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Halloween Stats 2010

Posted by NumberSix , 23 November 2010 · 393 views

First TOTer arrival time: 5:52 p.m.
Final TOTer departure time: 8:30 p.m. on the nose (four black girls sans costumes, among a select few disregarding the official local 8 p.m. Halloween curfew)
Total number of trick-or-treaters: 112
Gain/loss from Halloween 2008: + 6.67%

Temps were in the high 40s, but not too many people let that stop them. We've had far harsher. It may help that several local churches opted out of counterprogramming even though it was a Sunday night, most likely out of budgetary concerns. That might or might not also account for the upswing in kids failing at costuming. Hoodies, Colts jerseys, aerobics outfits, and Bullet for My Valentine T-shirts are NOT COSTUMES. Halloween is on the decline and it's all the children's fault.

Costumes this year included but weren't limited to:

9 fairies
4 ninja
2 1920s gangsters
Jango Fett
exactly one each of Jason Voorhies, Michael Myers, Leatherface, and Ghostface
baby pumpkin
baby turtle
Sheriff Woody
Master Chief
member of Slipknot
Kitty Pryde
cafeteria worker
pumpkin demon
skeleton convict
undead harlequin
female pimp

Special note to whichever neighbor was handing out Ziploc baggies full of candy to every kid: STOP IT. I'm sure the kids carrying large bags and pillowcases were ecstatic, but the little kiddies with the tiny pumpkin buckets didn't have any room left for our candy. I didn't enjoy those awkward seconds I had to spend cramming candy bars into whatever nooks and crannies I could find or create by sticking my hand into their bucket.

I took a photo of our outdoor decorations again, but I'm not posting it because last year's looked 90% better in comparison. We did a few new things I liked, but we had so many issues with frequent wind damage and fixture failure that my son and I lost our will to maintain them. I managed to reattach everything in place for the one big night, but I was miffed at how much we struggled the entire week leading up to it.

Our dog became an unintentional accessory. We had to keep him leashed in the living room till the night was over because he always helps answer the door by running straight at whoever's ringing and barking their eardrums out. From his distant tether, many TOTers mistook his strained yelps for spooky sound effects. Several times kids would back away from the door, more scared of him than of any of our flimsy decorations...till they saw him.

Posted Image

One 8-year-old girls remarked, "That dog sounds like a werewolf!" That may be the most macho compliment he's ever received.

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