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  1. If someone is intentionally choosing to harm others, they should be confronted. End of story.
  2. No, but it does feed into actions. If I don’t have a need to protest the government, whether it’s for a good reason or not, picketing the statehouse is stupid. But it’s my right.
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a movie sequel coming, but I am glad we’re getting a book. The book, while flawed, was better than the movie. I get why things needed to be changed, both for brevity and for licensing, but it just didn’t really hit the right notes for me. And I wasn’t expecting a real solid adaptation of the book, but it didn’t stand up well in its own
  4. My stance this year was no Republicans for any office. Following that, I would vote for any candidate that deserved my vote, regardless of party. If no one deserved it, or if it was uncontested, I left it blank.
  5. I’ve always completely uncool. I’m just now at the age where it’s acceptable.
  6. They did fix a lot of the hacking, fortunately. I tried again on PC and it wasn’t as bad.
  7. Yeah, I agree on all counts. It was fun, and I am glad that the audiobook is narrated by Wil Wheaton. He elevated the original. Which is funny, because I’m not a Wheaton fanboy, except for Stand By Me.
  8. The sequel to the book Ready Player One comes out this month. It’s gonna suck but I’m going to read it.
  9. You’ve been pretty down on it all along, from what you’ve said here. Prediction: Biden is going to win by a big enough margin that they’ll be able to call it on election night. I’m in no way certain, that’s the prediction.
  10. The funny thing is he was using the name of the person he was speaking to. It was awkward, but even politicians mess up. See: every time Trump speaks
  11. I considered Trump Train, but decided that was too much.
  12. Real men don’t have emotions. Just erections.
  13. Just the next week. After that you’ll have to find your own coping mechanism.
  14. On the bright side, I won my bet with Zathras — I mean Official Fozzie Fan Club.
  15. Fozzie


    Good thing we're talking about Star Wars and not properly structured films, eh?
  16. I got lost driving home from my mom’s apartment tonight. Taking a normal route that I’ve driven at least a hundred times, I just got completely lost.
  17. Fozzie


    “Very few people understand why my opinion is better.”
  18. Fozzie


    Because they claim to be fans but don’t hate it enough?
  19. And if the plan was what happened, was he just okay with Leia getting molested by a giant slug? I mean The Force.
  20. The big question is whether or not the character shows up in the last half of the season or if it follows other characters instead.
  21. Without seeing it, how did they manage to secretly record medical professionals in their offices without first letting them know what was going on? Seems like this was staged.
  22. It’s really hard to know what’s going on with Star Wars.
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