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  1. The OB-1 thing was a rumor/theory as far back as I can remember. Even in grade school I remember kids saying that. That actually gives me an idea for a thread...
  2. As I lamented during Loki, the multiverse makes for your alters not necessarily even being the same species as you. Again-- Into The Spiderverse actually made this work.
  3. Imagine what it would be like if the PT revealed that Vader was actually a corrupted clone of Anakin.
  4. Padme was never pro-Separatist, she was pro-Republic. She knew that a Republic unified army under the direct command of the chancellor was not keeping with what the Republic stood for. All the cut loyalist committee scenes from ROTS would have made it much more clear. She was basically opposing the leadership of both factions and pro-peace. Given her connection to Palpatine she disagreed with him, but she didn't suspect him of anything other than making bad decisions. So it would make sense to assume Dooku was behind it. (When really, she was a threat to both Sith Lords.) Still kills
  5. That spell is totally a clever nod to One More Day (and terrible an idea it was.) I’m not a Spider-Man mark, but I do love Tom Holland’s version. And while I generally hate multi-verse stuff I did like Into the Spider-Verse and bringing in the other two Spideys is actually cool… and also gives us a window for the X-Men.
  6. So that couple date thing turned out to be one of the hottest things ever.
  7. When it comes down to it, keeping a secret and doing something you know your partner wouldn’t mine is more “cheating” than any actual act. (Though said acts could fit the bill)
  8. Tick tick tick tick tick tick…..
  9. Despite me realizing I need to be respectful and have discretion, I feel like I have let this thread go! So here's the current state of affairs in my sex life: 1. KP and I are still going strong. I probably spend half the week with her at this point. We're cooking meals together, watching stuffy BBC documentaries, and being otherwise mushy and gross... and at the same time, very much into having ridiculous sexy adventures. We're going to San Diego this weekend to have a date with another couple (Not Jacob). She's introducing me to a couple of her other lady partners to see if they'd be co
  10. That’s the worst, so sorry.
  11. I mean he only stepped up to carry the WWE for a over a decade after Austin and Rock left, Taker went part time, and HHH went corporate.
  12. My kid starts 11th grade tomorrow. I am 356435 years old.
  13. SonI didn’t like how the Plenity was making me feel. I took a week off of it and I’m going to try it next between meals. I’m working out a ton these days and still maintaining. My lifestyle just involves a lot meals out, food trucks, and delivery. I HATE prepping and cooking and love food with big flavor. It’s hard to shift these attitudes because I don’t want to. I want to be healthy, but I love brunch. I love cocktails. I love the social aspect of them.
  14. You are a saint, Brando. Also, your friends are jerks.
  15. This is getting old. It suuuuucks. Get on that DDPY, it works well to combat a lot of this.
  16. I finally watched it too. I thought the directing was terrible. Coverage was the most basic thing ever and it really suffered from a lack of style, and to be honest, the plot was very by the numbers. Which is really too bad because the casting and performances were spot on and Stellar. Maisie Williams as Rahne and a pre-famous Anna Taylor Joy as Illyana were so perfect in those roles I could watch them in a whole series of terrible movies (just like I dud for Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart).
  17. It varies. I can go long stretches of being fine, but the older I get the more minor injuries seem to nag forever. It took my ankle 4 months to get back to normal after twisted it. I did something to my back a month ago and I'm still struggling with it. I'll take ibuprofen daily when it's on., and when it gets bad I'll resort to cbd gummies, but low THC ones. I really don't like the feeling of being high. Also, from the main page.. Seeing Jacob start a thread called "How often do you guys--" I assumed this was going to be poop related.
  18. JMS is great, but the BBC will never go outside one of their own with a track record.
  19. Haha, I know you’re being helpful so I won’t be a smart ass… I appreciate the thought, but the problem isn’t a lack of knowledge about healthier snack choices. I am knowledgeable , have tried every diet under the sun, know how to shop and be aware of nutritional content, and have gone literal months at a time eating clean. If it was a simple as “don’t buy bad snacks to have around and eat them” I would have kept the weight off the first time I lost it. It’s not a simple a choice like that in my world.
  20. I can't find it now, but there was this hilarious Tweet made meme about Ashley that centered on the Ashley vs Kaiden argument. And an Ashley person said that if you kept her she had a great story arc. The Kaiden person said 'She has an amazing arc in my canon too. You meet her, she's really racist, then she dies in a nuclear explosion. Beginning, middle, end." They are both terrible, but I find Kaiden to be such an insufferable beta boy, always asking for "clarification" on things and needing coddling. At least Ashley is hot in ME3.
  21. I always play Citadel right before the final two missions. It serves as a good-bye to everyone that the game's original ending doesn't provide (which is what it was intended to fix. It would work with a few simple line changes that I have firmly in my head canon. One-- the Normandy needs some level of repairs/refitting specifically for making the assault on Earth. And on top of that. Just imagine it as forced shore-leave and people are having a good time under protest. It is a weird fit tonally, but I love those character bits enough to play it. Though it IS still glitchy with someti
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