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The First of Many--Hopefully

Posted by Ria-Ria , 26 June 2006 · 303 views

Alright so today Sigh Snootles agread to take me on as a Padawan learner--i promise not to be a big burden,hopefully.lol well any way i might as warn the rest of you that im bout as crazy about volleyball as i am about Star Wars,lol. so if i start babaling in volleyball lingo--as i am know for buy my friends--just tell me to shut up,k?? i may as well give a short bio of my friends cuz theyre like family to me.

Kel--Blonde to the core. the most hiper person i know --and thats with out sugar in her.
Katie--Prefers to be called katia she is the silent but deadly one and loves being told that shes 'evil' a pssible Sith mabe??
Kara--My best friend and look-alike when we were little our moms mixed us up constantly
Marielle--known as the sweetheart of the group she doesnt need to flirt cuz shes got the soft spot of every gut in the class without even trying

and then theres me--- uber cybor geek and Star Wars geek, my friends are constantly telling me that im the only reason they arent at each others throuts and....

hey this is the gang from above and dont listen to a word Amanda (aka Ria-Ria) says shes way to modest for our tastes so you guys tell her to flaunt it k???

...after that VERY RUDE interruption in witch i was focebly held back ... o i give up c ya lata...

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