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  2. That’ll work! I only tried the streaming once, and since it’s on my own network between 2 computers, I didn’t notice any latency. Here’s the living room setup with 5.1 surround.
  3. HAHAHA I just asked my sister what she things of WW84 and she said she does a lot of whip work.
  4. I was never super happy with streaming games, there were always glitches or lags. I’m actually just running a HDMI cable from my video card directly to the TV and sitting on a couch with wireless controllers and headphones.
  5. Morning receptionist texts me out of the blue this morning - "We are starting to get our freedoms back and people are loving it!" I texted back "yeah, the vaccine rollout is happening so fast, I didn't think we'd get to this point until fall or winter!" That stopped the whole convo.
  6. Are you using the Steam streaming feature? I once used that for Fallout 4, where I was streaming from my more powerful gaming PC, to the one attached to the big screen in the living room. That PC was eventually moved to the living room (i7-4790k with a GTX 1080), when I got a 9900k and 2080 Super last year. I was switching between the two PCs this weekend, while playing Resident Evil Village. I like how Steam saves your profiles, so you can pick up where you left off on another computer.
  7. But the heels make your butt look fantastic.
  8. A party based on dislike of the other? In America? Probably not sustainable for more than a couple hundred years.
  9. Noveria is a great location. Probably my favorite world in ME1. I really love the brutalist design of it and the set up that it’s massive remote for-rent science facility corporations can use to experiment outside the law full of mercs, rogue scientists, and experiments. I was also surprised how extensive it was first time I’ve played. If you’re headed for the Peak facility you’ve got another handful of quests waiting for you. I’m a little behind you. I’ve done Eden Prime and the first wave of side missions on the citadel, recruited Wrex, Garrus, and Tali, and also chose to find Liar
  10. It’s not that type of issue. Sara still falls into that deep sleep, not waking until her alarm, ready for her day, says thank you in the morning, mission accomplished. All of the checkmark signals that I look for are checked, gold star sticker awarded. lol On my end it’s the emotionally and physically exhausted thing, the out of breath and out of shape sorta thing. The weight of Atlas thing that homemakers can deal with. The waking up tired thing. The “touched out” thing. Kids, pets, chores, extended family management, crazy neighbors, the 1950s role reversal. Get it all done for everyone
  11. Saw it this weekend with my sister for the first time. It was okay. The people who say it's just Diana doing hokey stuff to protect the world throwbacks are spot on. Very different from other super hero films that have a kind of true evil bad guy. And yes, rape-ey-ness ew.
  12. chapter 6: Moff Lecersen sets up his office within moments at the GA embassy and meets with Senator Haydnat Treen of Kuat. Lecersen admits he was surprised to find that the recent kidnapping attempt on the Head of State did not implicate the usual suspected Moffs. He did find, however, that the Borleias bank had a second set of books that hadn’t been scrubbed and it led back to a vehicle importer which led to a Kuati construction firm leading him to her. He just doesn’t know what to do with the information. She invites him to the Kuat embassy so long as he brings only thos
  13. Progress update from evening 3 of play! I carried on where I was in doing the side quests in the outer systems as well as scanning all the other planets for goodies, and then got to the point where I had a couple of side quests that would finish up in the same system as Noveria, so headed there to do the next main mission. Enjoyed working through the requirements to get the pass and head to the facility at Peak 15 (using Liara and Tali as they seem a good combo and I wanted Liara involved when I found out who else was supposedly here), and left it at the stage of having powered up an
  14. Generic viagra is pretty cheap these days and works pretty well.
  15. Yeah I bet you're loving the smooth framerates and lighting enhancements your rig can run.
  16. In regards to the work putting it in, even tho I’m still technically a younger man, or maybe I’m just lying to myself there as I’m 43 years old and also 28 years into this relationship so the mileage is probably way past warranty... There are many times now when my wife and I just agree that sex would be great but then decide that the allure of a full night’s sleep is stronger. The times when that doesn’t happen I’m constantly having to ignore my internal younger self as he ruthlessly mocks me for feeling like I’m running a marathon. No way, I got this, man. No worries. It’s barely a 5k.
  17. Ok true. But how sustainable is that?
  18. I've been playing it with controller, on my PC, but piped to my 64" TV,. Between the remaster and the PC in general, it's beyond crushing my experience on the 360.
  19. Multiple showers by both parties were taken.
  20. I was doing some work at an orthopedic clinic, when a couple of people from my office started blowing up my phone. It turned out that someone in the building had complained about my company truck being in the parking lot (it's 2:30) and they were saying that they had some kind of meeting going on a 5 PM. It turns out that it was the stupid people in the Republican party local office. I told the lady at the job I was at about what had just happened. She got up and immediately went to their office, muttering that she was tired of their shit. I heard a small bit the conversation, as I was walking
  21. I've played through ME1 and ME2 twice, between the PS3 and Xbox 360. I tried to play it on PC, back in the day, but it didn't support controllers. The whole mouse and keyboard setup was pretty lame. I just might get this for the PC again, because it has controller support, but the PS4 might also be a nice option.
  22. Not that I thought Cesaro had a chance in winning but man I'm tired of Roman Reigns. This is a great gimmick for him but it's past time for him to lose.
  23. Regarding Backlash: I think WWE writers are starting to equate delayed gratification with good story. All title retentions except for one feel-good tag-team win where the Mysterios had already beaten Ziggler twice. Yay. It was all entertaining on a technical level, the in-ring talent is top notch right now, but good lord do I not care where any of these title stories are going at this point. The prime example being the Asuka/Flair/Ripley match... really fun but the ending killed it. Let Asuka out of being a third wheel and start wrestling other people, please. Also: I wasn't rea
  24. Ok, my shower question still stands tho.
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