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On Tracks of Steel

Posted by Jedi Cool , 17 April 2008 · 731 views

Last night, I was sipping a Dr. Pepper and trying to log onto drpepper.com to see if the letters under my cap would get me a prize. No such luck.

It's funny how the mind works. I started thinking of things that annoy me. My own personal geekdom begins to flinch whenever someone mispronounces a character's name, such as Pee-card instead of Picard (Pick-ard), et al.

That being said:

* It's Star T-R-E-K. Trek. Not Track!

* It's Star War-S. Plural. Not Star War.

* No, they are not the same thing!

* The 1950's Superman was played by George Reeves. There is an S on the end of it.

* The 1970's Superman was played by Christopher Reeve. No S at the end.

* No, they were not related at all!

Any other geeky things that really bug you?

Yep. I get annoyed whenever a parent tries to relate what show thier kid is interested in, and doesn't know that damndest thing about it.
For instance: At work a very kindly lady who I work with stopped short when I said I liked LEXX.
"Oh!" she cried, "My son dressed up like one of the characters from that...he had a red jumpsuit..???"
"Stanley Tweedle," I replied.
"Oh," she tittered, "I don't know. He made it and everything. With the nice hat with the bdage on it..what was the badge?'
"Number four," I dead-panned.
"Four for Security Guard, Class Four."
"Oh...I don't pay much attention to that stuff."

Yeah. And it's likely you haven't got a clue about the fact that your teenage boy has an obsession with watching a girl with blue hair (and pubes) taking a shower, naked.
I had to laugh inwardly. She has no idea how raunchy LEXX was, or what her son is worshipping.

That truly, truly, grosses me out. Blech.

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