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A note of caution...

Posted by Darth Bane , 16 May 2006 · 222 views



A simple foreward on what is to come.
As many of you may know I am currently serving on the USS George Washington. Here I will enlighten you as to what is the life of a Sailor.
The life of an Australian in America.

Please note; that the ahead readings may cause 1 or more of the 7 Deadly Sins to occur. It is an unfortunate side-effect, but some may say it's worth it.
Personally I dont, so dont read my Blog. But, if you feel immortal, go right ahead.

A teaser: My first Blog will be entitled "Wooden Teeth"

Disclaimer: All characters are ficticious and any relation to anyone living or dead is coincidental. All persons mentioned have approved their mentionings and application of the 7 Deadly Sins has been waived from my hands as I have washed them thoroughly of my Blog. Have a Fine Navy Day!

Are you gonna tell us Navy secrets? 'Cause that would be COOL.
Funny thing about this entry: it was originally published last week or so, then disappeared...because, due to "internal error", it was changed from "Published" to "Draft" and disappeared from public view.

I fixed it and it's back now, but now it shows as a brand new entry published today. Freaky, eh, wot? Sorry 'bout that, good sir.
Well, thanks alot Numero Six-o.

As for Naval secrets... well, we'll just have to wait and see, wont we?

And you should be thanking Zeus's hairy mole that you werent careless enough to delete this. You are a lucky man this day. Buy a lottery ticket. But hark! Cross me again and you'll rue the day... RUE!!!

(And I dont mean Rue Mclenan from the Golden Girls either)
Hey! Rue McClanahan was hot!

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