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MCC Highlights 5/14/2012 - 7/21/2012

Posted by NumberSix , 21 July 2012 · 1,040 views

So far my daily writing exercises haven't exhausted me yet. Most popular entries from the past ten weeks:

* What's not in the scene after the Brave end credits

* Our 2012 Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade photo collection

* My failed predictions for the Mad Men season 5 finale, starring the hapless Pete Campbell

* Previously shared with Nightly, the results of our 2012 Superman Celebration experience in Metropolis, IL, which even drew a personal correction from the George Perez

* A salute to Journey into Mystery, the best Marvel series of the moment (which, of course, is now coming to an end soon, because Marvel really, really hates me)

* Unexpected props to the greatest TV series about ballet of all time, Bunheads

Personal favorites from the past two weeks:

* Day 5 of my 9-day vacation writeup on the go, in which I decided to share this year's road trip experience as it happened instead of taking four months to summarize after the memories faded (photos still forthcoming)

* Notice of the next temporary resurrection of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

* Thoughts of the moment on Aurora, which kind of hurt to write


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Edited 10/31/2012: Rather than continually repost highlights, please feel free to check out the permanent link for daily updates:


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