackman will be some Logan alter from who knows where and it will end with DP landing in the MCU, leaving Jackman and the X-Men from DP 1/2 in their own universe.
  17. Tank


    Really, my only complaint is the lazy AK-47 blaster props, lol. I can't get over this. Well this and some of the costuming choices.
  18. Tank


    I'm wondering if they are the children of the miners that were used as labor-- either indigenous, or left behind after the accident. While they are tribal, their clothes are manufactured and their gear is repurposed technology, Maturity-- yes, exactly. While the lack of cameo/easter eggs is different, it's just in general more somber and isn't going out of its way to be cute. The closest thing to cute is the droid, but even he seems to have some trauma in his past lol. And yes, the prop community is going nuts in excitement to see the first live-action version of the Briar Pistol.
  19. Tank


    Doesn’t quite track with his line about “being in the fight” since he was six years old from R1, but they may be retconning that to be figurative.
  20. Tank


    Well that was super interesting. It’s feeling a little piecemeal and takes the first three episodes to come together and make sense with all the individual parts— but I have to say it’s the most mature, both tonally and in content, SW to date. It almost feels like this was and original story adapted to Andor/SW… which may not be a bad thing. This may also be the first Star War since Empire Strikes Back to not expend half its energy reminding you it’s a Star War with countless callbacks, Easter eggs, winks, nudges, and cameos. Something else I really appreciate. Not to say they weren’t there, but all those YouTube videos dedicated to Easter eggs are going to have to hunt a bit more because this show isn’t living six miles up Dave Filoni’s ass. But best of all, this show had a proper budget and doesn’t feel like a video game cut scene or have that faux abbreviated action that all the other SW shows have had from shooting on the volume stage. Really curious to see where this goes.
  21. They shot on the volume, the LCD stage developed for Mandalorian. It may visually work, but when you have a massive FX load with less than forgiving footage, it gets over processed. Also, Marvel’s timelines and their need to have carte Blanche approval is killing the FX industry.
  22. Tank


    I agree— and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is because it’s the show with both the highest budget and the least amount of studio interference and lowest level of star power.
  23. Tank

    Cobra Kai

    Don't let it happen again!
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