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  1. They are going to cameo him as much as they can in anything made in the OT9ish) era. I'll be shocked if he doesn't pop up in Andor season 2.
  2. Haha-- I think we were both being sarcastic and didn't realize it. The PT/OT IS Darth Vader's story, but yeah, that has no bearing on the fact that he remains the icon of the saga and it wouldn't be a shock if Lucasfilm/Disney did it.
  3. Haha-- I think we were both being sarcastic and didn't realize it. The PT/OT IS Darth Vader's story, but yeah, that has no bearing on the fact that he remains the icon of the saga and it wouldn't be a shock if Lucasfilm/Disney did it.
  4. This is honestly why I hate multi-verse stories. There's no tension because anything can be changed or fixed. It's honestly why I quit reading comics, because both DC and Marvel rely on it so much. Tony Stark is dead? Don't worry, we'll just bring his alter in from another dimension! Oddly it bothers me less with time travel starts, because in that case you have to generally work for a change, which gives you story... but a multiverse is always a push-button change. It's also a lazy set-up I think. I think Sliders is one of the stupidest shows ever made. Nothing will ever top The Day After Tomorrow when the heroes are out-racing the cold. To sell Wakanda, they had to present them as having tech that was borderline magic, which Thor had also set up to some extent. After seeing what Black Panther had thanks to Shuri, and what Ragnarok and Guardians showed us was being used by alien races, they had to upgrade Tony. He's the central hero of the MCU, he can't have the clunkiest tech. Though I always love Rocket's line to Tony in Endgame-- "You're only a genius on Earth, pal." There's also a practical/filmmaking aspect to it. Most everyone but Cap had an on/off helmet. FX has gotten good enough enough that most everyone's suit is CG enhanced and no one actually acts with a helmet on anymore. They are the most difficult to work with so now most everyone just shoots without them and adds them in post. It also allows them to deliver the lines with their faces. In the final fight in Endgame, Iron Man, Ant Man, Wasp, Spider-Man, Quill, and Black Panther all have masks that pop on/off when they deliver bigger lines. To be fair, there's a pushback against a lot of these from writers, but studios see them as a familiar short hand audiences will get which saves time and money. I hate it. Dreams I will stand up for, especially in horror movies. Nightmares let you get in scary stuff early in a story without escalating the real world before you're ready to. Have you seen Billy Piper lately? If she comes back she'll have to play a Plasticine alien she's had so much work done.
  5. Um, I think that's Episodes 1-6?
  6. So.... expected? Disney is going to be playing it SO safe after the last few projects have died or performed poorly. These are the most popular characters they've had in ages, so this becomes a very safe bet. I mean, it could be great so long as it has the season one energy and not season three. I wonder if this is part of or replacing the idea of a Filoni-era team up movie. Also-- welcome back to nightly!
  7. Excalibur is one of the few fantasy movies I like. I love weird 80s, vaseline on the lens, sweaty, mossy, wet in the forest, fantasy movies. I will watch Excaliber, Dragon Slayer, Ladyhawk, and The Sword and the Sorcerer over Lord of the Rings any day of the week.
  8. Is that Wedge realizing it’s on him now!?
  9. Tank


    Minor thing-- but I love the opening credits as well.
  10. You think the Alliance leadership was kinda pissed after they watch Luke go and become a Jedi, on top of already being their best pilot, then he comes in late to a big briefing and is all "Hey, I'll go on this ground mission with my friends" instead of blowing up another Death Star for them? I bet Akbar totally leaned into Mon Mothma and was all "This fuckin' guy..."
  11. Tank


    I loved the first half of season one, felt like it got a little goofy in the back half. I haven't had showtime but just-re-upped it so I'm going to binge S2 soon. I will say one thing, they absolutely crushed the casting on this show in terms of matching up the young and old versions of the characters.
  12. CLEARLY they didn't want to use comms in case they were monitored by the Empire.
  13. All downhill from here!
  14. Saw your FB post-- totally forgot during covid I was going to send you that weird punk King Arthur book. Shoot me your address!
  15. For All Mankind is interesting. Basic premise is that it’s an alt history version of the space race where Russia made it to the moon first, and as a result we never slowed down. The first season is very much in the vein of the Right Stuff or From Earth to Moon— but after that it sort of veers into more of a traditional scifi show. It’s an always a big ensemble, and in the 4th season there’s only a couple people left from the first season as each time they cycle some people out and some in. I like it, but there’s always at least one character I can’t stand. This current season is probably the weakest.
  16. I re-subscribed to AppleTv to watch For All Mankind's new season, was considering this how, but I am honestly so lost with the monster-verse. I need a primer. I've seen Skull Island and that's it.
  17. Cocaine, bad haircut, and self-tanner.
  18. Tank

    Rebel Moon

    Okay! Fine! Some people use horses! But it still doesn’t explain, outside of Hoth, that storm troopers would use dewbacks, or why Obi-wan picked that whatever it was in ROTS! In a universe where gravity isn’t a big issue riding animals is silly.
  19. Marvel really red-lined this one by mentioning Star Wars in Civil War, and every major time travel movie ever in Endgame.
  20. Tank

    Rebel Moon

    I forgot to mention parades and glue.
  21. I'm sorry you have to carry this, Nicole. I'm lucky enough to have only had to deal with bullying stuff a bit with Oliver. It was only really bad when he started middle school, and thankfully at the end of that year is when his mom moved to the burbs and he was able to switch schools. Middle school kids are the worst. I sometimes grab lunch from a sandwich place or a grocery store in the same minimal near me, and it's right by a middle school. I avoid the place like the plague around 3 when school lets out because these kids are the worst. All the shops have to have to put somebody on their door to regulate the amount of kids coming in and out to only a few at a time otherwise they run wild. This is in a totally upscale neighborhood too, these are all rich kids. THE WORST.
  22. I was just texting a friend that Rebel Moon is ALL THE TROPES EVER. The ones you guys have said are all on my list for sure. I'm so tired of Dr. Who visiting Victorian England. There has to be at least 8 of hims running around there. 1. I'm totally over any type of hero's journey. It's been played out to death-- specifically the Campbellian call to action/mentor/hero realizing who they are thing. 2. Villains whose only goal is to rule/dominate all. This isn't a real motivation anymore and rings hollow. 3. Plots that hinge on prophecies tied to a chosen one or savior. 4. Villains being caught on purpose as part of their grand plan 5. Characters that are obviously placed in a story just to die to get the villain over 6. Kinda horror specific, but I am tired of the many tropes the Scream franchise has shone a light on still being used in other films that don't make an effort to update or spin said tropes. things like final girls being innocent, masked killer switchers, the best friend or angry parent figure being a killer, etc. And these aren't tropes as much as they are short cuts or cliches-- and we've done a thread on this, but I will turn off any show or movie if somebody finds the keys to a car that isn't theirs in the visor, OR, if there's a order scene and the detective shows up and says to the beat cop on the scene "What've we got?" Also, if you guys are interested, I have a great collected list of these things I posted on twitter that come from readers and development people, things they see as a red flags when reading spec scripts.
  23. In the 24+ years I have been posting on this website, arguing politics, Star Wars, movies, video games, and even putting up with death threats from crazy former members, I have never been more offended than I am right now.
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