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An Upgrade Upside

Posted by NumberSix , 06 January 2010 · 392 views

Right about now I should be jumping into the fray, supplying helpful advice and smoothing ruffled feathers and defibrillating the members most in danger of a coronary from the overhaul that our helpful site owner Jedi Apprentice implemented today. Truth is, I know next to zip about tech-related things and still need to go review the revised control panel for myself and relearn how to do anything.

Also not helping is that I really needed to go to bed half an hour ago. I have overtime to complete and an allegedly impending winter storm to head off at the pass, lest I wind up trapped in 5-MPH rush hour traffic with jittery old drivers who fear machines in general and all cars in particular. I don't really have time to explore the upgrade fully tonight...and yet I'm mesmerized by all the pretty rearranged colors and alienating modern fonts and faux Facebook whirligigs. I feel obligated to poke around and catalog as many little differences as possible so that none of the complaints will surprise me, but tonight is bad timing.

And yet I've made time to type this. Full disclosure: I can't help notice that the Nightly Blogs now show up nice and bright on the forum index page, complete with authors, titles, and dates. All the better to hold us infrequent blog users accountable for our infrequency. Now that they're visible, maybe they'll have a use other than as Nightly's most secret and arguably most neglected niche...other than our Gallery section, whose purpose Studio Nightly should be thoroughly negating in a more perfect message board world anyway.

Anyway. Bedtime beckons.

Welcome to our new look. Have a blog. Sorry about the ones that suck.

You think YOU were scared and dazzled yesterday? Ha! I laugh at you sir! Go back in time, get born a couple decades sooner, and then you can talk to me about technofear!

Thankfully I have always been interested in new shiny things so I am that rare old person who isn't chained to the past.

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