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  1. That's a shame cause this is hands down maybe the best game I've played. I can't think of any that's been a better experience. It got me to stop playing Skyrim and that's saying something It's like what I imagined the future of isometric RPGs could be back when I was a kid in the 90s only BG3 surpasses my imaginations of future gaming by a long shot. But it recaptures the wonderment felt when you dived into an epic RPG of yesteryear. It has nostelgia but it feels cutting edge the whole time. (Aside from a few inventory management annoyances) There are a few puzzles but nothing super duper hard. If you get stuck you can always just find a guide online. Combat is super fun even though it's turn based. You just have to switch you brain into a tactical kind of way of thinking. Enjoy the limitless ways to approach the combat. I would say definitely play it if you can afford it, if only to not miss out on a landmark title. And everything else about it is absolutely cinematic. I played divinity original sin and DOS2 and while I thought the second was very well made, it didn't land with me and I quit half way. I had no such issues with BG3. This game is not as punishing. Fights can be challenging but they're never really annoying. The environmental hazards are there but toned down. In essence it's DOS2 gameplay but tweaked with the DnD5 ruleset (which is the most casual friendly and ruleset yet) and it has a broad appeal. There is a reason it's doing so well. It's nowhere near as frustrating as Elden Ring for example. It's just so engaging. I'm gonna go play some now...
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