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  1. Also, for the record-- Nic Pizzolato is a narcissist piece of shit. He was caught plagiarizing from Alan Moore in season one, and deflected by saying the only problems with S1 was that he didn't have enough control over Cary Fukinawa, who directed the whole season, even though Nic never directed a thing in hid life. In season 2, Nic blames all the short comings on the fact HBO pressed him for time. He had a writer's room against his will and blamed the fact he couldn't write every single episode himself for the uneven quality. In season 3, he was given full control, wrote every episode, and split directing duties himself with a guy he hand-picked. And the result-- lowest ratings ever. Combine that with how he is combative and throws everyone he can under the bus, HBO fires him. Now, he's drifted into weirdo butthurt creep style shit-posting on social media, retweeting every incel that complains about the men in S4 being inept. He will repost any article or review (often from amateurs) that shit on the show... all the while still collecting paychecks as EP/Creator. The guy is capable of great work, but his ego and being a piece of shit far outweigh that fact.
  2. I'm super exciting. I'm doing laundry midday on a Wednesday!
  3. S1, for me, set the tone by saying this was a show about three things: 1. Police who have been broken by their jobs, forced to reconcile how what's RIGHT isn't always what is LEGAL, and vice versa. 2. A strange and horrific murder case that seems to edge into the occult 3. A present tense frame story that looks back at a previous time as the case is re-examined. As an anthology, I knew it was going to be a different case and cast each season, but it seemed like those were the core ideas everything would be built around. And that wasn't just my assumption, I have a copy of Pizzilato's pitch and it says future seasons would always be about a pair of investigators that are set against each other, but have to work together on a case that spans over a long time period. So when the second season came out and was just a very by the numbers corrupt cop in LA storyline, I was disappointed. I wanted it to be rural, I wanted a hit of the occult. I wanted more of the things I liked. Aside the shoot out episode and the one where Rachel McAdams goes undercover at the sex party, the tension was flat as hell. Season three seemed to return to the form of season one, but it was so boring I never finished it. And I watched it during lockdown when I had nothing to do BUT watch TV shows. Season four is a return on all fronts, though I suppose the present-day investigation looking back only comes into play in the last episode. I don't think it was flat at all, I think each episode advanced the case in interesting ways, and the ending-- which still hints at something supernatural but also gives a logical conclusion, worked great. I do think they left one too many thing unanswered for (the tongue) and it did feel rushed that both Annie as well as Danvers/Navarro could spend five minutes in the under-ice lab and instantly have all the answers, but beyond that, I was very happy and did not think the bed was shattededed.
  4. I loved this season. Best since the first. It’s been hilarious to watch the pretentious as hell douche bag who created it melt down over the ratings this season has pulled in.
  5. Roman is one of those dudes I just can’t seem to figure out what the WWE sees in him. I’ve always thought he was boring as hell. I don’t dislike him, I just don’t care. At least Lesnar’s not involved.
  6. I have to ask what you guys think as regular watchers— is Rock turning heel and the Cody plans what they were planning all along, or did they pivot when people were pissed Roxk stole Cody’s spot?
  7. There's at least 3 of us left from your time here... the best 3... and most socially damaged.
  8. Are dudes in Seattle pissed that everyone is stealing their look?
  9. They also have the most inconvenient chaotic loading strategy, which is why at any airport on the west coast, the terminal is always chaos outside Southwest's spot.
  10. Did you fly in 1937?
  11. I’ve always felt the same way about Meatballs, but Animal House has always killed me.
  12. Here's an amusing kid update. O has always loved Pokemon cards. He watched the cartoons briefly, and I don't know if he's ever actually PLAYED the card game itself. I tried to learn the rules and play it with him once, but my ADHD could not fathom the rules and he much preferred the simple,e "war" style game he and his friends made up. He just liked collecting the cards and pretending they were worth money. He's played several of the DS games though. After he moved out of my place he got all his cards in one place and over the last year has been picking through them. A few months ago he and some friends started hitting swap meets and flea markets for fun. Turns out they do in fact have to "catch them all." Surprisingly, he's actually got a few cards worth a fair amount from when he was little-- as in a couple $8k cards. He and his friends have a "business" idea to hunt down old cards and resell them. You know-- a completely original, low risk, huge payoff business plan. I did my best to gently tell him not to "over invest." His step-dad helpfully told him "any card worth anything is already found and flea market folks check eBay for stuff like that." And his mom offered to give him legit proper business advice, and he has ignored all of us of course. He just paid $350 to send off his valuable cards to get slabbed and rated. Basically it's one of those "spend a bunch of money dreaming of one big payoff that probably will break you even realistically" type business. I'm split between telling him to save his money, and just letting him have fun while he still gets to live rent free and spend all his paycheck on himself while it lasts.
  13. This post means you'll have a Jason dream by the weekend.
  14. If you liked Blow Out check out Blow Up, the Italian movie it was a remake of.
  15. I think it's totally appropriate to be harsh with a parent that refuses to see there's a problem. This forces them to either get some sort of assessment, which helps everyone, especially the kid if in fact there some sort of underlying issue, OR, it forces them to recognize their kid is a problem.
  16. Still the best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxHnXajIex4 edit: YouTube doesn't auto-embed anymore? wtf?!
  17. I suuuuuuuper don’t care and I’m pretty sure I’d hate anyone who does hahahaha
  18. The twitchy guy annoys me, but I like he always works in a “your mom” joke.
  19. what is up with kids in Seattle, sheesh.
  20. You flew Spirit an got an actual seat? usually you just have to stand in the back and hang onto a strap like a subway.
  21. I had to stop with ScreenRant. It was just too much. Their pitch meetings series was funny, and I watched a couple Easter Egg videos-- but so much of their content is the sorts of conversations that used to happen on here 20 years ago and it drove me insane THEN. Mostly Star Wars theories coming from people who have bad taste, hot takes, and have read every single thing with a Star Wars logo on it and act superior about it.
  22. Do you ever wish you could sign Q up for Karate or something and give her permission to just smack a bully the next time they set in? I was always VERY pro de-escalation as both a kid and a parent. I learned to be funny to deal with bullies until I got big enough they left me alone. I've always taught O de-escalation, and to not be afraid to speak up, and report, and I would always re-enforce the idea that getting physical is only likely to make things worse. My dad was physically abused, and for as little as he did for me, at least he broke that cycle. He was mentally and emotionally abusive, but that's a different thread. Whenever I see social media comments of people being pro-spanking/slapping your kids I ALWAYS argue with them. ...and yet... O had one bully when he was in 8th grade. It was on the bus. Problem was, this was a city bus that did a special after-school route. One bus, and it took him right home. This pre-pandemic and before I moved to the burbs and it was his only after-school option. There was this kid on there that always messed with him. School said "Sorry, but that's a city bus we have no control over that happens." City of course just said "unless there's a physical altercation on the bus the driver's can't really doing anything." O was in Tae Kwon Do for years and had been constantly taught it was for self defense only. This bully was mostly verbal, (I think he was smart enough to know he'd get in real trouble if he got physical.) One day we told O, "if you feel threatened, if somebody says they are going to hurt you and you believe them, you can throw a first punch." Next day on the bus, bully kid says to O "I'm going to kick your ass." And O gut punched him. He just hauled off and did it, and the kid buckled and got off the bus at the next stop. Never bothered him again. I HATE HATE HATE HATE that it took some 50s sitcom "speaking to bully's in their own language" violence to actually make it stop, and that it worked. And for WEEKS I was re-enforcing the idea that while it worked this time, that doesn't mean it always will. But at the same time, I was so over that kid messing with him, I was kind of amped that he just punched the kid and it all stopped, AND gave him confidence to stand up for himself.
  23. You know how adventure movies sometimes show an American getting on a bus in a third world country— people are packed in tight, there’s loose goats, some old lady has a chicken in a cage on her lap, the route is treacherous, and usually the bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere so the hero gets off, but then the bus leaves them behind? That’s basically flying Spirit.
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