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  1. You're all wrong about everything... or maybe you aren't.
  2. Happy birthday brah!

  3. Seth, it's like I don't even know you anymore. Walter, September 27. To be totally honest I wasn't thrilled by the season 4 promo they played at Comic-Con but IMO the show has yet to falter. So maybe it will pleasantly surprise me yet again.
  4. I've been watching it, just because I got Showtime free for a year as a new customer. I'm not too impressed. I get the distinct feeling that the writing team don't really know what kind of show they want it to be, and so we get this kind of mishmash. It sort of feels like they're trying to pull off an ensemble piece but don't have the time to do it in 30 minutes. The side characters like Mo-Mo, Thor, and Akalitus seem so underdeveloped that you have to wonder why they're even there. Sometimes the little character moments (like Dr. O'Hara braiding Grace's hair) can be touching but other times
  5. Currently slowly making my way through A Man on the Moon by Andrew Chaikin.

  7. When my roommate refuses to sleep in no matter what time he went to bed the last night, but then takes a three hour nap on the living room couch that day. I guess he feels proud of himself for having the will power to wake up early or something.
  8. Just finished Neal Stephenson's Anathem, somewhat simultaneously attacking Salinger's Franny and Zooey and William Gibson's Neuromancer now.
  9. Finally getting around to reading The Kite Runner - about halfway through and very good so far. I'm just very happy with myself that I've been reading more - I've finished at least six books in the last year, which is probably more than I finished in three years before that.
  10. I just saw the comment you left me in my profile... I have no idea how this newfangled NN works. I'm glad neither of us has managed to escape over the years.

  11. DW (v1.0)!!! How weird is this? I had been thinking a few weeks ago that I had not seen you 'round here since I started coming back, and viola! your here! :) I still have the postcard ya sent me, 'member? :)

  12. wow, nice to see ya around!!

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