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Indianapolis Giants Statistics

Posted by NumberSix , 14 October 2009 · 376 views

I hadn't planned to gild the lily, but I received an automated TicketMaster review-request spam for last night's TMBG concert. I dashed out a précis of yesterday's entry and almost let it go at that, but the form threw me a curve ball and asked for the set list. I've had an OCD about list-making since childhood, when I used to go through my comic book collection and do weird, unchildike activities such as cataloguing all the writers and artists, itemizing which issues I had and which I was missing, copying down all the story titles, etc.

Thanks to TicketMaster's e-mail marketing department, my own mind forced me to spend several minutes recalling everything they played in their 100 minutes onstage. The list I submitted to TicketMaster was in haphazard order; because I feel the need to organize without cause, and because I can't recall the exact order, I've grouped the list according to the original albums:

They Might Be Giants: "Don't Let's Start"

Lincoln: "Ana Ng", "Cowtown", "Where Your Eyes Don't Go", "Shoehorn with Teeth"

Flood: "Birdhouse in Your Soul", "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)", "Dead", "Twisting", "Hearing Aid"

Apollo 18: "Spider"

Factory Showroom: "New York City", "James K. Polk"

Mink Car: "Drink!", "Wicked Little Critta"

No!: "Clap Your Hands"

The Spine: "Damn Good Times"

Here Come the ABCs: "Alphabet of Nations"

Here Come the 123s: "Seven"

The Else: "The Mesopotamians"

Here Comes Science: "Science is Real", "Meet the Elements", I am a Paleontologist", "My Brother the Ape", "What is a Shooting Star?"

Songs that didn't debut on a studio album (B-sides, outtakes, rarities): "Dr. Worm" (included on the Severe Tire Damage compilation), "We Live in a Dump" (online exclusive)

As always, there were casualties -- nothing from John Henry, no "Boss of Me" from Malcolm in the Middle, no world-famous "Particle Man" this time around. I'm okay with that. In the interest of useless statistics, they played "Istanbul", "Birdhouse in Your Soul", "Dr. Worm", "Alphabet of Nations", and "Damn Good Times" at all three shows and can safely retire those now so that I can hear the rest of their oeuvre in its entirety live before I die. That's not too selfish, yah? After all, in three Indianapolis appearances I have yet to hear them play "(She Was a) Hotel Detective", "Purple Toupee", "The Statue Got Me High", "See the Constellation", "Metal Detector", "Why Does the Sun Shine?", "Man, It's So Loud in Here", or "Eight Hundred and Thirteen Mile Car Trip" live. Somebody pass me the suggestion box.

Correction to last night's sloppy entry:

* Danny Weinkauf previously sang lead vocals on "Where Do They Make Balloons?" from No. I'm sure I've overlooked others.

* According to the Cantina thread where I wrote up the set lists for the last two TMBG stops in Indy, "New York City" was among the encores at the November 2007 show.

* Dan Miller may have smiled during his epic solo on "Damn Good Times".

* My ankles are fine. It was my soles that were aching.

Those responsible for these inexcusable errors have been sacked. It's not easy firing select voices from my head, but recession justifies drastic measures.

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