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  1. Krull! Special effects are super dated but the movie itself is awesome! The main guy was really likable, even for a young prince turned king, they made him a pretty caring guy. It was nice to have a character like that, willing to throw himself into danger for people he barely knew, like when he tried saving the drowning guy in the swamp. And can I mention how bad some of the deaths are? For a fun, light-hearted adventure movie, there were some gruesome deaths. From getting finger-nailed in the neck, drowning in quicksand, getting crushed between walls, eaten by a giant spider, getting slowly impaled, some characters got it really bad. Funny thing about the deaths is the characters always move on fast, it's like well they're dead, we have to keep moving LOL. The main guy didn't even bury his dad! Him and the Obi-Wan guy just up and leave the castle with a ton of bodies lying around. Even Qui-Gon didn't get a good death scene, just shot and is like tell my 7th wife I loved her. Best characters were the cyclops and the bandit leader, they were both fun. Oh, and it had Hagrid! It took me a while to realize that was the same actor. It was weird to me that all the characters acknowledge other worlds even though they appear to be a fairly primitive society, like medieval. They took the whole being invaded by aliens thing in stride. And the king and princess's son is going to rule an entire galaxy? I'd like to know how that works! Glave is an awesome weapon! Too bad it got used once and then is just lost while stuck to the head bad guy. But who needs it when you have flame hands? Last thing, the soundtrack! I had to check the composer because I swear this had very similar music to Star Trek II and sure enough, James Horner did both! Seriously, listen to the opening themes to both and tell me they don't sound alike!
  2. James Horner gotta Horner. Dropping the Reliant’s shields and Ripley spacing the alien queen are nearly identical.
  3. For example, I just learned there’s a thing called maple syrup urine disease, and it can kill you tell me other horrible things
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  5. Oh yeah we explained that to him. Or well, another teacher did but then it weirded him out even worse. Like he couldn’t wrap his brain around these possibilities. It is either you are born a boy or born a girl. Texas is not helping much either.
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  6. Yeah, I feel like everyone is awkward around Ahsoka. Or she's awkward. I admittedly didn't watch a ton of Rebels so I'm not sure how familiar/comfortable the dynamic was, but obviously there's conflict between Sabine and Ahsoka so maybe that's what they went for.
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  7. I've only seen the first episode, but in the scenes with Sabine and Ahsoka, and/or Ahsoka and Hera, the acting seems wooden and forced, with uncomfortable pauses in between dialogue.
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  8. I honestly don't remember the dialogue of that scene. I'll have to look it up again. From what i understand they've already things in the Ahsoka novel with the tales of the Jedi shorts. If I've had a problem with these shows, it's keeping up with the timeline. It escapes me that Ahsoka is around 50 years old at this point. If there was one thing that legends and the new eu have in common is that they portray the New Republic as inept and ready to fail.
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  9. I've been to Arizona to visit relatives and it was awful in the summer. I think it was hotter at night than the daytime, it was like the heat just emanated off the pavement! Dry heat, my butt! Doesn't matter if it's like 100+. It's finally cooled off here, only in the 70s and not humid finally.
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