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  1. So you’re saying a white gut gets credit for something a member of a minority group did first? Impossible.
  2. It’s a shitty, but legal, response. Unless you can prove they could have accommodated you, which typically is possible. Contact the EEOC. I’m sort of stuck where I am because of the parental leave policy. 12 weeks off, and my wife is for sure pregnant, so hopefully it lasts. If not, I get 5 days bereavement for a miscarriage and I’m taking every benefit I’ve got
  3. They’re doing a 60 day severance package and paying out for PTO, and everyone just got 5 weeks of PTO on January 1, so at least they’re helping people that way. But 2 companies have reached out to me already. My current company offers 12 weeks paternity leave, so I’d like to stay until our next baby, and then maybe leave.
  4. My employer laid off a bunch of people. Basically the CEO did a meeting where he announced a reorganization and then they cut off all access for anyone being terminated. I’m safe, but I’m pissed. They handled it really poorly.
  5. Survived the calling hours and the funeral. I spoke at calling hours, spoke again at the funeral home where we gathered before the funeral, and then read Scripture at the Mass. I also picked all the Scripture and songs for the funeral Mass. Not gonna say I did all of it 100% sober, but mostly. I had a few drinks at the calling hours, because I knew who would have liquor in their trunk. A little drunk right now too, because we went to a restaurant for the funeral lunch because it was hard to find a place due to COVID. All the places the church would normally host a lunch were booked or closed.
  6. They should have done a series where Boba was the villain. Lean into the character instead of attempting any type of redemption.
  7. Only without the decency of Mando. Boba is a villain, and at best you can make him an anti-hero. Not a heroic character, at least not for a whole show. But overall, he’s best as a bit character.
  8. Just processing here and taking over this thread for now. I havent written poetry for a long time, but wrote this today: Grief is not unlike the ocean We stay in the shallows to hide from our feelings Afraid of the undercurrent if we travel too far As though it would pull us down and never let us go As though it would carry us into depths that are beyond us But grief is not unlike the ocean It breaks the dangerous rocks of relationships Into beautiful sand that we can admire and enjoy It hides beauty in the depths The beauty of new life
  9. Thanks. The brokenness that kept me from crying seems to have been fixed. I go back and forth between numb and crying. We made the funeral plans, and that’s all squared away. Looking forward to that being over. They ruled it an accidental death - we were hoping it was a heart attack, but she fell and hit her head and that was what got her. It still seems surreal, and I keep wanting to call her to talk, but obviously that isn’t happening. Coincidentally or not, she refused to give up praying for me to get the job I was rejected for. Then, on the day we learned about he
  10. The one thing my family does really well is mourn. I’m a little drunk, which helps, but a few of us are a little drunk and we laughed and cried and told stories and circled the wagons and brought each other closer. I mean other people cried because I’m broken and that doesn’t happen.
  11. I mean, I know she’s having emotions too. We’ve been together for 15 years, so she’s had some relationship with my mom for that time. She’s allowed to feel her feelings, and I’m reminding myself of that. But, at the same time, I’m also allowing myself to feel hurt. And she’s still mad and treating me like shit. My brother, sister-in-law, niece, and sister are all here - they get sympathy and I get snipes and snarls. I’m trying to give her the same grace and mercy that I want, but it’s hard.
  12. And I apparently fucked up telling the kids, because Laura feels like she should have been more involved and she’s raging mad and I’m just destroyed. The one day where I need the most support and mercy and the person I need it from the most would rather yell.
  13. My mom died. Probably last night but we didn’t find her until this afternoon.
  14. Even with that, Johnny doesn’t pass. He’s objectively a bad father and father figure. He’s actually better when he’s just trying to be a sensei. Season 3 Johnny, helping Miguel walk again? Good father figure. Season 4 Johnny? A man obviously fighting against the bad influences in his life, but not a good father.
  15. Johnny is such a good father that his son hates him and he wanted his surrogate son to risk serious injury so he could win a bet. And so good that the surrogate son feels the need to run away. Calling Johnny a good father is an insult to anyone who has ever been a father. Daniel is a good father with a lot of flaws. Johnny is someone who is learning to be a father, and will be a good one by the end, but isn’t there now.
  16. Is he? Look at Miguel at the tournament. The kid is seriously scared and hurt and all Johnny cares about is him going out and winning. Johnny WANTS to be a good guy, but he never had anyone show him how. He’s doing a good job, and he’s on a journey, but to say he’s a full on good guy? Nah.
  17. It sounds like no one was excited about this movie, including the people who made it.
  18. I know it started on YouTube, but I don’t remember the short.
  19. I don’t know. I didn’t really think this season was nearly as good, and I think it’s ready to end. There were some good points, Eli is a much more engaging character, Silver being the big bad, but overall I wasn’t as impressed. I think that it could have been 5 episodes and been a lot better.
  20. Johnny is the best part of this show. Really, this would have been the best ending for the show. Johnny and Daniel mess up a bunch of kids, start gang warfare, and then both get reset to where they were at the beginning, except Johnny gets a second chance with his son. The ultimate bad guy wins. End of story.
  21. I got yelled at a lot today, cussed at, and someone mocked my stutter. Most people don’t pick up on the stuttering, and it only comes out when I’m dealing with generalized anxiety, which tends to happen when I’m not resting enough. Laura was up all last night puking, so that meant I didn’t sleep well. So I was anxious already and got shit on nonstop. Made for a rough day.
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