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  1. When my kid was this age he was ruining our weekends and causing disruptions at daycare with his refusal to take naps. His doctor told us if he was getting 10 hours a sleep at night without interruption we could give up on naps. Changed our life. Daycare was still a bit of a problem, but man. Laying there until he fell asleep, likely falling asleep myself-- I was losing hours of my days. My kid was actually super energetic and hyper and a little ADHD up until he hit puberty. Now his almost too chill at 16. We let the kid have a phone pretty early on, with my thinking being te
  2. I definitely seem to be lacking in any excitement for new stuff-- I'm kinda just MEH about it. That said, I still watch it, and as evidenced by my posts. I tend to still really enjoy everything they do. Marvels and Thor 4 have my interest piqued. And Spider-Man.
  3. Tank

    Matrix 4

    Didnt Morpheus die? DIDNT THEY ALL DIE!?
  4. Tank

    Matrix 4

    Turns out Weaving is a jerk and Fishburne is too old and doughy. I’m definitely going to have to rewatch 2/3 before this one though to refresh myself.
  5. Tank

    Matrix 4

    Man, I really wanted to bump an old Matrix thread for this for LOLs, but they are all archived. I was REALLY hard on 2 and 3. That was at the height of my movie guy on the internet smugness... but they were poop right? That said, I always loved the first one, despite hating Keanu... thought TBH, the Keanu hate has totally gone away as he's gotten older... or maybe it's cause I am older? In my head canon the John Wick movies are basically a simulation that the machines stuck Neo in to keep him busy and distracted as they rebuilt themselves. Looks like, at least partially, maybe I
  6. It's not on Disney+, only in theaters at the moment. And since it is apparently crushing it, it may be a minute before it comes to streaming.
  7. Before the PT had come out I had read enough of the early SW drafts and the annotated screenplays, and those all painted the Jedi more like the Mentat in Dune. They were trained under a unified academy/school/temple of some sort, and they all lived by the same code of ethics, but then went off to walk their own paths. Again, like the Mentat, in those early drafts, every planet was sort of independently ruled (and those in the Republic had senators to UN type government), and each leader of a planet may have an advisor or head general that was a Jedi. (In Dune, both the Harkonnans and Atriedes
  8. My go to analysis is now that I say the PT is a bunch of horribly executed great ideas, while the ST is the opposite— a bunch of terrible ideas amazingly executed.
  9. As for Kylo— they gave him all the same weakness we knew Anakin was supposed to have— impatient, more powerful than he should be, and selfish. They just did it without making him petulant and whiney.
  10. There’s different types of actors and different types of directors. Some directors really focus on performance, others, others the visuals, some are technicians that are more about the process and finished product as opposed to working a single scene to death. Lucas falls as a hybrid of the last two. He director from video village wanting to see what the final product was on his monitors. He was less concerned about the acting as he was composing. Some directors get back there with the DP to make sure it’s all blocked and framed the way the want, then trust the DP to stay on point and the
  11. I’m not saying it was well done, or even consistent— just that Kylo’s arc was something that was at least, on paper, the same between the films.
  12. Also, I always go back to infiltrator builds as well. Liara and Garrus also being my go tos for most missions in ME3 for the best combos and variety of attack types. Garrus and Jack for ME2. As for that clone… I always play Citadel last before the final mission so I’m pretty maxed out. I like Flare as my bonus power as it creates nice satisfying explodes detonations. I also max out tactical claim to be able to have a free attack in cloak. I also tend to run light with only a single weapon (scoped assault rifle or a sniper rifle with high ROF). As infiltrator with Garrus and Liara,
  13. To be fair… Miranda’s ass. Did you lose her in ME3? The time I hooked up with her in 2 and didn’t continue in 3 she killed herself. Ive only played as dude Shep twice, and it was Ashley/Miranda/Ashley one time (shoulda stayed with Miranda) and Ashley/Jack/Jack the second. The citadel Jack scene if you are romancing her is one of the best scenes in the series. She gives Shep his first tattoo, but then breaks down and says it’s so his body can be identified if he dies on Earth.
  14. How dare you cheat on Liara.
  15. I did-- but also knowing that's impossible, I always thought he landed on a ledge and the hot air burned his lungs. I never thought he was burned up.
  16. *********** edit: good to know that one is still there
  17. Not that I thought it totally through, but I always thought Anakin actively left his saber behind upon quitting being a Jedi, leaving it and Obi-Wan at the same time. He turns bad, then he and Obi-Wan fight to a stand still. Obi-Wan dies, Anakin is so messed up he goes in the suit (the ANH novel had said Vader has fallen into a molten/lava pit and they fought on a volcanic field.) He doesn't know about OB-1 who has taken Luke to Tattooine. The name stuff could just be OB-1 getting familial. To be honest, there's no version, fan or canon, where Luke or Ben keeping their last names while i
  18. This was played out in a comic book. I can't recall the title, but when Dark Horse was doing the SW comics they had a "what if" series, and this switch was played out through the course of the OT. It was actually pretty cool. There's tons or articles, youtube videos, and fan art dedicated to the concept.
  19. Right!? And OB-1 never met R2.
  20. His entire arc was about "killing" his past. He killed Han, he tried to kill Leia-- tbh now that it is said and done, Kylo Ren is the only part of the ST that I think worked. We had the exact sort of conflict I wanted to see with Anakin in the PT. I think his journey was actually more satisfying than Rey's./ I think Kylo's path was the ONLY thing that Abrams and Johnson agreed on, so it actually worked.
  21. They had an intermediate stage between Daniel Logan and Temura Morrison played by a third actor.
  22. You, me, and everyone else!!!
  23. That was just because Lucas actually drew a line with Zahn doing stupid shit. He should have drawn it sooner.
  24. I'm old. I was in grade school when the OT movies came out. Some of you are as old as me... at any rate, I recall my friends and I having a LOT of theories about things over the years. I think some of them were really fun, and recall a lot of them. It's also been fun to try and figure out where they came from considering there was no internet back then, and spoilers didn't exist. The few I can recall-- 1. OB-1. A lot of people wondered if Ben was a clone of the original Obi-Wan. I think this came from how sometimes R2D2 and C3P0's names were spelled out phonetically. At some point th
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