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  1. Maybe I'm the only one, but personally I loved the last episode. I don't even mind the background politics stuff. That's the tie to the ST, it's setting up the failure of the New Republic and exactly why Leia started to get out of politics. She saw the threat that still existed. I'm able to follow even though I haven't seen every episode of Clone Wars, and honestly, most of Rebels. Granted I've been a SW fan for most of my life. Is the target audience really casual fans? I mean, my dad would have no frigging idea what's going on, but my husband is following along for the most part. Side note: my daughter's therapist asked me to introduce her to Ahsoka through The Clone Wars. She thinks she needs a fictional role model and said when she was watching Clone Wars this weekend with her own kids, she realized Q reminded her so much of Ahsoka.
  2. Babies still! AWWWWWWWWW they've made it out to the living room.
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  3. My wife and I got in a stupid argument one time. I left the house and got no farther than 30’, when bird poop dropped dead center on the top of my head. I told her that I hope you’re happy, because even the birds are shitting on me. We both laughed about it.
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  4. Yes! Supermassive's The Devil In Me came out last November and was a reasonable success... but, like comics, it's a very insular world and hard to get into.
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