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  1. I got a new car. Going to replace the engine in the other one and give it to our kid.
  2. They’re all just auditioning to be Trump’s running mate. I think only DeSantis and Pence are actually going for the big chair, and Christie is just playing spoiler.
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  4. Sending good juju for surgery and UGH on cars. I drove all summer without AC because they said mine was about to do what happened to you until I could get a seal on the engine replaced and I needed to drive gently and without pushing it and I might make it by the time the guy can do it and I can get it scheduled. They're going to give me a rental at $25.00 a day. I am hard on cars. But my love for Toyotas continues because honestly it's only going to be three days instead of months like your Kia for the repair. My pephew had the top surgery. I was the only supportive family member who was there for him besides his dad and mom. They actually were on Ricki Lake to talk about it way back in the day over 10 years ago.
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