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My Christmas Swag 2010

Posted by NumberSix , 01 January 2011 · 367 views

The Cantina usually has a "What Did You Get for Christmas?" thread every year, but this year's model apparently fell victim to the recession. If no one got anything for Christmas except gift cards and dollar bills, perhaps that's for the best. For a change, I got only three small gift cards and (IIRC) a single bill. Everything else was Stuff.

The most acceptable:

The Complete Peanuts 1977-1978
Essential Marvel 2-in-1 Vol. 3

Orson Scott Card's A War of Gifts
Weezer, Death to False Metal
Weezer, Pinkerton (deluxe reissue)
Battlestar Galactica season 4.5
Babylon 5 season 5
The Muppet Show season 2 (which, aptly, includes among its extras a music video costarring the Muppets and...Weezer!)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: the Movie (DVD to replace my tired VHS copy)

Among the rest:

Peanuts: a Treasury of Happiness, a gift-book collection of classic unfunny Peanuts giftbooks
two random Christmas CDs featuring the talents of Englebert Humperdinck, Barbra Streisand, Mike Douglas, and John Davidson
Vantage Point
Benny & Joon
The Ninth Gate
The Legend of Zorro

a black hoodie
a 17-year-old financial-success textbook
smoked salmon chowder mix
Nicolas Cage in Next (the only BluRay I got)
the "deluxe" home version of Wheel of Fortune, which threatened to collapse and explode during our only attempt to play it
a Twilight DVD that my son refused to accept from my aunt (that's what he gets for wearing all black, not cutting his hair, and being in high school)

We finally had our last family Christmas gathering this past Thursday. With this list completed, now I can put everything away. Very much a relief.

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