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  1. The only redeeming thing is keeping Nightly going.
  2. I really liked ShadowDog, but he definitely did some shady stuff. And I ended up cutting him off when I still had Twitter because of his hardcore “If you don’t see Captain Marvel in the theater you’re sexist” stance. Anyone who wasn’t seeing it was the enemy, and I wasn’t going to see it because I don’t have time or money to see every movie, so I was his enemy.
  3. I fully agree with you on spoilers, Torch, and I even go farther to say if you enter a topic about a piece of media that’s already been released, you deserve what you get. I’ve also gotten rid of a number of mods who just quit Nightly without telling us.
  4. Yep! He’s super old but still around.
  5. Hard mode is an option, but the Wordle that everyone is playing isn’t an app - that’s a knock-off. https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/ Hard mode for the game is just an option that means you have to use any correct letters in your next guess. So you can’t do what Tank was describing, which was how I previously played. It just makes you think a bit more.
  6. Ryan Reynolds Pat Sajak Harrison Ford Mel Brooks Prince Charles William Shatner Henry Kissinger Bob Barker Jimmy Carter Drew Carey
  7. I switched to hard mode and it’s fun. You have to use any letters that you know are in the word for subsequent guesses.
  8. Backs of hands was about people wanting to push the boundaries to show how cool they were. It was Lando in a nutshell, and has the same energy as people refusing to wear masks so they can confront the 16 year old girl tasked with enforcing the rules. But anyone who has ever been a mod here has probably been called a mall cop at some point, because for some reason people think we get off on our limited authority. I’ve been called that and worse, on a regular basis.
  9. He and REV mad everything horrible and they would flame each other and then come crying about the other. From the bottom of my heart, eff those guys.
  10. Wow, I didn’t realize you all needs meds because of me! I’m honored!
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