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  1. I think the coke habit says NO you aren't!
  2. Don't forget the Schrute bed and breakfast! This episode had me laughing constantly. Michael's plasma, his sleeping bench... oh god.
  3. I read somewhere, but of course can't find it now, that Andy would be that person. he works so well as Dwight's foil though I don't see him driving a show on his own. if anyone wants to see a sneak peek of tonight's episode, there's a clip on the nightly news site: http://www.nightly.net/television/the-office-returns/
  4. How do you all feel about the Office 2 spinoff series?
  5. Where's Aldric and he Brigadier? For that matter where is Ace?
  6. cause it's really THAT big of a deal
  7. http://www.break.com/index/weatherman-need...room-break.html http://www.break.com/index/dad-busts-daugh...for-webcam.html
  8. i always mean to post in this thread (forum) and forget too. The last 4 months have provided the pages of: The Dark Tower series Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis Spaceman Blues (which I hated) I re-read Great Gatsby the other day while waiting t be called in Jury Duty Right now I am on Winky, a story about a teddy bear mistaken for a terrorist leader.
  9. Ask the average person on the street who Metallo is. There's your answer!
  10. slut! even in the timmverse she hooked up with Bruce Wayne
  11. Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordon is brilliant!
  12. http://forums.nightly.net/index.php?showtopic=51185
  13. I just read a report on Darkhorizons that basically says that both Routh and Bale are contracted to 3 films as their respective characters. The JLA film that is being rushed to completed script before the writer's strike is primarily a launching point for Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Laantern and Martian Manhunter. If it does well, then they can finally justify the spin off to movies for all those characters. The likelihood is that Bale and Routh will appear in the film as Batman and Superman since they are already contracted.
  14. Ecven though those events weren't on film, I think they've already touched on the impact of it. The movie began as a "world without Superman," and the 3rd act began with Superman dying in the hospital. Those things removed from The Death of Superman just leaves the Doomsday fight.
  15. It's funny-- in comics I always tired of yet more and more villains who had the physical capacity to fight Superman-- which of course culminated in Doomsday, which I always thought was a stupid gimmick. I always preferred those villains that could out-wit superman, which Luthor was the best of. And yet in a movie, I actually find myself agreeing in that that special effects and action might be served with Supes in a toe to toe brawl with somebody.. hence my repeated suggestion of having Braniac or Luthor hatching a scheme, and contriving Bizzarro to physically deal with Superman.
  16. I liked it, I just felt it went in a great new direction with the whole idea of the world losing Superman-- there was more to be mined there. Instead it was all put on the Lois / Superman relationship. Super-son is kind meh, cause it's not something you can forgot, and it is also something that feels off if it is a spot-light. i was also put off by relying on the Donner films so much. I'm okay without a ton of action, there was enough impressive super-action to satisfy me, but the third act was kind anti-climactic. Luthor's plot was kinda banal. Again though-- these are problems I kin
  17. I agree thaat it needed its own voice, but I don't agree it should have been an origin story. EVERYONE knows Superman's origins. He is the best know superhero, there isn't a person alive that knows who he is that doesn't know his origin. Plus, with Smallville on TV, we try and compete. RETURNS was a decent approach, I just wanted MORE. Plus, now thaat it has established itself, in can go in its own direction.
  18. A true JLA movie won't happenb until they can milke at least 3 movies each out of Batman and superman, and at least 1 movie outof the Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern.
  19. yeah. the point I forgot to make, is that this is a CG film not targeted to kids. In America, eleased theatrically i think Spirits Within may have been the only one thus far, and only gamers went to see it. This movie is being done by the Amblin/Zemekis (and Gaiman) crews which ight bring in a lot of people., This COULD be the start of animation for grown ups in America. Or it could bomb.
  20. Apple.com has a trailer, and aicn a review o 20 minutes of BEOWULF, the Zemekis cgi film based on the epic. It's supposedly rated pg13, and targets late teens and adults.
  21. Well you're wrong. but that's okay.
  22. There's a handfull of movies, both animated and live action where I will admit that they looked pretty, and that was all that captured my attention-- but i certainly wouldn't vote for them in a poll.
  23. The CG Appleseed is following ion a few animated features and a long running Manga, so it's not like it covered any major new ground. I loved the original animated Appleseed movie, but the CG one seemed to showcase the CG over the story.
  24. See-- this is why no one likes you. And yes-- a two year old's opinion counts. Everyone has an opinion, and like it or not, it won't fit into one of your narrow minded polls.
  25. I would agree that there is a huge gap between them & the Japanese in terms of name recognition,box office, budgets(the main reason why the CG animation is mainly kidcrap), etc. but not in terms of animation quality(& yes Tank, I mean ALL AROUND quality, not just visually, oh righteous hair splitter). Can you honestly tell me that you think Cars is better than Howl's Moving Castle? It doesn't even compare. your opinion. My son who is two, happens to think Cars is great, and he walked away from Howl's after about 2 minutes.
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