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  1. It's weird going through old links. I don't have any memory of that batman forum thread and that was only a few years ago. But I totally remember everything about the thyham thing from way back in 2003. Good times.
  2. Well...that was interesting. (seriously, don't read until you're done) So yeah, there were some strong moments, but on the whole, I find this book to be lacking. Better than AFFC, but whatever magic Martin had going a decade ago feels lost. Way too many chapters left me with a "so what" feeling. Like AFFC, most of this book feels bogged down with minutiae that just isn't very interesting. I suppose some of it's necessary setup for later, but it gets tiresome. Too many minor characters, too many subplots, too much time when things just aren't HAPPENING. This was not the case in the first th
  3. Wait, really? Does the general consensus actually think she's dead? I have a hard time believing that. I thought it seemed pretty clear that there was going to be a last-second reprieve. As frustrating as Book 4 was, I can't imagine that Martin made her a POV character and devoted all that time to her wandering around doing nothing only to get rid of her. Also, I'm pretty sure Ryn hasn't read the books and was just drunk posting.
  4. I started reading the series after watching the first TV episode. Just finished up Book 4. Book 1 was my favorite. Solid from beginning to end. Books 2 and 3 were a little shakier at times, particularly in the earlier sections, but both finished up very strongly in their second halves. Book 4 could not have been more disappointing. I was aware going in that this one was only "half" the story, but still, I can't find any excuse for all the dithering around in this one. I'm sitting here in my mind comparing the events of this one to the previous books and it feels like a joke. How can you wr
  5. Got a new computer today. Unrelated: keep those donations coming!

  6. Hey Ryan good to c you're round!

  7. During the party, a woman walks in and asks, "Is this the party?" Everyone looks down and mumbles. She walks out, disappointed. That was her. Michael's seat at the blood drive had faced away from her, so he had no idea what she looked like. He was still waiting for his dreamgirl to come in asking about her missing glove...assuming that glove was hers in the first place and hadn't been left by a previous donor. That didn't sound quite right, so I went back and watched it again. It was definitely NOT the same girl. Rewatching the scene, the "joke" appears to be that when she walks in, ever
  8. Wikipedia doesn't seem to distinguish between a pre-credits teaser and a cold open. And as we all know, Wikipedia is NEVER WRONG.
  9. There's some new info on the next Superman and the other DC properties. Full article is here: http://www.latinoreview.com/news/superman-...e-rebooted-5262 Most relevant bits: So in classic herd mentality, what worked for one specific character will now be copied and imitated for every property, without regard to whether the tone is actually appropriate to the material. What could possibly go wrong? The implication being that Superman will be rebooted. Again.
  10. show me the meaning of being lonely

    is this the feeling I need to walk with

    tell me why I cant be there where you are

    theres something missing in my...heart

  11. you are.

    my fire.

    my one.



    when i say.

    i want it that way.


  12. Hummm...hey, Ryan.. Now that your g-friend's out the way, wanna go out? ;)

  13. Toby is HR. So A) he's the one that usually has to reel Michael in and B) he reports to Corporate. So Michael is not actually Toby's boss and he resents the fact that he doesn't have the same power over Toby as all the others.
  14. Aw, i popped Mandy's comment cherry.

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