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Halloween Stats 2011

Posted by NumberSix , 31 October 2011 · 410 views

First TOTer arrival time: 6:14 p.m.
Second TOTer arrival time: 6:35 p.m. (very slow start compared to previous years)
Final TOTer departure time: 8:10 p.m. (one straggling fairy, approximately age 5, and her young mother who must've been running late)
Next-to-last TOTer departure time: 7:47 p.m. (very early finish)
Total number of trick-or-treaters: 74
Gain/loss from Halloween 2010: -33.93%

I'm not sure what caused the precipitous drop. Temps were in the low 50s, warmer than last year. This was a Monday, as opposed to a Sunday last year. Networks ran more new episodes of regular series instead of the reruns or specials that normally pad holiday nights. I know of no nearby churches holding a Trunk or Treat, or any other alternative programming. Was everyone too broke to afford the costumes they wanted? Did the recession force everyone to move to scary ghettos where trick-or-treating is a gauntlet of death? Was everyone in a hurry to make it home in time for Terra Nova? Are kids these days tired of putting forth the effort and exertion of walking door-to-door and asking for candy? Is that too hard now?

No idea what the deal was. All I know is I have a plastic cauldron filled with several pounds of leftover candy on my hands. I even made an extra trip to Kroger today to ensure I had enough supplies in case we exceeded last year's attendance. Gas poorly spent, in hindsight.

Costumes this year included but weren't limited to:

Grim Reaper
Buzz Lightyear
slasher victim
Bunny ballerina
football player
hot dog with mustard
mad scientist
Grim Reaper
2 soldiers
4 people with open chest cavities, varying degrees of content removal
pink crayon
Jedi with battery-powered lightsaber
Heath Ledger Joker, approximate age 7
Master Chief
whoopie cushion
Neo from The Matrix with cheap army rifle
Thriller-era Michael Jackson, approximate age 5
Miss Smartie-Pants (so said her nametag)
some giant yellow thing labeled "Personal Trainer"
several fairy angel princess things (little girl costumes blend together after a while to this older undiscerning male)

Best of show: a father accompanying two small girls as an amazing, pricey-looking Edward Scissorhands.

Word of advice to the ladies: a silly headband, in and of itself, is not a costume.

Once again our dog acted as a motion-sensor accessory, baying and howling seconds before anyone could reach the doorbell. One four-year-old girl took me to task for this, complaining, "Your dog is VERY NOISY." She sure set me straight.

On the other hand, they loved our outside decor!
One item I forgot: sincere apologies to the little boy whom I handed two Kit-Kat bars (but two different flavors!), only to feel sheepish when I looked down into his dinky li'l bucket and saw that his haul was already 80% Kit-Kats. Poor guy's gonna grow up resenting Kit-Kats now. Just not right.

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