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  1. I get that most people don't listen to CDs, but it still seems crazy that new vehicles don't even have players. I drive a 2008 Prius, and our other vehicle is a 2014 Honda Odyssey. So both obviously still have CD players.
  2. I’ve got a Discman rip-off that I have connected to speakers in my work space, and headphones to just chill. I’m going to initiate one night a week to go lay in the hammock and listen to an album. Almost all my time goes into work or family, so 40-60 minutes of time with no phone and no people sounds amazing.
  3. I don’t know if we have any part-time openings, but my company is embracing remote work for anyone who wants it.
  4. Absolutely not. My wife can’t even be my friend.
  5. Old and proud! But it's an external that I bought to digitize my DVD collection. So... yeah, DVDs are digitized and now I'm going back to hard CDs.
  6. I ended up going back, with pretty serious rules. If you're someone currently in my life, we're not friends on Facebook. If I'm related to you, we're not friends on Facebook. If you're an old friend that I've lost touch with and actually care about, we'll be friends on Facebook. No app. No groups. Just a few friends from the past, mostly from high school. No other connections. If I find I'm checking it every day, without a good reason, I'm deleting the account. If I start to get emotional because of it, I'm deleting the account. That includes letting idiots make me feel ang
  7. No, that’s the fact that I haven’t washed my ass since COVID started.
  8. And before someone comes in and complains about how MP3s don't have the same clarity - I'm not a professional listening on a system that cost thousands of dollars. There's no noticeable difference for me.
  9. I used to have a large CD collection, well over 2000 CDs, that over the years was whittled down as CD cases disappeared during moves or were stolen, so I've switched almost entirely to digital - which, let's face it, in the age of Spotify / other streaming services is the norm. But I've found that the danger with this is that I'm listening to the same stuff over and over, and I miss listening to entire albums. But them temptation is too strong to just but on a playlist, and there's a number of local bands or small 90s indie / punk bands that just never made it to the streaming services. So, I'
  10. This is probably the best description I've seen.
  11. I wasn't feeling well on Monday, so I got a test so my kids can go to school. It was negative. Today my son got sent home with a sore throat. They said he only needs to get tested if he still has it tomorrow, otherwise if he's symptom free he can go.
  12. That's awesome! Congratulations to both of you. That's quite a bit of work you put in to get him there.
  13. Looking forward to death is the only thing that gets me through some days.
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