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  2. I know Ericka pretty well, so let me get you started: 1. favorite alcohol: yes 2. favorite food: something very healthy followed by something outright gluttonous 3. Seattle Center: maybe, so long as you know there will be people to laugh at 4. Discovery park-- the beach side; she's always leaved by the beach so seeing the PacNW version will be fun 5. Whidby Island-- if you have time cause it's cute 6. Coffee for sure 7. Toys in Babeland on Capitol Hill 8. Pike Place MArket-- but not the fish tossing part, but all the weirdo shops on the sublevel when you go through the gum-alley 9.
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  4. I think they should just do the different actress thing, then. She looks different enough as She-Hulk that it would be believable, as believable as a woman getting big and green can be anyways! Is this a Fensler film quote?
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