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  1. It's amazing how much I was into S1 and 2, but not overly-amped for S3? BOBF was so terrible, and the fact that you HAVE to watch it to be caught up with Mando S3 leaves a bad taste in my mouth. That S2 ending with Luke was just everything, and I can't help but feel like it could have ended there. I hope I'm wrong. Maybe I just have SW fatigue. BOBF was so awful it really turned me off.
  2. Weird, it’s almost like forcing us into a two party system that does nothing but base policy on doing what the other side hates has somehow not worked out.
  3. Tank

    Clerks 3

    It was… okay? Fun look back at the original with an older sensibility, few good laughs… but I just don’t love Kevin Smith’s dialog. There was something so groundbreaking about Clerks at the time. That era of 90s indie movies got me so excited, but Smith never quite evolved enough for me.
  4. Tank

    Black Adam

    There’s some stuff bubbling about Cavil that hasn’t leaked yet, but is starting to gain steam in the industry. Which is a bummer cause he’s seemed like a cooL guy.
  5. Tank

    Black Adam

    Funny enough, everything you and I both mentioned, and the current DCU, are all actually because of the same person: Geoff John’s.
  6. Tank

    Black Adam

    They already did a Crisis-ish event with their TV shows. It would be weirdly self-referential, tired, and unoriginal. So yes, that’s probably exactly what they will do.
  7. Tank

    Black Adam

    Thor’s weakness is that for all his bravado he can’t handle failure. This is why Marvel’s always better in my eyes. Marvel heroes have human weaknesses, DC years are allergic to space rocks and primary colors or whatever. Yeah, these movies have been trash, just start over. You lose some good casting but they can do better.
  8. I just had this image of Lyra in high school telling her friends she’ll met them later cause she’s going to go smoke out with her Aunt Tami first.
  9. The trailer seems to have a villain brought of stasis and it was my first thought that Cal would go into it, and they could bring him back post-OT. They REALLY need to stop pre OT stories and do like Mando and BOBF. I’m ready for them to go post ST now— which I guess the likely cancelled Rogue Squadron was supposed to do?
  10. It was a great game, new one looks fun… …but… In the first one they gave Cal some PTSD which locked his powers away. The basic up-leveling of abilities throughout the game was built into the story, as he healed and remembered his past. Problem was, the last couple levels got a little boring because you were unstoppable. The climax of the story made up for it wit h you-know-who, but I have to wonder—- what now? Do you start the game with all the Jedi powers? If so, where do you go? If there’s nothing g to unlock it’s kinda boring gameplay. If he starts with no powers, how do you explain it happening again? Also, Cal is part of growing “technically another Jedi around” near the OT problem that SW in the post PT era has. Curious to see how they silo him. Kanan was killed, Ezra lost in hyperspace, Ahsoka is still a question mark, I think we know how most of the Inquisitors die, but not all of them.
  11. So... my turn? Things have been interesting since summer. I was noticing my anxiety was getting really bad. I went on meds for it like 12 years ago, when the kid's mother and I split up and I was having a hard time coping with that, even though logically I was happy with us splitting up. As of late, I have a lot of anxiety around work. While screenwriting is awesome and pays really well and rarely requires me to punch a clock anywhere, it has the downside of always being temporary. Even if I staffed on some stupid procedural doctor or cop show that went on for a decade, odds are I wouldn't be there for the full run of it. Movie work lasts a few months. TV work can last for 2-3 years, and in 3-6 month chunks. The downtime between jobs has always been hard for me, cause while I may have had a nice pay day, I may not know when the next one is coming. And in the last year, the time between jobs is getting further apart, and the pay stopped going up with experience. The mental toll the downtime takes on me is becoming unsustainable. The anxiety really wanted this to be my fault-- something is wrong with me, I'm not good enough, etc. After having a lot of frank conversations with other writers, it's clear that it's not me. Hollywood is basically imploding right now, and it's happening on the development side, so writers are getting the worst of it. As briefly as I can say it-- streaming has taken over as being the dominant outlet for both film and TV production. Union agreements for streaming only came about after the last writer's strike in the early 2000s. That was because NBC put The Office on their website and didn't pay residuals. The WGA was able to get an agreement for "new media" that was so-so, but it was a start, and had incremental (but limited) increases. But in the last 15 years, it's become the entire business, and now, streamers can make really crappy deals with writers. I know high level vet writers making half of what they used to. On the studio side, companies are struggling to find ways to make streaming profitable. AMC just announced layoffs today because they can't figure it out. HBOMax had it dialed in, but corporate restructuring is destroying it. Netflix and Amazon basically do whatever they want. I could talk about this all day, and maybe will in a different thread, but all this means that me making a living got a lot harder. And to combat these work conditions, there is very likely going to be writer's strike this summer, which means I can't work at all. So my anxiety has gotten over thinking I suck, but now is firmly entrenched in HOW WILL I SURVIVE. I've been doing a lot of other things and looking back to design work, and teaching, and have a few schemes... but it all takes time to establish and I am rapidly going broke. So basically, this has been destroying my self esteem, sense of self worth, sense of being a parent that can provide for my child, and also, I realized I'd been on my meds long enough I've likely lost their efficacy. I've been trying a few different meds, and along the way got assessed and confirmed as being pretty super ADHD. I started meds for that, and upside, I am crazy efficient on them and my creative output has been ridiculous. But it doesn't help with intrusive anxiety thoughts. Tried Zoloft, but it made my junk not work. (And speaking of, all of this has made me scale back on extracurricular dating a LOT). Trying Cymbalta now, and we'll see what happens. So I don't really have a question for the group... just saying that it's very hard to be a functional human right now.
  12. I wanted to love it, but hated it. The whole reason the Addams Family is fun is because you take a weirdo macabre family and put them into context with normal people. That’s where the funny is. How am I supposed to buy that a school of teen monsters that Wednesday is an outcast weirdo? The dance freaks out cause they have blood dumped on them but literally a third of them are vampires. When everyone is weird, no one is weird. I just don’t buy any of it. And even though I am a horror guy and a gore fan, I don’t like taking something meant for all ages and making it overly gritty and horror-y, especially if it isn’t scary. At the end of the day, Wednesday was always a minor character in the ensemble. It wasn’t until Christina Riccci’s version that we got the deadpan one-liner Wednesday that redefined the part. Honestly, I’d have preferred her returning to the role as an adult Wednesday to maybe teach at this school or something.
  13. ESB ANH R1 Mando S2 Andor S1 Mando S1 ROTJ Obi-Wan S1 TFA SOLO TLJ BOBF (Mando episodes) ROTS TPM BOBF S1 TROS AOTC
  14. In retrospect, somebody in their mid 20s is totally a child hahaha
  15. Disney is giving money and creative input as well apparently... really curious to see how Americanized it gets.
  16. I didn't hit the heart to "like" this, but to send love in sympathy.
  17. I always thought Mankind’s was decent cause he’s a smart guy. Hogan’s is the worst, it’s basically just him claiming to have invented everything a d discovered everyone. Lita’s is good for a laugh cause you can see where she leaves out what horrible things she had to do to get ahead. “One day I met Paul E…. A week later I debuted on television.”
  18. To be fair my interest in Dr Who has waned enough that I watched what I knew was Jodie’s final moment before the episode itself.
  19. I wish I hadn’t clicked that and been spoiled. Knew a new Doctor was coming but didn’t know THAT was coming. But overall agree with you— I feel like both Whittaker and Capaldi were great Doctors that never quite got the best material.
  20. Tank

    Halloween Kills

    Exactly! When I say three movies, I mean— A. The story of a town that’s had to contend with the evil of Michael Myers. B. The story of how Laurie was effected by surviving Michael and what became of her. C. The story of Corey and his experiences making him the person to inherit Michael’s legacy. H2018 gave us a bit of A, but focused on B. Kills suddenly becomes A and all but sidelines B with Laurie in the hospital the whole time. Ends gives us snippets of A and B but suddenly focuses mostly on C. Any one of these would have been an interesting movie, bur to choose C at the end… I feel like of C had been the first movie, with A and B as runners, then A takes the focus in the middle movie, with C winding down and B building steam, then Laurie become the prime focus for the final movie, it would have made more sense.
  21. Tank

    Halloween Kills

    I could not get past the marching band being the bullies to a grown ass man hahahah. This was trying to be three different movies, and I feel like any one of them I would have liked, but as a whole— especially as a capper to a series, it was just a mess.
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