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  2. My favorite is the annual where Scarlett and Storm Shadow rescue Snake Eyes from Cobra Island.
  3. You are 100% right about that. But the silent ninja issues... those were genius level.
  4. As long as he didn't get too bogged down into the esoterica of military weaponry and armor and the technicality of how everything worked, it was a great comic. When he did indulge that side of himself, though, it was just gibberish. But between the comic and the file cards, he deserves more credit than most for the line succeeding as well as it did.
  5. Yeah Larry Hama really made it something special for a minute before Hasbro forced so much endless crap on him.
  6. Luke got a covid test yesterday. We won't get the results for a few more days. He's been sick for about a week. It started with allergies - red puffy eyes, runny nose, sniffles. Then the drainage gave him a cough. Eventually cough meds stopped working, and he started wheezing to breathe. So Trevor took him to the doctor yesterday. They gave him steroids, an albuterol breathing treatment, and x-rayed his lungs. They tested him for covid and strep. Strep was also positive, but doesn't quite explain the issues with his lungs - his bronchioles and alveoli aren't closing properly when he exhale
  7. At this point, I'm looking for any excuse to replace the people who were a problem this time around. I'm also looking for replacements for a few key positions. This won't happen again while we're still here. But we're moving within the year, so I'm doing everything I can to make sure it doesn't happen after then either.
  8. I always thought GI Joe as live action would work better in the Special Missions format. With Larry Hama writing.
  9. The Snake Eyes spinoff/reboot is coming out in July, and apparently Prime is setting up a Lady Jaye centered series. I don't really think GI Joe lends itself to live action well, I think it should stay animated. So yes. Please pitch this.
  10. Why are you racist against Silver people?
  11. I’m really fascinated by this game WHO IS RACIST? people who assumed he was black people who assumed he couldn’t be black people who assume he is black because of how he dresses I think the answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE, but probably Hasbro most of all? Also also, it’s been long enough since the crap movies for me to get my gritty Paramount+ GI Joe series up and running.
  12. I'll be honest I never thought about this before, but I think you're onto something.
  13. I knew he was a Scottish lord, but there are black Scottish people you racist fuck. Also, look at his face! In all seriousness I did google this and there are legit racist arguments in both directions. One said that he dressed like a Fascist Pimp, which while accurate, still doesn’t answer the question.
  14. It will be interesting because the weather is suppose be worse today. It should clear out by start, but it suppose to be great rain and high winds.
  15. I think they're testing the Pfizer one on kids but 12 and up here. I think they like to hit up SA's population for studies because of asthma and diabetes are super prevalent here for kids health issues. My health insurance is pushing Pfizer so hopefully this week for me.
  16. chapter 24: Luke and Ben emerge from the caverns to an anxious Tadar’Ro. Luke tells him they are finished, but will only speak to the Aing-Tii as a group. Tadar’Ro quickly leads them back to the Jade Shadow where dozens are already waiting. Luke thanks them for helping him in his question to learn more about Jacen’s journeys, as well as for the insights they’ve gleaned into the life of Jorj Car’das and about the Aing-Tii philosophy itself. He tells them that he and Ben have handled every object and have found nothing that has given them any idea that there is something the Aing-Ti
  17. I feel pretty comfortable giving it to my kids but obviously they won't be in the 12-15 group, they would probably be in the 6-11 or 7-11 group (wherever they decide to cut that off but my youngest turns 7 in 2 weeks so I assume he will be included in the next group). Once the adults are protected, I know people will go back to doping their kid up with Tylenol to hide a fever and sending them off to school. Not going to lie, the AstraZeneca shitshow in Europe makes me not want to do J&J for them if that is ever an option. But then again, blood clots are a normal immune response, its j
  18. I wish i was there so i could have gone nuts for Belair. O could be eating, but i believe she's has a higher ceiling than Ripley. Since Ripley week probably best Asuka tomorrow we're going to find out. Guys give Bad Bunny credit for training hard for this match. He didn't look too out of place, and he sold really well. Maybe it's because i hate three move, but i wouldn't have had him do the destroyer. On a side, a friend text me joking that he was going to start a that's not a pirate ship these on Twitter. He's not lying. That was not a pirate ship they built lol.
  19. He's supposed to be Scottish but the voice actor in the cartoon was black.
  20. Is Destro Black? I always thought he was. Am I a racist? Or is it racist to say he ISN'T black?
  21. Is the troop going to shrug it off or are they going to figure out how to be more inclusive from the start so this doesn't happen again?
  22. I thought they might let Cesaro best Rollins. I wasn't going to believe it till i saw it.
  23. I get mine tomorrow. Nervous as fuck if it will make me sick!
  24. Zathras


    IF they let Stewart and DeLancie act like they did during TNG, I could be down and could ALMOST forgive them for season 1. I wanted a TNG reunion and the episodes with Troi, Riker and Data were always the strongest scenes/episodes of PicS1.
  25. Wow---didn't know they still allowed Hogan still around...
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