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  1. Since the new strains seem like they might be more contagious and dangerous to kids, yeah, I will do it as soon as it’s available for my kids.
  2. It took about three or four days for my arm to stop hurting. It was good that I got it in my left arm, but I also typically sleep on my left side so that sucked
  3. Or is it even better because you’re at the top and you’re up in here?
  4. Sad, but probably the best option for them, rather than joining a troop where they’re not being welcomed.
  5. I hope he’s in BMX heaven and he’s a hill that people ramp.
  6. Last year I did steak, which I insisted on grilling myself. In fact, I made my entire birthday meal. My wife made me a pina colada cake, though.
  7. It depends on the movie, and the connection. I can’t think of any specific movies right now, but there have been a few that looked much better on disc versus streaming. But, overall, any difference that may exist is too minor for the human eye to see. But, yeah, the difference between 4K and Blu-ray is less than between DVD and Blu-ray, but that was also less than the difference between VHS and DVD. I think that we’re reaching the end of our ability to perceive visual improvement.
  8. Not yet. I’ve been busy with a lot of other stuff, so something that isn’t an emergency has taken a back seat. Having said that, we all needed showers this morning so I took a cold shower to ensure everyone else had hot water. So it became a higher priority.
  9. Today is my wife’s birthday. I made, from scratch: Parmesan crusted chicken with a butter-lemon sauce Honey-garlic cauliflower Caesar salad Fruit salad Bread Almond-raspberry cake
  10. The biggest problem is that Google treats these places like real news. It’s completely immoral of them to do so, and is aiding the destruction of our society. It’s every bit as bad as the fake political news.
  11. After the past year, I’m not sure Americans have a single brain cell between all of us.
  12. If it’s rumors, it’s lies. If you’re reading Slashfilm or (my personal favorite for stupidity) We Got This Covered, then it’s all absolute bullshit. Basically if you’re reading a site that isn’t a huge name, you’re reading lies.
  13. This is America. There’s a good chance he’s going to be found not guilty on all charges.
  14. As someone who has worked in insurance for a long time, eff Kaiser. Big business pretending to be healthcare.
  15. It’s horrible and it seems like the evidence is insurmountable. Chauvin will probably be found not guilty.
  16. So you’re saying Tank’s son should sleep with your wife? Weird present, but okay.
  17. Doing anything to minimize the amount of data on the hard drive will help. So, yes, deleting things will make a difference.
  18. I’m not Canadian, but it’s not true. Pretty much all of the nonsense about Canadian health care being awful was made up by health insurance companies in the US. One of the men who was a big part of it now is fighting against his own lies. American healthcare is horrible.
  19. They’re all terrible? Like, if someone said that I had to watch one of his movies or I could never watch another movie, I would give up movies forever.
  20. I saw this and immediately thought of this thread.
  21. Video games? Prostitute? Tickets to Japan for a later date?
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