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  1. Def felt a little more on track.

    I will say, I am far more interested in Bo's arc than Mando's Part of me thinks Grogu should have left with Luke, and Mando off into the sunset and this show could have been handed off to Bo. Maybe I'm a bit more invested having liked her in animated form,. I think Katie Sackoff really gives her a presence. 

    If this season really is about the restoration of Mandalore, we shouldn't have had to dick around for 4 episodes to get to it.

  2. I guess the Nx-01 is the not seen onscreen refit version they had planned for season 5 which gave it a secondary hull like the classic Enterprise.

  3. Everything there is for sciency reasons. Daystrom is not like a normal vault-- so yeah, why would they have Kirk?

    Pretty sure Picard's body was stolen because something is up with his syndrom, that they now say Jack has too. There's something more to the visions and stuff, Picard's body being the goal seals it for me.

    I was really hoping we'd see more of the Ent-A in action... we still may!

    Also, thanks to internet nerd freeze frames, other ships at the museum include: The Excelsior, NX-01, Kronos-1, a TOS era Romulan warbird, and the Stargazer. Basically every hero ship we've ever seen in Trek save for the ones that were destroyed, and the Enterprise-E.

  4. I think they missed an opportunity to make the Titan's doc Alyssa. That would have been cool.

    My guesses as to who will show up:

    Janeway (she's been referenced multiple times)



    Hologram Sulu

    A recast younger/hotter Dax.

  5. If the end credit easter eggs continue to pay off-- my guess is that the next move after hearing the whole fleet could be compromised-- they need ships and people they can trust. They're going to go to Geordi's museum and get the Enterprise-A, The Voyager, and the Excelsior and stack up more cameos to throw a fleet together.

  6. All of that is true, but my problem is The Watch are presented as awfully culty, and a legacy character tells us clearly they are zealots, establishes they are in fact zealots via subtext and visuals. And now they are possibly reversing that. 

  7. I don’t love the fact that The Watch are zealots and our two hero Mandos are all in… but you know, voice over is a way to keep them hired for cheap long term.

    This episode was better, still no sign of a larger story. I also feel like this one was written after Favreau had been show episodes of Andor.

  8. I haven't felt too rushed until this finale episode. It delivered perfectly on the game content-- I was SURE they'd show a bit more with the doctor and Marlene given how much it comes into play in the next story. But it was so fast it almost felt anti-climactic. I could have used another episode between Jackson and Joel getting hurt. They cut a lot of the game's action out, which makes sense narratively, but they could have done an episode just dealing with clickers somewhere along the way.

    I could have also used more with Ellie's mom.

    And as much as I love the episode with Bill, it seems like an odd outlier now. I was expecting them to do at least one other divergent tale. 

  9. Hahah-- you can tell my libido has taken a dive since I haven';t updated this in forever.

    Between dealing with a lot of anxiety and depression toward the end of the year, being out of work and facing a strike, and being the lowest on money that I've been in years, I just didn't have the bandwidth for dating.

    I'm pretty much in the same place as I was with my last update. See Valley Mom once or twice a month, everyone else has fallen off to a when the mood strikes / in town situation.

    KP and I have been grossly normal. The kid moved out last weekend,, and KP is moving next week. So we're being full on domestic. She's also had low dating bandwidth for much the same reasons as me. We both figure if we're each paying half the rent we used to then we can afford hotel rooms for future dates.

    I hope to get things back up to speed, I just hate that so much of my happiness and ability to function comes from having work and money. That can't be good.


  10. Yeah, she's literally just a mile away, he has his own car, he has keys, he's usually off with friends anyway. It's all very normal for his age, and he and I have a great relationship... but it still makes me sad that I'm not giving him a dedicated space. It's probably cause I never felt like I belonged at my dad's place once I moved out when I was 12. I always had to sleep on a couch or sofa and wasn't very welcome.

  11. 1 hour ago, Zathras said:

    This was definitely a meh episode.  Despite that, cool confirmation that the droid is R5-D4.  Mando was rescued twice in this episode by Bo Katan.  I think he owes her the dark saber at this point.   There's an honor code for everything else, why not that?  Is it me or is it weird Bo Katan just sits in the throne room all day doing nothing?

    I saw a hilarious Tik Tok of this cosplay girl making fun of this. She makes for a good Bo and the clip starts with her laying in bed talking on the phone with her mom-- then you hear the sound of Mando's ship, and she jumps up, then runs around saying "Shit shit shit shit--" as she gets on her boots and rushes to the throne to pose in time for him to enter.

  12. Now that we’ve had two episodes of Mando S3 and next to nothing had happened, there is literally no reason they couldn’t have done the BOBF episodes with Mando here. 

    They should have stopped with S2. That ending with Luke was great and Magic and they aren’t going to get that back.

  13. Okay. It happened. My kid moved out few days ago.

    Feel weird. Don't like it.

    But also, he just came over when I heard what I was making for dinner, so maybe this is the new normal.

  14. I will admit, this is the first time I thought the game content was better than the episode. I didn't love making the guy a preacher as a short hand to evil (said as a total atheist), and they were too overt with the pedo stuff. I also felt like the isolation the game gives you playing as Ellie in a frigid lonely winter really builds on her, and the feeling of desperation. I get they have to condense for time, and they couldn't do two episodes in a row with Pedro sidelined, but I feel like Joel just popped up with no troubles and his and Ellie's connection for him to get to "baby girl" just wasn't felt enough. He was trying to pawn her off on Tommy just a couple weeks ago (again, I know in their time it was months, but we needed a bit more I think).

    Overall, quibbles though, I'm being picky- it was still a great episode of TV, and they retained my favorite line from Ellie "Tell them that Ellie is the name of the little girl that broke your fucking finger."

  15. On 3/3/2023 at 3:45 PM, Zathras said:

    To each their own but I take my Star Trek seriously, though.  I don't mind visual updates, but just call it a different timeline/reality/dimension/continuity or whatever.  That would not bother me in the least.  I just don't like it when they double down and insist it is the same continuity as TOS.  

    Disco is going away, and after Picard3 I am guessing they are going to recognize what people want is a continuation of the prime Trek universe. So hopefully all will feel right for you.

    Though I won't lie, the Lower Decks SNW crossover is something I am looking forward to.

  16. Kai's Power goo? DEEP CUT to 90s era photoshop.

    20 hours ago, Zathras said:

     I just can't wrap my brain around the Enterprise from The Cage going from that, to SNW, and then back again to what it looked like in Where No Man Has Gone Before. 

    I think we're supposed to assume that Disco and SNW are what it always looked like, and that they are  just a visual update with modern sensibilities. Of course, that doesn't hold up to scrutiny given that DS9 and ENT both showed the TOS era as it was originally seen. 

  17. The episode is what we in the biz call “housekeeping.” You are restating the status quo, showing where all the major players are, paying lip service to changes, setting the basic goals, and any antagonists are very very low key.

    Thing is, in a serialized format, which Mando wasn’t in S1 and became in S2, you don’t do this as your opening episode. You open on something big and exciting and new, which is very SW. Even Andor, which was very slow paced and low key, started with some action and intrigue and set some stakes. Then I’m episode 2 you slow down and do the housekeeping.

    The decision to start this way is a bit baffling, and just highlights further how stupid it was to sneak the Mando story into BOBF.

    Honestly, if Mando had just showed up to help Fett in BOBF, and all the Darksaber and Grogu stuff had been the first few episodes of S3, that would have made so much more sense.

    In fact, now that I type it, I think they assumed people would rewatch BOBF BEFORE diving into Mando S3. Then the housekeeping up front would make sense.

    I don’t know, Filoni and Favreau so seemed to get it, but these decisions make no sense. I suspect they are coming from above.

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