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  1. Aw, #4 is peak 80s slasher fun times! Lots of the other ones have some great bits.
  2. This is what happens when the guy who owns the IP will continually just license it out to studios. Somebody makes a set of movies, then when their lines expires, he sells to somebody else. In the last one made, from last year, they literally put and yet last week, Miramar landed the IP to make more.
  3. Wow, does Nightly ever compress the crap out of images...
  4. I generally rewatch at least a couple of these every October. It' one of the most convoluted continuities out there, and one of the most sequel-heavy franchises there is with eleven films. I've always preferred Michael Myers over Jason. Obviously I have a soft spot for Leatherface, and Freddy is my favorite of all the vintage 80s icons... but the vibe of the Halloween films has always been the best. For funsies, a few months back I made a graphic to explain the continuity (attached). In case you're reading this and didn't know, there's basically FIVE different continuities: 1. The original continuity, which covers Halloween 1 and 2, then 4, 5, and 6. 2. Halloween 3, which is a spin-off in its own little world, and you see the original Halloween playing on a TV at one point. 3. The H20 timeline, which consists of Halloween 1 and 2, then H20, then Resurrection. 4. The Rob Zombie directed reboot series, which has a remake of the original Halloween, then a sequel. 5. The more recent series, which consisted of the original Halloween, then the new Trilogy of Halloween 2018, Halloween Kills, and Halloween Ends. Here's my preference: Halloween (78) Halloween 4 Halloween II (81) H2O Halloween (18) Halloween (07) Halloween Ends Halloween Kills Halloween 3 Halloween 5 Halloween 6 Halloween II (09) Halloween Resurrection Anyone else into these films? Or casually watching the in October?
  5. Totally Killer was almost a win for me, but it was just a little too clunky in some spots. Still had a great time. the script itself was amazing. Studio notes and a rookie director definitely damaged it. But, again, still worth the run time and had some great bits. I'm a John Carpenter Stan, but The Thing is one of the best horror movies ever made, period. Some of Carpenter's movies are clunkers (Prince of Darkness, Vampires), some are b-movie masterpieces (Big Trouble in Little China, Escape from NY, They Live), but he has also made a handful of iconic game-changing horror masterpieces (Halloween, The Thing, Christine) and random hits like Starman. He literally made a movie every couple years for like 26 years and then just retired to play video games. Meanwhile, his music spawns an entire genre and he comes back at 70 to be a rock star. Anyway... I've recently watched Talk To Me (yay!), Trick or Treat 1986 (yay), His VS Aliens (boo), Rob Zombie' Halloween (eh), and a rewatched of the newest Halloween trilogy (mixed bag).
  6. YOU DROVE OFF A CLIFF 5X A WEEK? There had to have been a better route.
  7. The industry is IP obsessed. The fact this got made at all is almost a miracle. Gareth Edwards is a guy who comes from the VFX world, so he knows how to get his money's with out of FX and does a lot of shots himself to keep the budgets down. A lot of people, myself included, wanted exactly what you're saying. But sadly, it hasn't performed well enough for that. And yeah, director jail is for real. Given that his last movie was Rogue One, and Tony Gilroy was hired to come in and reshoot/direct/edit to save it, and Godzilla wasn't much of a game-changer, I don't know if we'll see him doing more big pictures for awhile. This is basically the same thing that happen with Neil Blompkamp. District 9 was a game-changer, but everything he did after it bombed.
  8. I wanted to love it more than I did, and I wanted it to do well. Mid-budget original sci-fi IP winning would have been so good for business. But sadly, I also found it super derivative with dialogue the was on the nose. If you've watched more than a few anime, it was easy to know what was going to happen next. It felt to me like I was watching somebody else play a video game, you'd have a scene of on the nose dialogue where an objective would be stated, then you'd have a few levels of action and enemy clearing. All that said it looked amazing and it wasn't as aggressively bad as a lot of movies are. I was actually all aboard (despite it being "mid" as my son said) until the final act. Then it suddenly went WAY too fast. As if they realized they had another hour but the studio said "you got 15 minutes." I really couldn't get my head around the space station in the end. Its location and scale seemed to change scene by scene. You literally see it floating just above LA looking like a giant space ship, then it's in orbit, then its crashing over Eastern Asia, all the while targeting things across the world. Gareth Edwards is definitely going to be in director jail now.
  9. Hahah-- I kid of course, but I actually don't love used cars. I feel like every used car I ever had, which is basically every car I owned up until I was an adult, ended up being a money pit. The one except was when I inherited my mom's 97 Acura. That thing was indestructible. But ever other time, especially if it came from a dealership, it was a trap. There is nothing like the angst of car trouble when you are broke and don't know anything about cars. Of course now I could afford maintenance and repairs, but the piece of mind of a new car provides is something legit for me. Stupid, but true. Also, for those Jeep prices, I could be buying something new that was more economical.
  10. I'm not buying a used car, that's for normal people.
  11. They do-- I went home to Oregon once to buy a car and thought I was a genius, but after I registered it, they came knocking. They also get us with having small businesses. There's. reason Cali has the GDP of a small country. We're gouged left and right.
  12. It's stupid expensive. I've seen multiple blogs that have done various calculations that show its sticker price will cost you more than what you save in gas. In California at least. They are $75k.
  13. As much as I love my Jeep, looking into purchasing out my lease and seeing that gas prices don't seem to ever trend down anymore, I don't know if it is worth it to finance a vehicle that will be 8 years old when I pay it off. It's given me zero trouble (despite consumer reports listing Wranglers in their top ten least dependable), but the gas mileage is just horrendous. I don't have a commute, but I still have to go into town for meetings a lot. I need to get something that gets better mileage. I wish I didn't hate how every car looks like a gaming mouse these days. Everything is so plastic over-styled. Every Lexus looks like a toy with a hipster cheese-grater for a grill. Remember when cars had fins and were the color of kitchen appliances? I don't, but I've seen pictures. Even though Jeeps are ubiquitous., at least they have an iconic look. So I'm starting a search for end of year. $30-60k, gets good mileage, SUV would be nice, but I'd go back to coupe. I hate sedans. I'd prefer manual transmission, but hardly anyone makes them anymore. Nothing too mid-life crisis-y for the sake of insurance, and like I said, decent mileage. I am LOATHE to admit it, but after years of some of the absolute worst design in car history, the new-model Prius looks kinda like a cool spaceship.
  14. Baylan and Shin are two of the more interesting characters added to SW since Mando. I was really interested in getting more about them and NOPE.
  15. I’m the tradition of SW villains, Baylan Will get an off camera ouchie on his face and start wearing a mask that will distort his voice, making the recast easier. The maddening thing here is a second season of Ahsoka has not been confirmed. Had Thrawn got away and everyone else was stuck in this galaxy, that would have worked. To just swap Ezra for Ahsoka in the post ROTJ continuity doesn’t solve the Jedi/Luke problem for me.
  16. I found that really unsatisfying as a finale.
  17. I liked it a lot, but the last 20 minutes felt like a Hail Mary. But all the stuff in the house was great
  18. This is basically what I've felt about Thrawn all the way back to the original Heir to the Empire. His whole "genius tactician" thing is always played off like that. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO HAPPEN! HA HA! It's tedious. I find the witches Far more interesting.
  19. I have a friend that wrote on Acolyte, they did the scripts three years ago at this point. They just wrapped shooting in June so it won't be out until some time next year. She told me it's very much it's own story, no legacy characters (unless they were added in rewrites later that she doesn't know about).
  20. They need to do what Star Trek TNG did and just jump ahead a hundred or more years. Start fresh and stop with all the inbetweenquels.
  21. LOVE the movie, am EH on the comic. I wanted this to be amazing but it's feeling kinda flat? Like the energy of the movie was what made it so awesome. The voices are... it's the movie cast, but at the same time, why does it seem like they are just cold reading lines?
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