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  1. A crow shit on my arm today while on a walk
  2. I just get the same feeling I get from the rest of the Favreau/Filoni led shows, other than BOBF which was a level below, I like the show well enough to keep watching but thats really about all the excitement I can muster.
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  3. I get the consistent income. Is there a part-time gig with a steady paycheck that you could pick up? I think if you became a full time working stiff you'd feel kind of stifled and wouldn't have the time or energy to create. And heard on the body thing. I'm north of 40 now and it's just harder. The COVID 19 (lbs) was not kind and I've not recovered from it. I think a lot of people are in this boat but the reality is it's just harder as you age. I've never felt my age, I don't wake up feeling like shit every morning other than never getting enough sleep (I've always had high sleep needs, even in college). But it's definitely creeping up because I'm just tired every night.
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  4. He should mix them together and become a horrific welder.
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