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  1. I’m listening to the album Scarecrow by John Cougar Mellencamp, and it was obviously a rock album when it came out, but it’s also definitely one of the best country albums of all time, listening to it now. Both genres changed enough that the bluesy small town music is now country. Can anyone think of any other similar examples?
  2. We stopped attending my dad’s family reunion in 2016, following the extreme racism and sexism of my uncles in full display of my wife and kids. My sister got us to agree to go this year by making my niece’s graduation celebration part of it. It’s tomorrow. I have a feeling that after this year, I’ll be asked to not return. At the first sign of the racism, which is more prevalent than the sexism, I’m going off on someone. And I’m prepared to go scorched earth. Old men who have never accomplished anything, most of whom are hated by their own children, if their children even know them.
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    What are you initially typing them in?
  4. My new guitar came in. It was 3/4 size (kid size) instead of full size. Drove to the other side of town to return it to a physical store to avoid shipping. Ended up spending $100 more to get a much nicer guitar, and the guy threw in a hard case ($100+) a strap ($20) and some miscellaneous odds and ends.
  5. Yeah, it’s actually not intended to be a horror film from what I’ve read. It was intended to be a sequel in a different genre, leaning more to sci-fi comedy and less horror comedy.
  6. I’m on episode 5. Work this week has been moments of insanity followed by hours of nothing. I think that the only way to make a show like this work as a multi-season show is to do something completely different. Keep with the 90s and a mystery, but all new characters and a new story. It won’t happen, but that’s the way to make it work.
  7. 40 for $5 is a good sign that it’s not quality food.
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    It seems to be limited to you. What do you mean by you've taken down the site? You may need to clear your browser cache.
  9. I seem to be able to post there. My guess is it was a temporary server error that had nothing to do with us directly.
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    Testing for errors
  11. Most jobs don’t. Some supervisors do, but it rarely extends beyond that.
  12. I’ve also been learning guitar, borrowed one from the library. Today I ordered an acoustic-electric from Guitar Center, and found out that my brother is giving me an electric guitar that belonged to my dad, but was originally mine in my early 20s when I thought I was going to learn guitar.
  13. We're a bunch of sad bastards, that's for sure, but there's gotta be something good going on. What is it? I'm off work in 4 minutes and I have cold beer in the fridge. That's my thing right now.
  14. Just do it. You don’t work for Amazon, you’re allowed to pee.
  15. Whatever “it” is, I still have it. Yesterday while at a restaurant with my kids, my mom, and my two teenage nieces, I made the waitress blush and then approach me while I was on my own to ask if I was married. I think it’s that I’m not creepy and I treat everyone like a real person. I will say I slipped on the charm a little bit more to make up for my mom being less than charming, but I was nowhere near flirting. My sister wouldn’t have let me hear the end of it if I had been.
  16. I’m glad I’m not an engineer, because I definitely match the rest.
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    Agatha thought she was working with someone who was a neophyte regular witch who had learned some phenomenal trick. So she was basically schooling the upstart who wasn't going to survive the day anyways. She was being a bully. This isn't someone going up James Bond who knows he's a super secret agent. She knows Wanda is an Avenger, sure, but her magic seems mostly limited to basically telekinesis, which I'm guessing isn't something that Agatha takes seriously. It isn't until later that she realizes that Wanda is something special. I mean, Agatha has probably been stealing power from other wi
  18. It's a cruel, (cruel), cruel summer Leaving me here on my own It's a cruel, (it's a cruel), cruel summer Now you're gone
  19. Taking the kids to soccer. People who bring their dogs are the worst people.
  20. I purchased our tickets today. We’re going to a small place with 25% capacity.
  21. Counterpoint to a lot of people here: we’ve gotten rid of a lot of predators, so hunting thins the herd for animals that are otherwise too numerous, both for their own survival and for humanity.
  22. Nowhere near you, but we’re planning our first vacation in years. We’re going to go to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.
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