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Old and Alone

Posted by Jedi Cool , 23 August 2008 · 693 views

Since my Papaw died in 1996, my Mamaw has lived alone in their big ole house. My other grandma lived two streets away but moved when the neighborhood began to slide downward.Mamaw refused to leave. Over the years, she has gotten help from people. We chipped in to fix her roof and make other repairs. She has a neighbor across the street that is very helpful and mows her lawn. However, the neighborhood hasn't gotten any better. I don't think anyone has been murdered there yet, though. It's an old neighborhood and I expect most crime is just property-related.Yesterday, my brother called me and told me that there was an incident at Mamaw's house. She had seen a car pull up and, since it resembled her brother's car, she thought it was him. When she opened the door, a couple of young men were there. One of them introduced himself as someone who used to mow her lawn when he was a boy. Since she kinda thought they looked familiar, she let them in.I'm not sure about the details, but it involved a huge carpet sample that blocked her view while talking to the one guy. The other, apparently, swiped $46 from her purse. After they left, she discovered the theft and realized what happened. My brother and mother went over and the police were called. Her neighbor is going to put a peephole in her front door, my brother is going to put a deadbolt on her bedroom door (and offered to stay with her last night) and he and my aunt are discussing checking into LifeAlert. Thankfully, she was unharmed. They didn't break in, threaten her in any way or harm her (there were no weapons involved). She just got conned. But we are concerned about her opening the door to just anyone, especially as these guys might consider her an easy mark and come back. As it is, we are all going to call her ahead of time before we come visit her so she will be expecting us. It is rather alarming still.

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