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  1. Depending on which seasons and specific stories, SNW is about 7-8 years before TOS. Overall it fits timeline continuity-- Discovery was said to be 100 years after ENT and 100 years before TNG, and a decade before TOS, that means 2255, as TOS s1 was 2265. Pike was introduced in season 2 of Discovery, taking emergency command to help them look for Spock, both of whom were technically already on the Enterprise. This is 2256. SNW S1 was concurrent with DIS S3, so that would be 2257. So SNW S2, is likely 2257-2258ish. TOS S1 was 2265, so again, about 7-8 years. More nerd math-- In the DIS S2 episode "If Memory Serves" things sort of cross over with the OG Trek pilot The Cage, which is a little apocryphal in its complete form, but footage was used for the TOS episode The Menagerie, which is where the scarred no-talking Pike in a box thing was established. The episode uses footage of Leonard Nimoy and Jeffrey Hunter (the original Pike) from The Cage as a fun homage, but they don't say exactly when it was that the Enterprise had that mission. (And obviously they used the Cage to cast half the characters of SNW). But, The Menagerie takes place in 2267 and Spock says the mission was in 2254. That's a difference of 13 years, that would put that mission a year before S1 of Disco, which tracks storywise. They are fudging the ages of some of the characters, which, they can kinda do because difference sources have listed different birth dates for the TOS characters. Example, most sources say Uhura was born in 2240, making her 25 in TOS S1, which means in SNW she would be 18 at best, and while young, she's older than that.
  2. I keep hearing that it’s the horniest game ever.
  3. I think you’re being a little over the top, but I get it. The continuity bothers me as a fan even if as a TV writer I get. The Spock issue they inherited from Discovery. Pike and Spock were extended guest stars but everybody screamed for it to be a show. I don’t think it’s a disservice to Nimoy, but he doesn’t feel very Spock me. Uhura isn’t offensive at all as a performance, she’s very true to the character, I just think her age isn’t quite right. Chapel I don’t care how out of continuity it is because the actress is as hot as the sun and can do whatever she wants. I feel like I already got over the recasting 15 years ago with the Abrams movie, and this show is a thousand times better than it was. This is most true to Trek show since the 90s.
  4. Ep 3 has an interesting line randomly dropped in it about alternate timelines and futures. It actually has a pretty big ramification for continuity…
  5. It was def a weird move, he’s barely in the 3rd episode as well. That said, this season has been so much fun so far. This is my favorite Trek since TNG ended. Also, the hottest crew ever.
  6. Hard disagree. I won’t dig into the comment on gender, but it’s definitely in line with what I’m saying I witnessed.
  7. I hope you’re right, seemed like so many gamergate type bros were going on and on about the “forced” woke content.
  8. It was also a huge game and Craig Maizin has said it would take two seasons to cover. One good thing about the writer’s strike is it’s giving Bella Ramsey time to grow into the role more.
  9. I’d edit that to say gamer bros reviewed bombed the game because one, they were mad that Ellie kissed a girl in the first trailer after it was announced you played the game as her, and two, because a leak gave away a pretty big spoiler that I won’t say just in case. It was a big thing, but I. The context of the story it makes sense and works, but the knowledge by itself made fragile gamer bros lose their minds. Pretty much every not-wanna be alpha bro streamer loves the game, legit reviewers give it to marks, and it’s honestly one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had.
  10. They are all pretty much a get-the-McGuffin-pivot-when-it-goes-south movies. Funny enough, only the first one has any real big twists to it.
  11. It may be setting up the next Captain America movie which is coming off Falcon & Winter Soldier giving Cap a less than noble government as a backdrop. I am with the crowd hating on the director of this show hinting Rhodes was replaced after Civil War— which makes zero sense.
  12. Yeah that definitely seemed abbreviated. And of course it’s low rated— no one famous showed up!
  13. For a second this team was going to do a third one (this one was technically their second, they did the Meh Chainsaw 3D a couple years before) and my pitch was to do a young Grandpa Sawyer in the 30s, working at the slaughterhouse. But since Lion's Gate held it up for so long, the license expired and ended up going to a new studio (which made the one that came out on Netflix last year). The cow carcass... hahahahaha. The concept was my idea, based on this thing I witnessed as a kid. I had a country-living cousin I was visiting, and we were out in the fields playing, and saw the neighbor kids playing this game where they were daring each other to touch this dead horse. It was all bloated and gross as hell, and no one could get within a few yards without getting scared and running back. But then this one kid tripped and fell on it. It literally exploded and he went fully INTO it. Like he complete vanished from sight. I had the idea for them to hide in a carcass from that... and maybe Luke sleeping in a Taun Taun. Then one night around 11 PM I get a call from France with the directors asking me if I can rewrite with the POV from being INSIDE the carcass. And thank you for the kind words
  14. I’ve played with it a bunch and also get comical results. That said, a lot of writing starts as bad ideas, so I’ve used it to help bad ideas get better— but it can’t be trusted to write. Even if it was good it would be because it is plagiarizing. I’m not calling for its ban, I think it has its uses off-page as a research and development tool. What the WGA is trying to block is it’s output being legal to copyright or register as IP. the guild promises us minimums on projects. Original work pays significantly more than rewrites. Right now, non-writing producers can take a synopsis like what you posted, and knowing it is trash, still register it with the wga as literary material. Then they can hire a screenwriter to make it better, but because it is their original concept and material on paper, the writer can be paid a third of what they would normally.
  15. The sex scenes, including the necrophilia, were all added by the directors. The trailer scene specifically was hacked to pieces and doesn’t make a lot of sense now. I can neither confirm or deny any PT inspirations other than after writing a masked villain from a franchise and getting a metric ton of idiot fan hate mail, I may have taken the PT hate down a notch.
  16. Pure gold. Tweeting this genius as my own
  17. Especially when you jam a thick piece of chocolate into it.
  18. That’s because starting with 5 they’ve had the same director and 4 was ape-ing 3.
  19. Even as a fan, they definitely blend together.
  20. Every time this guy speaks it's more and more low key anti-semtic. His own relatives are going out to issue statements to distance themselves from him.
  21. Yeah, you all hit it. They are fun and good, but it's not like they have a huge cultural impact to drive you to be invested. They just exist as summer blockbusters. I agree that outside of two, each one gets better. Up until now anyway. Even though he made a mess of Star trek and Star Wars, JJ Abrams put things on track with MI3.
  22. Disney's evil POS CEO has said Marvel and Star Wars are both in danger of over-spending and watering down quality by having too many entries... which... you know, was kinda his decree? I'm all for less Marvel overall if it means the quality can get back to where it was, which this show is proving it can. That said, the shows have all been pretty decent, it's the films that have been lackluster.
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