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  1. Despite me realizing I need to be respectful and have discretion, I feel like I have let this thread go! So here's the current state of affairs in my sex life:

    1. KP and I are still going strong. I probably spend half the week with her at this point. We're cooking meals together, watching stuffy BBC documentaries, and being otherwise mushy and gross... and at the same time, very much into having ridiculous sexy adventures. We're going to San Diego this weekend to have a date with another couple (Not Jacob). She's introducing me to a couple of her other lady partners to see if they'd be comfortable with me joining-- but I have to respect the fact those are relationships that existed before me. KP went home a couple weeks ago to visit family and they are all freaking out, assuming she was a lonely old maid or something given that she never tells them about her sex life. They think I am some sort of saint... and actually, all her swinger friends are basically thinking I am the great unicorn tamer. I guess I rule.

    2. Dinosaur girl and I have gotten closer, and I am enjoying her friendship. We text a lot, see each other maybe once or twice a month. I like her, but she has a lot of drama, but I am getting MUCH better about keep my boundaries clear, and sometimes I back her off a little so she doesn't drain me with her angst. She is good people though.

    3. Blue and I are still same ol same ol cuddle buds. no one has made a move.

    4. One of my closest friends, who I'll call DOC, and I have drifted into the same territory I'm at with Blue. It may progress. KP is trying to encourage it. We were on a path, but her mom died, and right now she just needs a supportive friend so I'm not trying a thing. In fact, I would leave the ball in her court anyway. Doc is by far the hottest friend I have. She's the one that scared off Gray, made Emily uncomfortable, and scared off the OKC weird chick-- all just by me posting pics of being with her on IG.

    5. When I was thinking of buying a house my realtor set me up with one of her friends. This girl who I'll call PAINTY PAINT PAINT is a, wait for it, painter. Like a full on stuff in gallery painter. Much like how Dinosaur girl satisfies my need to date tattoo covered goth chicks (even though they are always a MESS), PPP satisfies my attraction to crazy art girls, who I had mad crushes on back in art school but could never land. She and I talked a bunch but never met up after being introduced, the second I posted pics on IG of KP and I, she suddenly said "OH MAN AND HERE I WAS GOING TO FINALLY ASK YOU TO DINNER." So I had to respond with YES I LOVE THIS GIRL BUT GUESS WHAT... And it turns out PPP is fully into ENM dating as well. We've gone out a couple times, she's bananas and fun, and I like I can take her in small doses.

    6. And I'm just going to say it. Don't tell my family. But I've also got a new dude friend. It's a FWB situation. We play video games and then do stuff-- which is about all I am interested in with dudes.

    I also recently had a one-off threesome with my lesbian BFF and her trans wife. So you know-- my horizons are expanded and junk.

    I had met and gone out a couple times with this other woman since my last post, but she turned out to be kind of a dud in bed. They say sex is like pizza and that even when it is bad, it is good. I mean, I love fancy restaurant pizza with goat cheese and fennel and junk, but I also like $2 generic frozen pizza. But sex is NOT like pizza. I am definitely not interested in having sex with anyone who just lays there, has no input or anything clever to say, and doesn't even want to say what they like. Guess I am not into passive people. 

  2. On 8/7/2021 at 1:44 AM, Dutchman said:

    That's because "YOU CAN'T SEE HIM!:lol:;)

    I mean he only stepped up to carry the WWE for a over a decade after Austin and Rock left, Taker went part time, and HHH went corporate.

  3. SonI didn’t like how the Plenity was making me feel. I took a week off of it and I’m going to try it next between meals.

    I’m working out a ton these days and still maintaining. My lifestyle just involves a lot meals out, food trucks, and delivery. I HATE prepping and cooking and love food with big flavor. It’s hard to shift these attitudes because I don’t want to.

    I want to be healthy, but I love brunch. I love cocktails. I love the social aspect of them.

  4. 8 hours ago, Darth Krawlie said:

    The reason I ask is cuz I get a lot of random pains throughout the body and never know if it's really bad enough that I should take ibuprofen or not. Being as tall as I am in a world very definitely not designed for someone my height, I'm more often than not uncomfortable in most places. Neck, shoulder, back, elbow, and knee pains are not uncommon. Granted I don't stretch or exercise enough--I'm trying, and I've started losing weight again after a few months of stagnation--and have never had good posture, so those are big contributors. But at times I want to take painkillers every day, and I KNOW that's too often. I'm not 100 years old. YET.

    This is getting old. It suuuuucks. Get on that DDPY, it works well to combat a lot of this.

  5. I finally watched it too. I thought the directing was terrible. Coverage was the most basic thing ever and it really suffered from a lack of style, and to be honest, the plot was very by the numbers. Which is really too bad because the casting and performances were spot on and Stellar. Maisie Williams as Rahne and a pre-famous Anna Taylor Joy as Illyana were so perfect in those roles I could watch them in a whole series of terrible movies (just like I dud for Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart).

  6. It varies. I can go long stretches of being fine, but the older I get the more minor injuries seem to nag forever. It took my ankle 4 months to get back to normal after twisted it. I did something to my back a month ago and I'm still struggling with it.

    I'll take ibuprofen daily when it's on., and when it gets bad I'll resort to cbd gummies, but low THC ones. I really don't like the feeling of being high.

    Also, from the main page.. Seeing Jacob start a thread called "How often do you guys--" I assumed this was going to be poop related.

  7. Haha, I know you’re being helpful so I won’t be a smart ass… I appreciate the thought, but the problem isn’t a lack of knowledge about healthier snack choices.

    I am knowledgeable , have tried every diet under the sun, know how to shop and be aware of nutritional content, and have gone literal months at a time eating clean. If it was a simple as “don’t buy bad snacks to have around and eat them” I would have kept the weight off the first time I lost it. It’s not a simple a choice like that in my world.

  8. I can't find it now, but there was this hilarious Tweet made meme about Ashley that centered on the Ashley vs Kaiden argument. And an Ashley person said that if you kept her she had a great story arc. The Kaiden person said 'She has an amazing arc in my canon too. You meet her, she's really racist, then she dies in a nuclear explosion. Beginning, middle, end."

    They are both terrible, but I find Kaiden to be such an insufferable beta boy, always asking for "clarification" on things and needing coddling. At least Ashley is hot in ME3.

  9. I always play Citadel right before the final two missions. It serves as a good-bye to everyone that the game's original ending doesn't provide (which is what it was intended to fix.

    It would work with a few simple line changes that I have firmly in my head canon. One-- the Normandy needs some level of repairs/refitting specifically for making the assault on Earth. And on top of that. Just imagine it as forced shore-leave and people are having a good time under protest.

    It is a weird fit tonally, but I love those character bits enough to play it. Though it IS still glitchy with sometimes not letting you trigger meeting up with everyone before being prompted to throw the party. I had to go to a previous save.

    Speaking of, lost Mordin as usual, but this time to a random roll in ME2. Wix was new to me this run through, and I liked him. Kept Kaiden for something different even though Ashley is preferable. Lost Samara because my controller died and I couldn't do the interrupt to keep her from killing herself. Otherwise, everyone was there.

  10. Just finished. I actually really like the first half of ME 3. There’s some great stuff— but post Citadel invasion it really becomes a slog of fly here-scan-fly back fetch quests that don’t help the story.

    The DLCs are great and save things if you play them in this stretch, but I’ll never understand how Priority Earth isn’t anything special. There should have been mission planning and role selection like in ME2. I’m fine with the actual end, but everything leading up to it, and the random crash on a jungle planet post-script just don’t make a lot of sense.

  11. On day 2 of Plenity... not sure if it's doing what I need it to. My problem is not over-eating during meals, which is what this is designed for. My big problem is snacking between meals-- which I was hoping this would prevent, but thus far is not.

  12. I really liked Jodi and her portrayal, but seems like her run has been the most disparate and plagued by delays, covid or otherwise. And Tbh, even as a superwoke California Hollywood liberal, I felt like Chibnal was waaaay to preachy and on the nose. Felt like he was more interested in trying to make less subtle Black Mirror episodes as opposed to Who.

    Hopefully everyone is on good terms because I need to see Whitaker, Tennant, Capaldi, and Smith together in a multi doc story.

  13. Larry Hama's work was all under a write for hire contract, so he has no control over it. Given that Marvel put out the comic, and Hasbro is now part of the Paramount conglomerate, I don't know what the IP situation is exactly. From everything I have read, Hasbro payed Hama, and Marvel got the license to do the comic. If that's the case, Hasbro can use that material if they want. Resolute and one of the other animated versions in the last few years have used amalgams of ARAH and comic material, so I think that means they can do whatever they want.

    Executive interference is always a thing, but the true enemy with this top tier movies is usually one of two things. One, there is a "fan" at the helm of the project who is dying to do HIS own version. (See the Star Wars ST). I know for a fact that Hasbro actually has a brain trust/writer's group going that is handling Transformers, GI Joe, MASK, and a couple other things after somebody decided these should all be in a shared universe together. They break stories like a TV writer's room, but then dole out movies to individual writers. I'm not sure who is running this room, but I bet they fit into this category.

    The other, and also very likely guilty party, is a gaggle of producers trying to second guess fandom. This could result in terrible market research, surveying a toxic fan community, combing reddit, or just plain guesswork. They will question everything-- like worrying about how casting Iron Fist as a white dude got Marvel some heat, or the current public opinion of the military-- they will box themselves into a place of making bad judgement calls.

    Both of these things will be up against the desire for the creators to do something different, the studio wanting to do something safe, and fandom wanting something new and interesting BUT NOT REALLY.

    Everyone wants to copy Marvel's success, but they do it by creating shared universes with big movies that go nowhere, when really, to get Marvel magic you just have combine and simplify the existing stories and hang on excellent casting.

  14. If you read up on it, they are pretty safe. You're not wrong in what you say, but for me, the idea of just getting in the habit of eating less, and anything that helps me get there would be great. I just ordered myself a batch to try out.

    I've been losing and regaining the same 30 pounds for about 20 years. Basically, it is really simple, yet insanely hard, for me:

    I have a big appetite. My maintenance calories are high because I am big. I have a ridiculously heavy and large frame. In a standard car or plane seat my shoulders are wider than the seat back by several inches. My wrists are as wide as my palm, and I have large hands. Yes, I am over weight, but even if I was 5% body fat I would not be skinny and still moving a lot of mass. As such, I have always had a huge appetite. And as we all know, the metabolism slows down as we age, and it has screwed me. That 30 pounds used to come off easy, not it is glacial.

    That said, I can lose it . It just requires work.

    If I eat what I want until I am full, I will continue to gain.

    If I eat well, on some type of diet or regimen, I will level out and hold weight.

    If I do that PLUS work out 20-40 minutes 5 days a week, I will lose.

    If I eat like an asshole but work out a lot, I will hold. 

    So basically, I have to do both-- eat well and work out. I'm fully capable of doing it, but a few things get in the way. One-- I plateau and then lose patience with working hard with no results. Two-- I hate cooking. Three-- I LOVE restaurants. Everything is outside here-- an outdoor restaurant with a girl and a cocktail, that's my dream.

    At any rate, given how slow it is now to take off, I need to lose a good 30-40 before I hit 50 or it will never go away. My relationship with food being what it is, something to stop me from over-indulging, especially when I level out, would be a huge help to me.

    Starting this week I am tracking my caloric intake pretty precisely, I have figured out my maintenance needs and making about a 500 calorie deficit. I am working out week days, rotating between weight lifting, biking, and yoga.

    One different thing this time out-- I have always, ALWAYS, tried to lose weight feeling like I need to be smaller. But i am just not a sdmall dude. I actually gain muscle pretty easily. So I figure, screw it. If I am big, I'll just be big. I'm looking at doing the sort of recomp that Will Sasso or even some of the big-boy WWE guys have done (obviously they are all way bigger than me). The notion that you can't lose weight and build muscle at the same time has finally been disproven now that the world is finally accepting that FAT does not necessarily make you FAT.

  15. The comedy is that the original cartoon LITERALLY gave you the origin story in the opening credits in such a clean and simple way that even a second grader could grasp it.

    ”GI JOE is the the code name for America’s daring, highly trained special missions force. It’s purpose: to defend freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.”

    Sure, do flashbacks if need be for character stuff. Start with the POV of a newb Joe joining the team of you want that “new” feeling… but ffs it’s not that complicated.


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