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How I Became To Be, Basically.

Posted by QueenWoodRat , 11 May 2006 · 371 views

Name: QueenWoodRat.

History Behind The Name: I'm a bit of a diva at times so that's how I got the name Queen, but I do have a throne in my cave made of granite.

Height: 5ft 6inches aka 166m.

Weight: That's my business. :P

Measurements: That's also mine. :P

Birth Planet: Dagobah.

Housing Situation: Cave overlooking a swamp.

Blood Type: Bizarre :lol: , I have no idea actually I'll let you all know when I remember.

Race: Humanoid Dagobahrian Cave Rat.

Brief Description of me : I have grey and white fur , strong back legs , a mean whiplash whip of a tail, darkish blonde hair just a wee bit past my shoulders., ice blue eyes and I wear black Doc Martens and some jumpsuits I wear in many colours because I am versatile and like variety and oh a leather pouch for on a leather belt that I keep my stimulants in and........... a mean as looking sniper rifle and some holsters on a black leather belt for my stun guns.

Personality Wise As In My Moods: Witty, Sarcastic, Cheeky, Humourous, Klutzy at times, Serious, Emotional, Happy, Sensitive and most important of all Compassionate.

I guess you could call me " The Compassionate Killer" which is such an oxymoron I know.

Spaceship: Its name is The Crucifier and it is long, slim and grey and lots like a flat oblong and has plenty of room and can fit through tight spaces.
Sniper Rifle: Posted Image

Well that's me signing off for now and I'll get around to writing about one of my adventures soon.


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