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  1. I lose my wallet in our house frequently enough that I bought a Tile for it. I lost it during one trip to the hospital, but using that I was able to find it. Hopefully you'll find it.
  2. Even though he’s old, Tank still isn’t my dad.
  3. I’m super tempted to add Luke’s name to the censor. How many times do we have to have the “TLJ is awesome and everyone who doesn’t agree is a whiny bitch” posts/thread? Give me Zerimar’s EU posts any day. At least there’s more to cover.
  4. And if anyone was going to get it twice it was going to be me. Fever’s going up and oxygen is going down. It’s been over a month. At this point I wish it would either go away or be bad enough for hospitalization where I could at least get treatment. But at the same time I really don’t want to be in the hospital because it’s complete isolation there.
  5. Yeah, if you’re rolling on the floor, that’s a sign that it’s an emergency.
  6. Fozzie


    I think she's in control of the world, but someone has put her in some type of state that is separating her from reality.
  7. Fozzie


    I agree, re: slow burn. What's the point of making it a mystery if you're going to drop everything at once?
  8. I’ve done one round of antibiotics and now I’m on yet another round of steroids. I went to the ER a couple days ago. CT scan confirmed that pneumonia is worse but, overall, I’m still not bad enough to warrant hospitalization. My doctor seems to have been very prophetic in keeping me off work for the month.
  9. Most men are the same, in my experience.
  10. Fozzie


    I really enjoyed it. I don’t know enough about the comics to really catch the hints, other than obvious stuff like the HYDRA watch.
  11. That doesn’t really seem like a job that should require a degree.
  12. My biggest problem with Hawk is that they never really showed him having any doubts, and then suddenly he’s attacking the people he’s with. On the other hand, teenagers are full of big displays of change. Kinda like when he became Hawk. And season 4 is not intended to be the final season: https://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/nation/cobra-kai-season-4-release-date-cast-news
  13. So Bill Gates hasn't made you do anything too crazy? I got a check-up x-ray today. Pneumonia hasn't gotten any better, maybe slightly worse. Fun times.
  14. Why do you care if he cares? Why do you care so much that you have to ask him all the time? If it doesn't matter, then why does your question matter?
  15. Good sushi doesn't always mean good for someone having it their first time. But good job trying something new.
  16. I don’t fit into any clean US political boxes. I’m not a liberal, but I’m certainly also not a conservative. In fact, my political leanings fall directly within Catholic social teaching - a teaching that, sadly, most Catholics don’t understand, or follow. Having said that, I agree with politicians on both sides who have found that Big Tech is dangerous and the companies are monopolies - while the Republicans are crying about deplatforming, these issues have bipartisan agreement. The media just isn’t covering it well. As of today, however, the companies do have the right to not to do bu
  17. I don’t think Trump has any thought that he’s part of the gang. He’s the leader, and he’s held the power for a long time. And he likely will continue. If he isn’t convicted and barred from public office, he will run again. Even if he is barred, he’s going to keep up his constant campaigning and he’s going to support primary challenges for anyone who is against him.
  18. I agree wholeheartedly, but I am hoping that this is a situation where his interests align with the country
  19. Mitch is said to privately be happy about the impeachment, and allegedly told his fellow Republican Senators that he hasn’t decided how he will vote yet. A big difference from a year ago. But Mitch isn’t going to take a moral stand. If he votes to convict, it will be because he knows there are enough votes to convict.
  20. There seems to be no corroborating evidence on the internet. Are you sure you didn’t get fooled by a joke?
  21. If that was real, it proves some stuff: 1) George Lucas is a horrible person 2) George Lucas has no clue how human beings behave. But it does help explain why he’s so bad at directing actors if that’s his acting.
  22. Well, the idea also comes because George seems like he's acting and looks like he's trying not to laugh.
  23. Thats because it was one.
  24. For clones that went through an accelerated growth process, the Force made them go insane. That’s why Thrawn needed his anti-Force lizards to build an army of clones.
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