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In Memoriam

Posted by Wally Q , 14 June 2010 · 1,873 views

You know guys, it's a week away from being 11 years here and I'm -this- close to hitting 10,000. So I'm curious, for those out there reading this, what would you say has been your favorite moment involving me and you. I know this is a blah blog entry but coming close to such a milestone on here without getting banned is really great and something I've been looking forward to. Humor me.. Six, I know you've got stories! ;)

(I'll probably blog something about work and bore you all to death later!)

My favorite moment had to be you changing your name so I could FINALLY tell the ****ing difference between you and the other one. I don't feel like I really got to know you until that happened.
But too many of my stories suck! Instead I defer to my wife's memories of all those good times in the Harry Potter forum. :D

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