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Posted by Jedi Cool , 07 September 2008 · 770 views

51 years ago, the descendants of my great-great grandfather got together for their first family reunion. Since that time, most of his children have died off. Only one remains and the younger extended family of nieces, nephews, grand-children and great-granchildren continue the tradition.
As a child, I remember enduring an endless trip down to Indiana's Turkey Run State Park the same weekend each year to go visit a ton of people I didn't know and a handful that I did.

5 years ago, I found myself maneuvered into taking over the running of the reunion. It's not been easy. As the older people die off and the younger people...well, just don't wanna come...the attendance has dipped dramatically. Last year, I decided to do something about it. It was the 50th anniversary, after all, so I submitted an article and picture to the local paper and had special postcards printed up promoting the reunion.

I had backyard games, such as a bean bag toss and ladderball brought in and had drawings for door prizes. We had a record attendance, probably due to the milestone event. I was a bit nervous about this year.

I brought back games - a horseshoe toss and the bean bag game and included some door prize drawings. We had a decent crowd and the weather certainly helped that. My brother and I talked about how the tradition may die out as people lose interest or die off. I meet members of my family I never knew existed. My sister and a third cousin twice her age have hit it off due to their shared interest in genealogy. We get to know each other over fried chicken and bean bags.

Do you have a family reunion? If so, do you attend regularly? If not, why not? What would make you go?

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