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And Now For Something Relatively Similar

Posted by NumberSix , 03 May 2012 · 1,353 views

For a variety of mostly benign reasons, I'm trying something a little different with my free time and energies. After months of ponderous deliberation, a few weeks of fussy pre-planning, and some minor mental restructuring on the go, I've spent the past several days committing new acts on a daily basis, curious to see what happens when I boldly go where lots and lots have gone before.

Behold what mine aging, amateur hands hath wrought:


Un-revolutionary, as such things go. It's just a new kind of playroom to try out, not me Leaving Nightly 4Evar, and not even monetized. Heck, if anything, I owe Nightly for providing me with the training that made it possible. We used WordPress for the Nightly.net Front Page (and technically still can -- it's unused but still turned on as of this writing). Thanks to JA and his staff for including me in that project, the learning curve for setting up this new thing was shorter than it had any right to be. (Ignore the part you can just tell by looking, where I'm obviously not capable of fancy top-down redesign just yet.)

Please feel free to click on it fifty times a day and make me feel like an emperor. Referring it to other humans would make me die happy. You can even read a sentence or two. It's, y'know, free. I may post highlights here on occasion, if only to keep the Nightly Blogs section from sinking into total abject flatline.

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