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  1. ozempic is on my insurance plan's approved list... but first I am going to have my testosterone levels checked.
  2. The technology exists to do CG that’s nearly impossible for us to distinguish, it’s in every movie at this point and half the time we don’t even know we are seeing it. The first problem is when we see things we know don’t exist in our reality. The second is the time it takes to get effects to the level of perfection is usually more than any movies budget and timeline will allow for. The VFX pipeline in Hollywood is having major problems right now, mostly because of Marvel.
  3. The kid and I went today. His one word review: “unnecessary.” I have to agree. It wasn’t as aggressively awful as Crystal Skull, but it also brought me zero joy. It was lifeless and heartless and half of it looked like muddy cg green screen work.
  4. I can't seem to muster up the interest or energy to go see this...
  5. I feel like it's far more efficient to toss a probe droid, which can hover, scan, fly, and attack into that canyon instead of a team of 12 men in heavy armor and gear who need to first charter some local lizards.
  6. I looked into it before-- it's a lot of fun for people who love making up worlds but never want to do any actual story writing.
  7. I'll add to this-- did they have Dewbacks on hand or did they stop off at a Mos to get some? Also, explain to my why people ride animals in Star Wars at all. In Any given Star Wars show it's always the worst effect you're going to get and it's somehow part of the mythos. In a universe where anti-gravity exists, and being a pilot is basically like having a driver's license, why would you ride an animal? The only explanation ever given was on Hoth when they said the speeders hasn't yet been adapted to the cold (even though they clearly could fly other craft, otherwise how did they land their entire organization there?
  8. He’s a raging anti-vaxxer and is on par with Alex Jones when it comes to spreading false information about Covid.
  9. Your mom has been riding my rancor for years. It’s canon.
  10. The story changes over the years. Who knows!
  11. Anderson m’s books were so awful it’s what made me quit the EU.
  12. Amateurs. Ever since my polyamorous bisexual swinger girlfriend moved in our hotel stays with other people have increased. We’re looking for a rewards program.
  13. I love how invested Sam Jackson is. He’s generally great but he’s been phoning some of his roles in lately, including the last couple times as Fury.
  14. There’s absolutely a bit in Heir about it being rare for a non human to rank high in the Empire. His first scene he’s described as having red eyes and blue skin.
  15. I first noticed it in video games like Battlefront. In Battlefront II it wasn't an on the nose explanation, but by way of story you met a few non-white Imperials who basically said that they grew up on Imperial worlds. Point being, it's kinda like being a German citizen in the military and all of a sudden the Nazi party takes over and you work for them. It was just a career path for a lot of them, but along they way they may have been indoctrinated. And of course of you were a racist white dude, you excelled. But yeah, that was why the SS existed, to be military officers loyal to the Nazi party. I always thought that if Palpatine was Hitler, then the Sith (and Inquisitors) were the SS. The Imperial Army and Navy were made of conscripted/drafted regular folks (like Han or Biggs before they jumped ship. That leaves the ISB (from Andor) to be the Gestapo. Actually, as a kid, I thought Palpatine was an alien, and the ONLY alien in the Empire. When I first read Heir it was one of the many things I didn't like, making Thrawn an alien.
  16. Yeah that opening animation was crap, really unclear why they did that, given that it's freaking Disney and Marvel who employ countless artists. It felt like a weird flex against the writer's strike with our big AI talking points. THAT said, thought it was a great start. Jackson is acting the crap out of it-- I love how he's played the character at different ages now and has really found a way to have different nuances between the 90s era Fury, the Phase1-3 version, and now. He's def not phoning it in. Also-- didn't see that death coming! Surprised more people aren't talking about it.
  17. Honestly, it's the 19 year old that's keeping me from making jokes. His only crime was being born to millionaires.
  18. You can (and should) get them fixed pretty soon after you get them. That tends to eliminate the gender-assovciated behaviors. I had a dude cat and a lady cat and they are equally destructive jerks. It depends WAY more on breed and disposition.
  19. He didn't finish the movie, it was only a third I so I think.
  20. My mistake/- apparently they still air until sometime tomorrow.
  21. JMS is an interesting dude who's done a lot of work over various media. Funny enough-- he actually got started in animation. He was a writer for the Real Ghostbusters cartoon, which was netter than of the on-screen GB sequels..
  22. They ran out of air days ago. Unless the HMS Deathtub surfaced miles away and is adrift, things are not looking good. Sad to report. This is NOT related to Orcas around the globe suddenly attacking yachts and fishing boats. which, in general, I am cool with.
  23. Must see: 1. Days of Future Past 2. Logan 3. Deadpool 4. X2 Should see: 5. First Class 6. Deadpool 2 7. X-Men 8. Legion If you catch it on TV: 9. The Wolverine 6. New Mutants 11. The Gifted Don't bother: 12. The Last Stand 13. Dark Phoenix 14. X-Men Origins: Wolverine 15. Apocalypse
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