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  1. I just finished it. Overall, my favorite X-Men movie. I loved that it was so different from every other superhero movie out there.
  2. Nursing homes are an important part of healthcare and need to be treated as such. Until that happens, you’ll see problems like this.
  3. Ah. My problem is similar, but I’ve tracked it down to the wiring. There’s a short in the wires leading to the sensors. So they’ll work sometimes, but other times not.
  4. Yeah, as I was reading I was thinking that it’s probably the sensors, or more likely the wiring to the sensors. I need to replace all of my wiring.
  5. The biggest issue with nursing home staff is that we can’t afford to fire 60% of them. It’s already a difficult, underpaid job that they have trouble filling and end up getting crappy employees to begin with. I think a better option would be a tax cut/stimulus attached to getting vaccinated. And a big part of this is because there is no plan. Developing a plan and communicating it needs to be one of the first things this administration does. I understand it will take some time because of the intentional incompetence of the previous administration, but how they respond going forward w
  6. Proof that someone can be really good at something and still be a terrible person.
  7. Those are my oxygen stats and heart rate, taken roughly 15 minutes apart. Having a nebulizer is proving to be a life saver.
  8. That is disgusting. Although equally disgusting is the people refusing the vaccine which leads to waste. 60% of nursing home staff in Ohio refused it, and fortunately for most of those cases they didn’t waste any vaccine, but it is happening. I’d rather have anyone receive it than have it get tossed. The whole lack of a plan on any level is disheartening. Especially since states have known for 4 years that they wouldn’t be getting help from the previous administration.
  9. Really, given the pst four years we’re probably better off starting from scratch. If there was a plan it would be corrupt
  10. I lose my wallet in our house frequently enough that I bought a Tile for it. I lost it during one trip to the hospital, but using that I was able to find it. Hopefully you'll find it.
  11. Even though he’s old, Tank still isn’t my dad.
  12. I’m super tempted to add Luke’s name to the censor. How many times do we have to have the “TLJ is awesome and everyone who doesn’t agree is a whiny bitch” posts/thread? Give me Zerimar’s EU posts any day. At least there’s more to cover.
  13. And if anyone was going to get it twice it was going to be me. Fever’s going up and oxygen is going down. It’s been over a month. At this point I wish it would either go away or be bad enough for hospitalization where I could at least get treatment. But at the same time I really don’t want to be in the hospital because it’s complete isolation there.
  14. Yeah, if you’re rolling on the floor, that’s a sign that it’s an emergency.
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