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A Relocated Response

Posted by NumberSix , 23 October 2011 · 395 views

From time to time I'll run across thoughts and images across the Internet to which I would dearly love to respond, but don't really feel like igniting a debate with the responsible party or the well-meaning messenger. I generally let those rebuttals stew unspoken in my head until the contents evaporate harmlessly into the aether, never to be revisited or shared. I'm cranky today, so permit me a slip as I reply to one at minimum safe distance from its original source.

A fine example of the moment is a particular flawed analogy (the disproportionate if/then structures of the two main clauses are falsely mirrored) that's been turned into one of several thousand feel-good Occupy Photoshop memes to flood my Internets this week. To wit:

Posted Image

The moral to be drawn is obvious: Put up or shut up.

Even though I haven't had time to research what the Hell it is, I have a beef with this whole "occupy" thing because within the space of a couple weeks it's replaced "-gate" as the goto "add this word to EVERYTHING and run it into the ground" to the point I'm already tired of it. Not long before there's going to be an OccupyPIEworks movement.

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